Friday, October 12, 2012

Drive through the Landscapes of Malaga for a Spanish Experience with Car Hire Malaga

The diverse landscapes of Spain combined with mountains, the coast in Andalucia promise travelers of exquisite experiences. A cultural hub famous for its obsession for food and wine, art and architecture, there is nothing more fulfilling than planning a trip to the magical country of Spain.

Sitting against the pristine blues of the Mediterranean, the historic port city of Malaga has been able to retain its past as well as adopt modern life. With old narrow streets, spacious and leafy boulevards adorned with exquisite monuments and a vibrant cultural life, Malaga is the place to visit.

Explore the birth place of Pablo Picasso and lay back and enjoy the vibrant night life of this beach town to truly soak in the Spanish way of life. If you plan on visiting the port town in the next few months you may want to plan around one of the many festivals that the city is famous for.

In November, you can witness the Day of Toston, a religious festival that is celebrated in a town an hour’s drive away from Malaga. This festival is celebrated along with All Saints’ Day celebrations on November 1st and gives you a unique opportunity to try some local dishes, do some overnight camping and party into the wee hours of the night. Malaga also makes for an excellent destination to ring in the New Year. In January, the festival of the Three Holy Kings makes for a fascinating experience when locals dress in costumes and ride around town on horses. The festival also consists of floats, exchanging sweets and small presents to the crowd.

Opting for a Car Hire Malaga

If you truly wish to explore every nook and cranny of this region, the best way to go about achieving it is by hiring a car on your trip. With a car hire Malaga, you will be able to travel to and from the festivals and events in the nearby towns at your own pace and even explore some paths that are less ventured by quintessential tourists. Driving around the region and across Spain is a cost effective and convenient way to make your travels. You no longer need to rely on flight schedules and public transport to make it from one part of the country to the other. It is especially pocket friendly when you are travelling with your family or a larger group of friends.

Things to Consider before you Opt for a car hire in spain

Before you opt for a car hire Spain, make sure you are aware of a few practical things –

1. You need to carry with you an International driving Permit, Passport and insurance at all times while you are driving around Spain as a tourist. You may also need to show most of these documents while renting a car.

2. One drives on right side of the road in Spain.

3. Drivers in Spain can be very aggressive, it is thus recommended that you use the fast lane only if you are able to match up with the high speeds or you intend to overtake another car.

There are multiple online resources that can guide you through the traffic rules in Spain.