Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Having a taste of the street food in Malaga with car hire Spain

Spain is among Europe’s most popular traveled destinations, because of its beaches, islands, World Heritage sites, diverse and spectacular countryside, buzzing nightlife, delicious cuisines and world famous fiestas. Divided into five regions, the most popular part of Spain would be the Andalusia, home to Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Cordoba and Seville with a list of incredible Moorish heritage. The wide cultural and geographic diversity will leave you fascinated while the outdoor activities will offer thrill and delight.
Spain’s has great historic cities and its splendid architectural is the proof of country’s powerful imperial influence during the Middle Ages. Seville is known for being the cultural heart of the region with an amazing collection of historical cathedrals and medieval Toledo. Moving around Spain would be easier with car hire Spain as you have the convenience of your own vehicle. car hire Spain also gives you the chance of exploring Spain according to your own way, not being limited to the public transport limitations. Car hire services are more beneficial than public transit as they are not only economical but also save time. They provide you with the freedom of travelling and save from the long queues and hassles for the public buses.
Malaga, an exuberant and Spanish port city, situated along the sparkling blue Mediterranean, is a mixture of historic artifacts and pulsing with modern life. The centre of the city presents its visitor with an array of narrow old streets and wide, beautiful gardens, leafy boulevards and impressive monuments, and a rich cultural life. The long awaited, new museum devoted to Málaga-born Pablo Picasso is a landmark of the city and attracts people from all over the world. The city has terrific bars and a vibrant nightlife. The best way to enjoy your stay here is with car hire Malaga. Car hire services do not limit you with the working hours of public transport.
Malaga has a number of street food and local delicacies; the city has many restaurants and tapas bars offering world class cuisines. Many restaurants offer takeaway service and the ones doing so often have a sign “para llevar” posted outside the restaurants. A couple of really good take away restaurants are situated on the Paseo Maritimo in Pedragalego. Some restaurants offer a great line of salads and bocadillos (thin rolls) and also the local delicacies, some of the best hamburgers are also available here. Exploring the street food with a car rental takes of the strain of all looking for public transport. Car hire Malaga is undoubtedly one of the best travel options when vacationing here.