Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prestige Luxury car rentals

With the prestige luxury car rentals from Hertz, travel in style wherever you go. When you have a business meeting or office presentation to go to, it’s always best to arrive in proper taste. For your car can describe yourself more than you can imagine. With a Hertz prestige luxury car hire, you will not be mistaken as the man down the street and your words will be taken all the more seriously. Choose from a host of well known luxury cars from makers like Mercedes, BMW, Volvo and Audi. You can reserve the car of your choosing online today.
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When you are planning on a trip to another city or maybe even an international business trip, you can reserve the prestige collection car that you want at your destination such that it will be ready for you when you arrive. Thus one does not need to go through the time staking process of paperwork or waiting for the car to be prepared. Hertz has a wide variety of luxury cars for hire in its prestige collection at numerous major cities across the world thus allowing you to be able to use the service almost anywhere. With additional benefits like chauffeurs, pick up and drop off services and airport transfers, there are numerous conveniences to suit your requirements.

Traveling in a car no less than a luxury vehicle is forbidden for many as it is the Hertz prestige collection that adds value to your trip. Be it official business, a family vacation or even a trip out with some friends, traveling in comfort of a luxury car is a class of its own. Prestige luxury car rentals are surely one of the best ways to travel and operators like Hertz offer a lot of special benefits to regular customers and corporate clients of their prestige collection.