Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best of London with Car Hire Services

A cultural melting pot, complete with a very colorful history, the city of London thrives on its people and its ideas. Among the largest and most vibrant cities in the continent of Europe, one could spend months exploring its boroughs and still not have experienced all of it.
With a myriad of things do, places to go and attractions to see, the world class museums of this city are among the most popular among senior travelers. London is among the few cities in the world which does not charge entrance fees for majority of its museums. This gives senior travelers a unique chance to come back and explore the museums at their own pace and with ease.
Some of the most popular museums to visit while in London include

• The National Gallery
• British Museum
• National Portrait Gallery
• Victoria and Albert Museum
• Tate Modern
• The Natural History Museum
• Tate Britain
Each one of these buildings consists of some fascinating relics that highlight the rich history and culture of this region. Many of the artifacts are also represent history, art and culture from other parts of the world such as that of India, Africa and Europe.
Over and above this list of museums, there are hundreds of other smaller museums in Greenwich and other parts of the city, each one, housing equally interesting items worth exploring.
Exploring London
Even though the city of London has a very well established transport system, most senior citizens who are visiting prefer to simply opt for car hire services to add to the comforts and convenience of visiting a new city. Senior travelers have the option to avail car hire Heathrow services which lets them rent a car of their own choice as soon as they land into the city. Instead of going through the stress of lugging around your baggage to the train station or bus stop only to do the same to get to the hotel room; opting for a car hire service is much more convenient and less physically strenuous. Additionally, as a resident of a member state of the EU, senior citizens with disabilities are awarded certain benefits which make driving around in London much more convenient than using public transport.
You are no longer expected to plan your day according public transport schedules. You can spend as much time at a museum without worrying over catching the last bus back to the hotel. The added safety and comfort of driving in London makes car hire Heathrow quite a practical option. Whether you are travelling with your spouse or in a larger group, you can easily rent an appropriate car at the airport to make your stay in London a lot more comfortable.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cost Effective Travels with Car Hire London

A diverse blend of people, culture, style and ideas; the city of London offers numerous opportunities for entertainment.
In addition to the fashion, food, nightlife and tourist attractions; a major part of the quintessential lifestyle includes a die-hard passion towards sports and sporting activities. Whether you like to watch or play, no trip to the UK is considered complete without you spending a few hours at a tennis, football or cricket match. If you aren’t fortunate enough to get a chance to witness a game live, there are always the English pubs that welcome all football fans for a rather aggressive night out.
If you plan on visiting London with your friends any time soon, consider attending one of these upcoming sporting events –
1.Rowing – If you plan on visiting the city in March, make the most of this opportunity to attend one of the only free spectacle sporting events on the banks of River Thames. Over 250,000 individuals are known to attend this event to watch the Oxford and Cambridge Universities compete in this famous 4.25 mile rowing event.
2.The FA Cup – Come May, try your luck at getting tickets to the historical FA cup finals that are held at the Wembley stadium each year. One of the oldest running football competitions in the world, visiting the city during football season is a great way to experience the thrill and passion.
3.Cricket – July 2013 onwards, you will have ample opportunities to watch a range of One day and Test cricket matches across various stadiums in the UK. The Lord’s is known to host some of the most exciting matches in international cricket.

Visiting London on a Shoestring with car hire London While London as a city can be quite expensive, with a little planning you can save on extra costs. One of the most expensive contingency of travel has to do with internal transportation. Especially if you are travelling in a group, it is financially more practical for you to look up car rental as a cost-effective mode of transport. Not only do you save money on purchasing tickets for each individual traveler, with car hire London you can be rest assured that your group will not be broken up. You can spare yourself the discomfort of travelling in public transportation vehicles as well.
With the added convenience of exploring the city at your own ease and pace, managing a group of tourists becomes a lot more convenient with a hired vehicle. You can easily find yourself a van or vehicle which accommodates your group and be sure that your upcoming trip to London will be a memorable chance to bond with your friends or family.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Delve into the Spanish Culture with Car Hire Spain

The magnificent South European country of Spain has been a dream destination for travel enthusiast’s world over. With exciting treasures waiting to be explored in every corner, a short trip to Spain must include visits to Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga.
Make Barcelona a part of your Spanish adventures. Located on the North Eastern Mediterranean Coast of Spain, this city is famous as home to some of Gaudi’s most fascinating works. The city is also a playground for tourists who love exploring modernist buildings, art and culture.
Also, make a stop at the region of Andulucia. Malaga, the largest city on the Costa del Sol is famous for its near perfect climate. It is also the birthplace of Picasso. With a myriad of beaches, architectural attractions, museums, beach front activities, and hiking – this laid back version of Madrid and Barcelona is best explored with a car hire Malaga.
Its capital city, Madrid is popular for its lively environments, fascinating architecture and exquisite food culture. Also the largest city of Spain, visiting here is the best way to experience the right Spanish culture and heritage. A trip to the El Prado museum is a must. For youngsters travelling to the country, this city is also famous for its vibrant night life. The city is known to host some of the most popular bull fights in the country.
The Bull Fighting Culture
Bull fighting in Spain is a traditional spectacle that has been organized in various parts of the country for generations. While in the recent times, these events have been looked down upon by many animal right activists, these fights take place in certain locations. The fights that take place during the Fiesta Patronal are known to attract the maximum number of spectators. The bull fights of the Fiesta of San Isidro in Madrid are considered to be the most prestigious of them all.
Getting Around in Spain
With broad roads and picturesque landscapes, there is no better way to explore the regions of Spain than by driving around. Especially if you are a group of lady travelers who plan on exploring the different parts of the country, opting for car hire Spain services is a safe and convenient way to do so. Before you leave for your best friend’s bachelorette or woman’s only vacation, consider renting a car online or from the airport.
With the help of car hire Malaga services you and your friends have the freedom to drive back to your hotel after a night out without having to worry about finding public transport late at night. With the freedom to explore the nearby areas at your own pace and on your own terms, with car hire Spain, your safety need not be in the hands of unknown people.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Be part of festivities in Spain with car hire Majorca

Spain is one of the most beautiful and blessed countries as far as the natural beauty and its abundance are concerned. The travelers across the world vouch for Spain to be the most preferred holiday destination. The Spaniards are not only warm and hospitable but are some of the liveliest people you will ever meet. Its culture is equally overwhelming and the rich history of Spain has left significant marks on the culture and life of the local crowd. The country is peppered with examples of architectural excellence, giving an opportunity to its discerning travelers for some amazing sightseeing experiences. The boulevards and lanes across the major cities are good hubs of fine alfresco dining. Those who come down to Spain do not miss the beautiful Balearic Islands, especially Majorca.
Majorca is one of the largest Balearic Islands, which are part of Spain and exemplify the charm of being surrounded by green environs, beautiful sand beaches and tranquility. Like Spain, Majorca is also full of attractions, with some Roman and Moorish Islamic influences of the region. As you come down to Palma, gear up for fun filled holidays, make sure you have a car hire Majorca at your disposal. Just like car hire Spain serves your purpose in the mainland country, car hire Majorca will help take you through various places of intrigue and excitement. You can experience the same ease and comfort of travelling in Car hire Spain, in Majorca through a rented car. Travel along the coasts to various villages or just enjoy the historical marvels pelted across the island. With immense access, you can visit the places you wish, at your ease and convenience. You can book the model you desire to suit your need and comfort. The car rental services have the most recent models at affordable prices. You can book the service online or book it on the dedicated counters in the city centre. These services offer you good deals, so that you can make the most out of your trip.
You will love to see what an island like Majorca can pack in itself. While on one side it has white sand and turquoise beaches like Es Trenc and Es Carbo Beach, on the other hand it is flanked by mountain ranges such as Serra de Tramuntana. Do not miss the Cap de Formentor and enjoy the safari along the coast. Also visit places such as Bellver Castle, La Lonja and Church of Santa Eulalia. As you enjoy the natural attractions, do not forget to be part of the engaging events that take place here. Throughout the year, Majorca has many festivals which people celebrate with much fervor. The carnival celebrated in February is a week’s extravaganza with street parades, concerts and processions in major squares of the city centre.
Semana Santa or the Holy Week celebrated in March/April is another major occasion which marks the festivities of Easter. Nit de Foc is another famous festival which is also the most popular festival in Palma de Mallorca, marks the festivities of Sant Joan. Getting the opportune to be part of any of these festivals will take you closer to the real culture and people of this island.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Having a taste of the street food in Malaga with car hire Spain

Spain is among Europe’s most popular traveled destinations, because of its beaches, islands, World Heritage sites, diverse and spectacular countryside, buzzing nightlife, delicious cuisines and world famous fiestas. Divided into five regions, the most popular part of Spain would be the Andalusia, home to Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Cordoba and Seville with a list of incredible Moorish heritage. The wide cultural and geographic diversity will leave you fascinated while the outdoor activities will offer thrill and delight.
Spain’s has great historic cities and its splendid architectural is the proof of country’s powerful imperial influence during the Middle Ages. Seville is known for being the cultural heart of the region with an amazing collection of historical cathedrals and medieval Toledo. Moving around Spain would be easier with car hire Spain as you have the convenience of your own vehicle. car hire Spain also gives you the chance of exploring Spain according to your own way, not being limited to the public transport limitations. Car hire services are more beneficial than public transit as they are not only economical but also save time. They provide you with the freedom of travelling and save from the long queues and hassles for the public buses.
Malaga, an exuberant and Spanish port city, situated along the sparkling blue Mediterranean, is a mixture of historic artifacts and pulsing with modern life. The centre of the city presents its visitor with an array of narrow old streets and wide, beautiful gardens, leafy boulevards and impressive monuments, and a rich cultural life. The long awaited, new museum devoted to Málaga-born Pablo Picasso is a landmark of the city and attracts people from all over the world. The city has terrific bars and a vibrant nightlife. The best way to enjoy your stay here is with car hire Malaga. Car hire services do not limit you with the working hours of public transport.
Malaga has a number of street food and local delicacies; the city has many restaurants and tapas bars offering world class cuisines. Many restaurants offer takeaway service and the ones doing so often have a sign “para llevar” posted outside the restaurants. A couple of really good take away restaurants are situated on the Paseo Maritimo in Pedragalego. Some restaurants offer a great line of salads and bocadillos (thin rolls) and also the local delicacies, some of the best hamburgers are also available here. Exploring the street food with a car rental takes of the strain of all looking for public transport. Car hire Malaga is undoubtedly one of the best travel options when vacationing here.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Exploring the place with car hire London

London is an enormous, cosmopolitan city, covering more than 600 square miles, and a multi-cultural population. It is home to the Royal Family and one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The city boasts a huge line up of beautiful attractions, historically important buildings, museums and galleries which attract millions of domestic as well as foreign tourists every year.
London was also the centre of a great Empire at one point of time, it is a city where almost anything is possible and it offers a wide range of options to all the visitors visiting this magnificent city. The high streets are a hub to a variety of restaurants that cater in the cuisine of many different nationalities. The eating joints offer lip smacking local and international cuisine.
The heart of London shopping is the bustling Oxford Street, which has more than 300 shops, including designer outlets and landmark stores. Home to the legendary stores, it also boasts a range of famous department stores, and scattered among it is a very well-known high street imaginable chain.

Another impressively elegant shopping street to visit is the Regent Street, which offers you a good range of mid-priced fashion boutiques. Nearby is the historic Jermyn Street, renowned for men’s clothing shops, it is so typically British that it’s enough to bring out the old-fashioned gentleman. Jermyn Street is particularly well known for its bespoke shirt makers and fine shoe shops.
More than just a shopping centre Westfield London is an innovative place to dine and hang out. This is also the home for more than 275 luxury, premium and high-end retailers which showcase over 700 brands; you will also find a cinema, gym, and several bars and restaurants here. If you’re a shopaholic do pay a visit to the Westfield Stratford City, situated in the east of London. It is another popular shopping place housing many brands.
Traveling through London to enjoy the best of the shopping hubs and to make your visit more enjoyable avail car hire London service. London’s main airport, has the availability of car hire Heathrow services also making it easy for the visitors to travel across the city without any hassles. With one of the best car hire London service the hired cars can be picked and dropped at the Heathrow airport itself. You can easily hire an SUV or minivan while travelling with a large group of friends too. Car hire Heathrow is one of the most suitable travel options. It makes your trip memorable and comfortable.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Car Hire France: To Make your French Trip Memorable

Renting a car with Hertz is easy, safe and convenient. You enjoy 24/7 booking assistance, user friendly Services and a diverse fleet of cars to choose from. Hertz gives you a wide range of budget friendly car hire from which you can choose the ones per your convenience.

Avail Hertz car hire services in France whenever you plan a tour to this country, whether for holidays or official purposes. Explore Paris, visit the Eiffel tower and the Louvre museum; enjoy the scenic beauty the country has to offer or go to Bordeaux, a city notorious all over the world for its wine production. All this is relatively easy when you have a car rental at your disposal. Choose from a wide category of car hire France services at Hertz varying from luxury car hires to a smart car hire. You also have an option of pre booking a chauffeured car for hire. Hertz car hire in France can make your travel by road very convenient and comfortable and will make sure your vacation is a relaxing one. The roads are well maintained and driving in France is an absolute pleasure.
Get 15% off on Cars & 20% off Vans. You can also rent a car with Hertz Students. If you’re 23, you will be required to pay a Young Driver Surcharge when you pick up your car hire.

The simple road rules that you must follow in France are:

1. All passengers must wear seat belts
2. Cars are driven on the right side of the road
3. Speed limits in dry conditions, unless otherwise specified are: • 30 Kmph on highways
• 110 Kmph on dual-carriageways
• 90 Kmph on main roads
• 80 Kmph on the controlled-access dual-carriageway ring road in Paris
• 50 Kmph in towns
4. The speed limits can change if the visibility levels fall below 50 m.
5. A driver must own registration documents, insurance records and driving license and present the same when asked.

With hertz you have several services available like Hertz Instant Return, Services for the Physically Challenged, Hertz Mobile, Rent2Buy - Car Sales, Hertz On Demand - Rent by the hour or by the day, Chauffeur Service, Flexible Van Hire, Hertz Gold Choice and several Fuel Purchase Options. There are several convenience options such as GPS and winter accessories. Choose a rental of your choice from the exciting wide range of fleet of car ranging from luxury to compact and cost effective. Book a car hire France now and get low priced offers all-encompassing of taxes, mileage and insurance. Discover the luxury of Hertz and make your Trip to France Perfect with Hertz Car hire rental vehicles.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Be part of exciting events in Birmingham with car hire UK

United Kingdom, one of the most progressive nations in the world, is also one of the famous tourist spots. The charm of being in UK is beyond words. It is the hub of modern education and has a vibrant demography which makes it a very interesting place to explore. It becomes even more endearing during the winter, especially during the New Year. Even though London is the destination for many, there are other places such as Birmingham, another hotspot in UK.

Also called the workshop of the world due to its industrial and economic advancements, Birmingham glistens throughout the year with some of the most exciting annual events. As you plan your trip to the city make sure you have the logistics in place, especially transport. Car hire in UK is one of the most popular modes of transport for tourists. Even though most of the country is well connected with public transport, car hire UK is more convenient just because sometimes you want to avoid crowds after a long haul journey. Same goes for this city as well. The city is well planned and connected with buses but car hire Birmingham is the most convenient means as you get through the crowded places easily, can conveniently travel to your destination from airport when you are accompanied with your family or companion with luggage.
You can be at ease, as you need not to keep track of the public transport schedule, stops and timings to travel to various places and make stoppage to various events in the city. Car hire Birmingham can pick you from the pickup point you choose and can take you across the city at ease and convenience. You can book rented car at affordable rates either online or at the dedicated counters at the airport. Besides that, you can also choose a car model to suit your convenience. If you are planning your trip ahead, you can also book the service in advance, to avoid any last minute confusion and also get great offers.
Birmingham loves to celebrate. May be that is why its year calendar is full of events. These events suit to various tastes. The city hosts some of the most popular art and cultural events, dance festivals, folk festivals, jazz and several concerts that people look forward to.
One of the most famous is the ArtsFest, held during September every year. It showcases the best of creative arts. The biggest plus is that it is free for all. Along with art, poetry, dance and drama there is music that suits every taste. It showcases best of classical to hard rock and jazz. The highlights of the event are fireworks and performance by the Birmingham Royal Ballet at Centenary Square on Saturday night. Another popular event is the International Dance Festival for you to see the best of tapping feet in various dance forms. The event is held every year during mid April till May.
The city also celebrates some of the national and religious festivals such as St Patrick’s Day, St George’s Day party and the famous Birmingham Tattoo, a very popular military show held annually at the National Indoor Arena. There is something for everyone to enjoy and with a rented car at your convenience you can enjoy all of these at your pace.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Travel at your ease with car hire Dublin

Come to the green havens of the capital city of Ireland, Dublin. The city has an expanse of green hues more than any other city in Europe. With its old world charm and exquisite architecture, Dublin, has been a travellers retreat for a quite time with themselves and their loved ones. Situated at the mouth of River Liffey, Dublin and its environs offer a great escape to a new world. Culturally a vibrant city, Dublin has lots to offer. The attractions are endless so is its cuisine. The experiences in your list may go endless one you visit the ‘emerald isle’.

Though Dublin is well connected with public transport, it may seem to you as a chaos at the very first sight. Being a traveler it is best that you take a car hire Dublin. Just take a car hire from Dublin airport to your destination to escape the frenzy. Car hire Dublin airport is advised as you would definitely not want to switch through public transport after a long haul of journey with your luggage and family. Besides that, car hire Dublin can prevent you from the hassle of tracing routes and getting to various attractions in the city. A situation other than that may lead to considerable time lag and fatigue. Forget the fuss about waiting at stops and figuring out routes. Just choose your preferred car model and get ahead with your sojourn. You can book a rented car online or get the service at the dedicated airport counters. Any which way, the service offers you good bargain and helps you tap your travel budget too.

Just slip into one of your favorite car models and explore the city. Dublin has a very vibrant night life. Unlike other cities in Europe where pubs are more of bars, in Dublin pubs are places where you get good food with a dash of authentic Irish Guinness beer and you can visit with your families. You not only get familiar with people but get good taste of authentic Irish food. Do not miss the Irish stew and breakfast laden with bacon, beans, sausages and white pudding with a cup of Irish coffee.

As you get along with the people and culture explore the nook and crannies of this city. Dublin is famous for its Georgian architecture. Visit the famous Dublin castle built in 1204. This castle, at one point, was the seat of the British rule in Ireland. Also visit the Christ Church Cathedral for its interesting crypts and Mansion House, the official residence of Mayor of Dublin. If you are and art connoisseur, Dublin has scores of museums. The Green on Red Gallery on Lombard Street East has the most modern and contemporary art work. The Irish Museum of Modern Art on Military Road is also famous for the same. A visit to the Abbey Theater will give a good glimpse of some of the Irish plays.

End your sojourn with some shopping at Grafton Street, between St Stephen's Green and Trinity College, one of the famous pedestrian shopping areas.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Conveniently Explore Art Galleries with Car Hire London

Undoubtedly one of Europe’s most influential nations, the UK is an amalgamation of individual countries naming Wales, Scotland and England.

London, the most popular city in the region as well as a global commerce and cultural hub is a Mecca for art lovers. Through a myriad of museums, institutions and elegant buildings it has been able to effectively showcase its rich culture and history to the world.

As a lover of the arts who is visiting this magnificent city, consider opting for a car hire UK service to cruise around town and exploring its artistic offerings on your own terms.

Exploring Art in London
With a range of museums and buildings to choose from, here is a guide to some of the most popular attractions in the city for art lovers –

1. The National Gallery – Open for all days but four in the entire year, this building is known to house a fascinating collection of Western European paintings that date back 800 years. With over 2300 works, including those such as Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait, Turner’s Fighting Temeraire and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, this is definitely a must visit gallery.
2. Tate Britain – Housing what is known to be the world’s largest collection of British Art, this building is home to masterpieces that date back to the 16th Century. Some of its famous works include those create by William Hogarth, Gainsborough, Reynolds, and George Stubbs.
3. The Victoria & Albert Museum – Also known as the world’s largest museum for decorative design and arts, this museum is home to a permanent collection of a whopping 4.5 million relics. This museum is journey that takes you back 5,000 years and allows you to travel through cultures of North Africa, Asia, North America and Europe.
4. The Royal Academy of Arts – Started with an objective to promote creativity and encourage art appreciation, the Royal Academy of arts owns a reputation as a preferred venue for exhibitions and display of art on an international platform. The academy is most popular for its summer exhibition which has been continually organized each year since about 250 years.
In addition to this, art lovers must also make time to visit the Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Courtauld Gallery, the British Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Wallace Collection.

Opt for Car Hire London for an Artistic Journey through the City
Hiring a car on your upcoming trip to London is a practical and convenient way to explore the artistic treasures this city has to offer. The affordability and flexibility that car hire UK offers is like none other.

With ample parking outside most museums and buildings, art lovers can opt for Car Hire London services to travel between museums and galleries at their own pace and spend as much time as they like immersing themselves into their passions without having to worry about missing the last train out.
You can book your car online, at the airport or through one of the many offices in the city.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Car Hire Spain- Enjoy Alicante and more!

Alicante is a beautiful city in Spain and the capital of Costa Blanca. This city is a stunning place with scintillating white sand beaches and clear waters. The beaches in this city are a must visit with the largest one being San Juan. While in this city, visit the bay of Alicante that opens up into two capes that are the Postiguet Beache and the Cape of Santa Pola.

The city with its endless lines of markets, stalls and shacks is a definite destination of each traveler’s visit list. Along with the beautiful clear beaches, there are plenty of places to sight see here as the city portrays an aesthetic colonial and gothic architecture.

The city also has a booming cultural hub as the residents here have a passionate view towards art, music and a delectable range of food. With the city’s relaxed culture and ideal setting and ambience, many events and festivals regularly take place in Alicante. As the year winds up to an end, the festivals increase in frequency to celebrate the festival of Christmas and welcome the New Year. Owing to these reasons, the Alicante calendar seems to be full of buzzing of activities.

During December 2012, The International Puppet Festival takes place in Alicante that hosts a range of activities, workshops and intricate puppet displays. This surely is a must visit if you happen to visit Alicante during this season. In the same month, many New Year parties are gearing up to welcome the year 2013 and Alicante will see a full swing of party culture for the same. Attend one of the beach parties in Alicante to have the time of your life. Many club and concert tickets are up for sale already online.

In November, Javier Mendoza is performing on the 9th of November 2012, late in the night at 11 pm at Caf Coppela at the c/San Francisco nr.14. The Gift is a famous band and performing on the 1st December at 10 pm at the Festival FIVECC 12.

Nicole Moudaber is also performing in town on the 17th of November at 10pm on a Saturday night at the MetroDanceClub.The best way to see the town of Alicante is with car hire Alicante. Car hire Alicante is the best way to explore this beautiful city and is also an ideal option to take short trips to the rest of the Spain. Spanish countryside is extremely beautiful and the ideal set up for car hire Spain. With car hire Spain, one can see the city of Alicante and the rest of Spain.

Car hire is an ideal option for youngsters who are planning to visit Alicante with friends and family. Hire a car rental with your friends and book in advance to steal cheap deals. With your own car, you can explore the beautiful country of Spain and be a part of Alicante’s social calendar.