Thursday, October 25, 2012

Go for Van and Car hire to asist your Travel and Transport needs in UK

United Kingdom is especially known for its party mood as the end of the year comes closer. The whole of the country, including its famous capital London gears up to welcome the New Year and the almost palpable spirit of Christmas. For starters, London has beautiful weather during this time of the year.
With snow covered roads, and sale covered stores, it is a delight to visit and shop in London. London is also synonymous to endless partying that goes on till the early hours of the next day, and all clubs hold various events and concerts during the end of the year to celebrate the festive spirit. Many festivals here are the music festivals, and ice skating festivals that are bound to make memories worth a lifetime.
The best part to see the whole of UK and London is by hiring your own car. Car hire UK is a fabulous option to wish to see the country as length and not just be restricted to places that have connectivity via public commute. You can drive around the whole country and enjoy yourself as driving around in the United Kingdom is not a difficult task owing to the clearly defined roads and well laid out infrastructure.Car hire UK is especially a good idea for all the families who are travelling to the country as they have the option to go for van hire. There are many benefits of going in for van hire. Since a van is a bigger vehicle, it can easily be used for all kinds of transportation needs within UK. As a student or a businessman, or simply if you are moving from one house to another,van hire option is best suitable for your transportation needs.
With a bigger vehicle, you can have your own car to fit all at your disposal. The biggest benefit of doing this is that it is cost effective. With your own car, you are able to fit in a larger group of people and save money on the public commute that is extremely costly in London and the rest of the United Kingdom. Cab fares and tube passes to afford travel in London can burn a hole in your pocket and you can only go as deeper in the city as these modes of travel can. What’s more is that if you wish to see the whole of UK then you can easily do that with your own rental car. Unlike travelling by a train, you don’t need to carry your own luggage, which can be quite big of a discomfort at times. Just stash the luggage in the boot of your rental and you are free as a bird to see this beautiful country. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, book a car and make this the vacation of your dreams!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Explore the city of Dublin with Car Hire Ireland

Ireland is an enchanting country that if you visit once, you will visit again and again. Travelers from all over the world come to see this magical country and to see for real, the beauty that Ireland is. The natural scenic views, the lush green forests and the gorgeous countryside are for sure an enviable site while you are in this country. Make memories for life with your eyes and cameras while you are in Ireland. The castles in Ireland, along with the little beer drinking villages of Dublin are some of the best sites in the world. While in Ireland, visit the city of Dublin. This is a charming little city and a combination of a Victorian culture with the fast forwardness of the modern world of today. Where you will find a setup of brilliant Georgian houses, you will also find all modern buildings with the chicest infrastructure fit to suit the most cosmopolitan of the cities. Shopping in Dublin is an incredible experience. 

Visit the famous Temple Bar and the cobbled streets to buy some of the most beautiful souvenirs only exclusive to Ireland. For some creative Georgian furniture, you can visit Francis Street Arts and their antique stores. Visit Dublin to enjoy the most eclectic nightlife and the most delightful of shopping experiences along with enjoying the festivities and culture that is part of the Irish experience. Especially during the end of the year, when Ireland is gearing up to welcome the New Year, there are plenty of music festivals and cultural events that will buzz you into welcoming the New Year. New Year’s in Dublin is a beautiful festival that showcases special effects, performances by various Irish singers and pyrotechnics. This two-day festival is a major highlight of Dublin and leads to many Irish pouring in the city to enjoy these festivals. During these festivals, the seasonal markets are at a galore with the Wolfe Tone Square, Temple Bar and Barnardo Square being beautifully lit up. 

Dublin is a beautiful place to drive around and so is the whole of Ireland. Where driving throughout Ireland will give your beautiful picturesque views, each place you will witness while driving around in the city of Dublin is like viewing a postcard image. Car hire Ireland is a majorly preferred option due to these reasons. Also, when you go for a car hire Ireland, you can visit the whole country and roam around at your own disposal. You will not feel any limitation that you will feel otherwise with public commutation. Travelling around in your own car is also much cheaper on your pocket and you have freedom to move around. With car hire Dublin Airport, you can directly pick up your rental car straight from the airport. This will save you on the transfers that are otherwise an expensive option to reach the city. You are free to visit Ireland and Dublin, and with car hire Dublin Airport , you also have the option of dropping the car right there while you leave this magical land.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Enjoy Your Vacation With Car Hire In Spain

Spain is one of the most favored destinations by tourists from all over the world. One of the most intriguing cities of Spain is Malaga, which is a delight to visit. The whole of Spain is a beautiful mixture of ancient Gothic architecture, cultural values and at the same time a modern cosmopolitan European nation. While you are in Spain, you must visit Malaga. The city has over a ton of places to see and things to do. Visiting Malaga is a delight especially as the year comes to an end, as the festivities are at a height during this time of the year. Endless parties, music festival, cultural events and a lot of celebration will make your time worthwhile if you choose to visit Malaga any time of the year. During the holiday season and the city gearing up for the festivities, you will have a range of options to choose from.

The city carnival of Malaga takes place in February and then comes the Easter celebrations. The festival is known as Fiesta de San Juan and is the feast of St. John. When you are in Malaga, options to celebrate your New Years will be plenty. Bring in the Ano Nuevo, which stands for the New Year Day. The celebrations in Malaga go on until wee hours of the morning and are a pleasure to attend. Epiphany day on 5th January is again a major celebratory day for the Spanish.

When it comes to the festivals, the end of the year is a fabulous time of the year. The Fiesta of San Pedro de Alcantara starts during the middle of the October on the central streets of San Pedro and is a famous celebration amongst the locals as well as the international visitors.
During November you can enjoy the Fiesta del Toston, which is a famous religious festival and the All Saints Day, which is marked by chestnut roasting and cooking of local dishes. This camping fiesta is held on the 1st of November.

The best way to enjoy Malaga, rather the whole of Spain is by hiring your own car. Car hire Spain is an intelligent option as you get to see much more of the country in deeper detail than you ever will. Car hire Malaga can be booked in advance and cheaper deals can be availed. This is a much more economical option and provides flexibility to the travelers while seeing the city.

The roadways of Spain are clearly defined and thus it is easy to find your way around. However, car hire Spain can only be enjoyed when the appropriate driving rules are observed. You must always wear a seatbelt and must never drive under the influence of alcohol. Carry all your documents while travelling that includes an international drivers license, paperwork verifying car hire Malaga, and an identification card. Travelling around in Spain is a beautiful experience and can only be made completely enriching when driven around with the Spanish rules intact.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Drive through the Landscapes of Malaga for a Spanish Experience with Car Hire Malaga

The diverse landscapes of Spain combined with mountains, the coast in Andalucia promise travelers of exquisite experiences. A cultural hub famous for its obsession for food and wine, art and architecture, there is nothing more fulfilling than planning a trip to the magical country of Spain.

Sitting against the pristine blues of the Mediterranean, the historic port city of Malaga has been able to retain its past as well as adopt modern life. With old narrow streets, spacious and leafy boulevards adorned with exquisite monuments and a vibrant cultural life, Malaga is the place to visit.

Explore the birth place of Pablo Picasso and lay back and enjoy the vibrant night life of this beach town to truly soak in the Spanish way of life. If you plan on visiting the port town in the next few months you may want to plan around one of the many festivals that the city is famous for.

In November, you can witness the Day of Toston, a religious festival that is celebrated in a town an hour’s drive away from Malaga. This festival is celebrated along with All Saints’ Day celebrations on November 1st and gives you a unique opportunity to try some local dishes, do some overnight camping and party into the wee hours of the night. Malaga also makes for an excellent destination to ring in the New Year. In January, the festival of the Three Holy Kings makes for a fascinating experience when locals dress in costumes and ride around town on horses. The festival also consists of floats, exchanging sweets and small presents to the crowd.

Opting for a Car Hire Malaga

If you truly wish to explore every nook and cranny of this region, the best way to go about achieving it is by hiring a car on your trip. With a car hire Malaga, you will be able to travel to and from the festivals and events in the nearby towns at your own pace and even explore some paths that are less ventured by quintessential tourists. Driving around the region and across Spain is a cost effective and convenient way to make your travels. You no longer need to rely on flight schedules and public transport to make it from one part of the country to the other. It is especially pocket friendly when you are travelling with your family or a larger group of friends.

Things to Consider before you Opt for a car hire in spain

Before you opt for a car hire Spain, make sure you are aware of a few practical things –

1. You need to carry with you an International driving Permit, Passport and insurance at all times while you are driving around Spain as a tourist. You may also need to show most of these documents while renting a car.

2. One drives on right side of the road in Spain.

3. Drivers in Spain can be very aggressive, it is thus recommended that you use the fast lane only if you are able to match up with the high speeds or you intend to overtake another car.

There are multiple online resources that can guide you through the traffic rules in Spain.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Explore Europe with Car Hire UK

Traveling across the world, especially the attractive countries in Europe is a dream that most individuals have. We all are aware of the fact that long vacations to distant countries are planned to give a new sense of relief and comfort both to the mind and the soul. The only way to temporarily get rid of the monotonous daily office work and other activities is by heading towards a gorgeous location. European tours have gained immense tourism due to the rich history and mind blowing locations.

Hiring a car has a lot of benefits closely knitted to it and helps individuals have memorable trips. Car hire UK is considered to be the best option when you plan to take your friends and family along with you to one or more of the various events organized in the country. People tend to give a lot of thought about hiring a car. This is because they fail to understand that car hire is a cheap and quick way to travel around a country.

To get benefited in the best possible way, it is a must to consider certain car hire Europe tips and abide by the guidelines listed by a lot of professionals in the field of travel. It is believed that renting or hiring a car during vacations can be quite a risky task and a bit tricky too.

• The age of the traveler plays a pivotal role when car hire UK and Europe are considered. The cost of rentals can depend on the age and based on speeding tickets if any.

• Deciding on manual or automatic transmission is another option that has to be confirmed. Driving manuals are common in Europe but the choice has to be yours. The rental charges for automatic ones tend to be higher than the ones that are manually handled.

• Be sure to get appropriate details before signing the final rental deal with an agency and make sure that no hidden charges are present.
• Car insurance aspects and the matters pertaining to deductibles to be paid by the customer have to be studied in detail before renting a car in the UK or Europe.

• Arranging for a reputed car rental company and trusting it to provide you with the services for travel is the most important aspect that many individuals fail to attend.

• Study Extra car rental insurance offered by certain agencies have to be in detail before providing the nod.

• Take a little time to compare and decide on the plans and agencies to have a hassle free trip in Europe and the United Kingdom.

It is well known that hiring a car and traveling in an unknown land at your own wish is quite a daunting task but with a good attitude and proper driving skills and expertise Car hire Europe will be memorable experience. The rental and hiring option for cars in Europe and the United Kingdom are many, so there should not be any hassle in choosing the best suitable option for your trip. Europe and UK are well known for the unlimited events and festivals organized in most of the cities and towns. Music festivals are popular in both these countries with equal attention given to theater and literature. Cultural events tend to be tourist gatherers from all parts of the world. The concerts and musical performances attract many tourists. Apart from these events, there are various festivals conducted in almost all cities with lots of enthusiasm and interest. Getting a glimpse of all such events with rental cars is a boon to travelers.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Exploring London with Car Hire UK

The United Kingdom is a tourist delight for many, and a shopping dream for the shopaholics around the world. Add that to the wonderful unpredictable weather and you have a traveler’s delight! Adorned by several cities, massive football clubs and fish and chips as their signature food, visiting here will be absolutely worthwhile.

UK is always vibrant. Some of the exciting upcoming events include the Lionel Richie concert on the 28th of October at the 02 Arena and Michael Jackson: The Immortal Tour on the 12th and 13th of October at the O2 Arena. Other than this, the nightlife of UK is as alive as it gets and sees the wee hours of morning before it ends for the day.

To visit London hire a car. Car hire in London is one of the best options one could avail to ensure an economical and hassle free trip. With the plenty of offers available with car hire UK, one can get economical deals in case of an advanced booking. With your own car rental, see the city at your own disposal and drive to distances where the London Tube won’t take you. These are just some of the benefits of Car hire UK. For shopping options, drive down to the famous Oxford Street that line up designer brands along the street, coupled with vintage goods as well. High street is another good option when shopping on a budget. To begin your sightseeing tour to London, drive to the Madame Tussauds Museum and see wax statuses of some very and famous people from all over the world. The London Eye overlooks the entire London through a 360-degree panoramic view and is situated right next to River Thames.

To enjoy the nightlife of the city, you can drive down to the Leicester Square and Covent Garden that are extremely famous for its nightclubs and jazz bars along the street.

Car Hire London is often an option amongst those who come to the UK to pursue their studies. There is a simple reason for this. The accommodation for these students can be found in the UK on the outskirts of any town at cheaper prices; however, their universities are based in the central part of the city. With their own car, students find it extremely easy to commute from their respective schools to their housing. This is a much better option as against travelling by public commute, as one may travel with utmost freedom and at their disposal without worrying about the tube schedule or expensive cab fare. Car hire London is an extremely viable option to consider when in the city. The road infrastructure is clearly drawn out and with the help of GPS installed in the hired cars, finding your way around the city becomes a piece of cake.

Booking in advance will also entitle you to fabulous deals and discounts. One can even pick up their hired car directly from the airport and save on transfer fares.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Exploring Spain with Car hire Services

Nicknamed as "sun-drenched and wild land", Spain is well known for its skilled bullfighters and dancers. It is one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world. Flamenco, not just a contemporary dance, is also an art that blends singing and dancing with guitar and handclaps. In Spain 40 attractions have been recognized as World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Being home to renowned artists like Dali and Picasso, Spain is well known for its artistic history and diversified culture. From the ancient monuments build by the Romans and Moors to the white villages in Andalucía to the medieval castles in the interior and the colorful cities like Madrid and Barcelona, there is a great blend of traditional and modern attractions in Spain. Some of the must-see attractions are the Alhambra palace, the mosque of Mezquita of Cordoba, Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic Church and the island of Ibiza.

Exploring Barcelona and Madrid with car rental service

Car hire Spain gives you the complete freedom to explore the alluring attractions in Madrid. The city is a perfect mix of ancient architecture and modern attractions. Located at the west of the city is the Royal Palace of Madrid which is a prominent attraction in the city. The popular attractions in the city include Plaza Mayor, El Rastro, Almudena Cathedral, Puerta Del Sol and much more.
If you are heading to Barcelona then here is a list of things you shouldn’t miss out. Whether you want to enjoy the cultural activities, take sun bath in the sandy beaches, or witness a sight-seeing extravaganza. Some of the attractions are the L'Aquarium de Barcelona, Sagrada Familia, the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, Las Ramblas, and Picasso Museum.

Car hire benefits

If you want to explore every part of Spain, then hiring a cheap car rental is the best option for you. Getting around the centralized roads in Spain with a cheap car hire is quite easy. There are so many benefits of car hire Spain when you are travelling with family.

• It helps reach your destinations much faster as you can travel at your own pace

• If you are traveling in a group, you can have a great time exploring the beautiful attractions in the city. With a car rental service, you can overcome common public transports issues like lost baggage and over crowdedness.

• In the car, you can sit comfortably, listen to music, enjoy a luxurious air conditioned trip, have multiple stop-bys etc.

Upcoming events in Spain

The Opera and ballet season commencing this October is something you shouldn’t miss out.

The Feast Day of Nuestra Señora de la Almudena is to be held on November 9th. And an international jazz festival will follow soon after.

Feria de Artesania is an innovative craft fair scheduled to be held in Paseo de Recoletos.

The city will also feature a grand Christmas fair full of decorated gifts and presentations to be sold in Plaza Mayor.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Have a Memorable Vacation with Car Rental Nice

France is an enigmatic country in the Western Europe and known as a radically famous tourist destination. It has a unique culture woven in the threads of art, culture and exquisite tastes for all fine things in life. The best way to see this European bounty is by driving in and around the country.

There is so much to see in this nation that you will most definitely be glad to go for a car rental in France. Varied journeys across the countryside are beautiful. Start from the northern cliff of France and drive across the beautiful blue see of the French Riviera. Cross the Corsica’s romantic oak forests and take a barefoot walk to Mont St-Michel. Another beautiful must visit is the Chamonix that you can reach by a cable car that has panoramic French views across the way up.
France is tourist destination throughout the year. Almost 800 million people visit this country. Drive down to the various cafes to get a taste of their delectable Parisian bistro dining. France has an amazing array of boulangeries that are their traditional bakeries. When in France, a breakfast of crêpes and croissants is a must. Places like Paris, Brittany; Bordeaux will enthrall you with their olive harvesting tradition, champagne in ancient sellers and their thoughtful art.

Extend your car hire France to drive down to Nice, which is an excellent getaway and an equally charming city like Paris. If you do not wish to drive to Nice, then you can also rent a car in Nice, and it is absolutely important that you do so, as the best of the places in Nice can only be explored when you are driving by yourself. Nice is a wonderful city and it would be inappropriate to list a few tourist favorites down to sum up the city. The capital of Nice is Côte d’Azur and a definite charmer for one and all. Enjoy the beaches in the city and drive down to some of their museums that house absolute artisan delights. The ruins of the ancient Roman city Cemenelum Flaneurs can also be viewed in this city. With your car rental in Nice you can drive down to nearby gorgeous places for a daylong excursion. Drive down to the countryside of Provence for a day and take part in an exquisite wine tasting fiesta. You can also head to the French Riviera and spend a day in the charming town of Monaco.

Even if you are a student staying at Nice for higher studies, then the ideal option is car rental in Nice. This is plainly due to the fact that public commute can prove to be very tiresome and uncomfortable when travelling for long durations. With a car hire France you can travel at your own pace and comfort. Booking in advance will also help you avail additional discounts and avail extremely economical deals.