Thursday, October 4, 2012

Have a Memorable Vacation with Car Rental Nice

France is an enigmatic country in the Western Europe and known as a radically famous tourist destination. It has a unique culture woven in the threads of art, culture and exquisite tastes for all fine things in life. The best way to see this European bounty is by driving in and around the country.

There is so much to see in this nation that you will most definitely be glad to go for a car rental in France. Varied journeys across the countryside are beautiful. Start from the northern cliff of France and drive across the beautiful blue see of the French Riviera. Cross the Corsica’s romantic oak forests and take a barefoot walk to Mont St-Michel. Another beautiful must visit is the Chamonix that you can reach by a cable car that has panoramic French views across the way up.
France is tourist destination throughout the year. Almost 800 million people visit this country. Drive down to the various cafes to get a taste of their delectable Parisian bistro dining. France has an amazing array of boulangeries that are their traditional bakeries. When in France, a breakfast of crêpes and croissants is a must. Places like Paris, Brittany; Bordeaux will enthrall you with their olive harvesting tradition, champagne in ancient sellers and their thoughtful art.

Extend your car hire France to drive down to Nice, which is an excellent getaway and an equally charming city like Paris. If you do not wish to drive to Nice, then you can also rent a car in Nice, and it is absolutely important that you do so, as the best of the places in Nice can only be explored when you are driving by yourself. Nice is a wonderful city and it would be inappropriate to list a few tourist favorites down to sum up the city. The capital of Nice is Côte d’Azur and a definite charmer for one and all. Enjoy the beaches in the city and drive down to some of their museums that house absolute artisan delights. The ruins of the ancient Roman city Cemenelum Flaneurs can also be viewed in this city. With your car rental in Nice you can drive down to nearby gorgeous places for a daylong excursion. Drive down to the countryside of Provence for a day and take part in an exquisite wine tasting fiesta. You can also head to the French Riviera and spend a day in the charming town of Monaco.

Even if you are a student staying at Nice for higher studies, then the ideal option is car rental in Nice. This is plainly due to the fact that public commute can prove to be very tiresome and uncomfortable when travelling for long durations. With a car hire France you can travel at your own pace and comfort. Booking in advance will also help you avail additional discounts and avail extremely economical deals.