Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Delve into the Spanish Culture with Car Hire Spain

The magnificent South European country of Spain has been a dream destination for travel enthusiast’s world over. With exciting treasures waiting to be explored in every corner, a short trip to Spain must include visits to Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga.
Make Barcelona a part of your Spanish adventures. Located on the North Eastern Mediterranean Coast of Spain, this city is famous as home to some of Gaudi’s most fascinating works. The city is also a playground for tourists who love exploring modernist buildings, art and culture.
Also, make a stop at the region of Andulucia. Malaga, the largest city on the Costa del Sol is famous for its near perfect climate. It is also the birthplace of Picasso. With a myriad of beaches, architectural attractions, museums, beach front activities, and hiking – this laid back version of Madrid and Barcelona is best explored with a car hire Malaga.
Its capital city, Madrid is popular for its lively environments, fascinating architecture and exquisite food culture. Also the largest city of Spain, visiting here is the best way to experience the right Spanish culture and heritage. A trip to the El Prado museum is a must. For youngsters travelling to the country, this city is also famous for its vibrant night life. The city is known to host some of the most popular bull fights in the country.
The Bull Fighting Culture
Bull fighting in Spain is a traditional spectacle that has been organized in various parts of the country for generations. While in the recent times, these events have been looked down upon by many animal right activists, these fights take place in certain locations. The fights that take place during the Fiesta Patronal are known to attract the maximum number of spectators. The bull fights of the Fiesta of San Isidro in Madrid are considered to be the most prestigious of them all.
Getting Around in Spain
With broad roads and picturesque landscapes, there is no better way to explore the regions of Spain than by driving around. Especially if you are a group of lady travelers who plan on exploring the different parts of the country, opting for car hire Spain services is a safe and convenient way to do so. Before you leave for your best friend’s bachelorette or woman’s only vacation, consider renting a car online or from the airport.
With the help of car hire Malaga services you and your friends have the freedom to drive back to your hotel after a night out without having to worry about finding public transport late at night. With the freedom to explore the nearby areas at your own pace and on your own terms, with car hire Spain, your safety need not be in the hands of unknown people.