Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Be part of exciting events in Birmingham with car hire UK

United Kingdom, one of the most progressive nations in the world, is also one of the famous tourist spots. The charm of being in UK is beyond words. It is the hub of modern education and has a vibrant demography which makes it a very interesting place to explore. It becomes even more endearing during the winter, especially during the New Year. Even though London is the destination for many, there are other places such as Birmingham, another hotspot in UK.

Also called the workshop of the world due to its industrial and economic advancements, Birmingham glistens throughout the year with some of the most exciting annual events. As you plan your trip to the city make sure you have the logistics in place, especially transport. Car hire in UK is one of the most popular modes of transport for tourists. Even though most of the country is well connected with public transport, car hire UK is more convenient just because sometimes you want to avoid crowds after a long haul journey. Same goes for this city as well. The city is well planned and connected with buses but car hire Birmingham is the most convenient means as you get through the crowded places easily, can conveniently travel to your destination from airport when you are accompanied with your family or companion with luggage.
You can be at ease, as you need not to keep track of the public transport schedule, stops and timings to travel to various places and make stoppage to various events in the city. Car hire Birmingham can pick you from the pickup point you choose and can take you across the city at ease and convenience. You can book rented car at affordable rates either online or at the dedicated counters at the airport. Besides that, you can also choose a car model to suit your convenience. If you are planning your trip ahead, you can also book the service in advance, to avoid any last minute confusion and also get great offers.
Birmingham loves to celebrate. May be that is why its year calendar is full of events. These events suit to various tastes. The city hosts some of the most popular art and cultural events, dance festivals, folk festivals, jazz and several concerts that people look forward to.
One of the most famous is the ArtsFest, held during September every year. It showcases the best of creative arts. The biggest plus is that it is free for all. Along with art, poetry, dance and drama there is music that suits every taste. It showcases best of classical to hard rock and jazz. The highlights of the event are fireworks and performance by the Birmingham Royal Ballet at Centenary Square on Saturday night. Another popular event is the International Dance Festival for you to see the best of tapping feet in various dance forms. The event is held every year during mid April till May.
The city also celebrates some of the national and religious festivals such as St Patrick’s Day, St George’s Day party and the famous Birmingham Tattoo, a very popular military show held annually at the National Indoor Arena. There is something for everyone to enjoy and with a rented car at your convenience you can enjoy all of these at your pace.