Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Orlando Car Hire: The best way to travel

A major city in the central region of Florida, the county seat of Orange County, Orlando is a major tourist attraction as well as one of the most visited cities in the United States of America. The landscape of this fun haven can be best covered by road and how better can road travel get than by car. For all those who do not have cars at their disposals, an Orlando Car Hire is a very convenient and economic form of transportation. One does not have to pull out Contact persons or even go through the trouble of going in person to book a car, instead one can Orlando Car Hire from the comfort of one's home with just a computer. In the website there is a host of options one can choose from.
One can get specific services ranging from date, time and venue of pick-up and drop, Car model, special packages, different value added products and services which vary from country to country. One can also view, modify or cancel a registration as well as get a special discount if one is a frequent traveller. Your Orlando Car Hire offers a list of Air, Rail and Hotel partners that are tied up from where the customer can avail holiday packages to enrich the whole holiday experience.

Renting a car was never this easy and never this economic. Pay for a rental car and use it like it was your own. One has to no longer worry about planning out an entire holiday trip. All one has to do is land in Orlando and everything else will be taken car off once by your Orlando Car Hire.
One is always welcomed by clear skies and a warm and comforting weather throughout the year. With the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort tourism is a very important and lucrative industry. The Holiday enjoying person just cannot have enough at Orlando be it the night-life or the Entertainment Industry or the Amusement parks.

Car Rental in London: Do it virtually

Hiring a car in London is as easy as it gets. Car rental in London can be done online, which beats the conventional method of going to the rental agency and selecting a car physically. You can do all this from home now. Just log on to the appropriate website, enter the necessary details regarding location and timing and choose from a range of cars available. You can choose from some of the finest cars available today to give yourself the very best. All you need to make London holiday perfect is to get a great car to see it in. Book the easy way- book online.
London is a hub for politics, finance and fashion and it is no wonder that it is such a fascinating destination for tourists. London attracts people from everywhere and has something to offer to every kind of traveller. With the Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey for history buffs and the London Theatre and Tower Museum for culturally inclined, London is a centre of all urban activity. The Fashion Savvy can have a ball in London with the Camden and Oxford Street.
All these sites and many other attractions in London are best seen by road, and how better to travel than by car? Car rental in London is extremely popular and even more convenient. With its rich and exciting streetscapes and architecture, a car is the best way to experience the flavour of London. Not only those, one can also rent a car and go see Brighton, Stratford-upon-Avon and Stone Henge from London. Car rental London lets you explore this city in the most enchanting way.
Car rental in London can be done from a number of locations. Be it Stansted Airport, Heathrow Airport, Victoria Coach Station or Russell Square, car rental London has got it all covered.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Car hire in Malaga

Malaga is a city that is located in southern Spain and on the Costa del Sol that is the coast of the sun and is about hundred km on the east from the strait of Gibraltar. It lies about 120 km north east of strait of Gibraltar and tarifa which is the southernmost point of the continent of Europe and is also about 150 km from the north of Africa. Malaga is a city that will therefore need car hire for travelling around.
Care hire in Malaga is quite easy as you will not have to worry about long travel with less money. Also you can hire cars in Malaga at the airport itself. Car hire at Malaga is low cost and good. You may also get discounts if you have travelled by some particular flights to that place. You can also hire a car at Malaga to travel around the place as you have a lot to look out for. The castle of sohail, the castle of gibralfaro, the flavian roman theater and the Malaga walls are some of the things that you should never miss when you are there in Malaga.
Car hire in Malaga is also very convenient as you can borrow cars in a particular place and then drop off in another which is allowed and also you can get the best possible cars for yourself to travel around there. Malaga is a great place to be in and is surrounded by the mountains to the north and also has two rivers by it. The guadalmedina which is the historic center is located on its left bank and the guadalhorce is the one that flows west of the city into the Mediterranean. This is a great city to be in and to enjoy a holiday and make it one that you will remember always.

Alicante airport car hire

Alicante or Alacant is a famous port city of Spain with pleasing boulevards and shopping streets. Alicante is picturesquely situated between the sea and the mountains. People from all over the world visit this historic Mediterranean city where the famous Castle of Santa Barbara and controversial port of Alicante exist. The Castle is the major crown puller which is situated on the hill top of Mount Bencantil giving a magnificent view of whole city. It still has the main church and bishop seat which dates back from XVII century. With so many things to see, this is one such place worth visiting.

Once you get down at the Alicante airport, the next thing on your list is to hire car to go and settle somewhere for sometime before jumping off to see the places around. You can find the counter for hiring cars just before the exits at the airport. Alicante airport offers car hire that is quite cheap as compared to other places. The price does vary according to the time of the year, subject to the rush and the type of car you want to hire. The best thing to do is, plan ahead of time and book everything through an Alicante Airport Car hire, to bring down the unevenness in hire cost.

Whatever you seek, there are a few things you should never compromise on. If possible try to get hold of an AC car as temperatures here can go up to 40 C. The checklist could be little messy. It’s always best if you try Alicante Airport car hire if your travel agency cannot get you a proper option. And yes if you are ready to pay those extra bucks you can get away with a magnificent trip to this port city of Alacante.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines day ideas - Special Valentine day cars hire make your romantic experience

Alternative Romantic Experience (Scotland)

Departing from Glasgow ( Scotland), take a scenic drive around Loch Lomond, approximately 25 miles NE of Glasgow up the A82. Return to heart of the city and enjoy roses, chocolate, valentines cocktails, champagne along with a romantic dinner in Blythswood Square .
Ideal Rental Car : Premium class Mercedes C-class or similar or intermediate class eg Ford Mondeo.
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Alternative Romantic Experience (England)

In the Heart of England and within 1 hours drive of London and Birmingham, sits the historical city of Oxford, elegantly spanning the River Thames. After a few hours sightseeing, book a table at one of the Michelin-starred celebrity chef owned restaurants – you can choose from Jamie Oliver, Antonio Carluccio or Raymond Blanc.
Ideal Rental Car : Prestige Collection – make and model reservable.
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Alternative Romantic Experience (England)

For those who love the outdoors and the thrill of extreme adventure, then why not seek out one of the Lover’s Leap Valentines bungee jumps around the country. Available in London, Manchester, Brighton and Sheffield
Ideal Rental Car : Compact class eg Ford Focus or Fun Collection eg Audi TT.
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Alternative Romantic Experience (Spain)

As much as you want to look at your loved one, “Dining in the dark” is an experience not to be missed! With sight impaired, other sense make for this being a truly amazing experience. Our pick is the restaurant in Barcelona (others are in London, Paris and New York). Combine this with a stay at the luxurious and modern Barcelona Hotel W - designed by the renowned architect Ricardo Bofill.
Ideal Rental Car : Smart fortwo (make and model reservable) in our Green Collection.
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Alternative Romantic Experience (Spain)

For those who love art as much as their partner, a trip to Cadaques must be on the list. No other place in the world of this size has borne so many world famous artists. Situated about 2 hours drive north of Barcelona, visit the house of Salvador Dalí, the museums and various art galleries from the likes of Matisse, Picasso, Duchamps, Man Ray, Max Ernst and André Derain. Also worth a visit is Tossa de Mar, approx 100km north of Barcelona, with its mediaeval walls, defence towers and picturesque winding streets dating back to the 12th century and its 14th century castle. If you have the time, make it a long break and take in the mountain roads of the Costa Brava.
Ideal Rental Car : Intermediate–sized Mercedes B-Class or similar
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Alternative Romantic Experience (France)

See the country you love from the air. Take a flight in a hot air balloon and share a peaceful and romantic trip over the French countryside such as the Loire Valley, Fontainbleau or the Bourgogne. For a warmer alternative, take a balloon flight in Provence.
Ideal Rental Car : Fun Collection eg. Mini Cooper (Make and model reservable)
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Alternative Romantic Experience (Andorra)

High up in the Pyrenees between France and Spain lies Andorra. For a seasonal experience, stay in the Igloo Hotel in the ski resort of Grandvalira, 2300m above sea level. Carved out of snow, this hotel has 10 igloo rooms, carved by two artists.
Ideal Rental Car : Chevrolet Captiva 4x4 or similar
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Hertz Top 10 of Valentine’s related locations

1. Valentine, 13m South of Newcastle (NSW) - NTLC60
2. Denmark – Love, 30m West of Arhus - AART57
3. France – Valentine (Midi-Pyrénées), 46m East of Tarbes-Lourdes Airport - LDET50
4. Italy – San Valentino, 40m North-East of Verona Airport - VRNT50
5. Italy – San Valentino, 40m North of Rome - ROMC62
6. Spain – Valentín, 50m North West of Murcia - MJVC60
7. UK – Rose, 5m South of Newquay Airport - NQYO57
8. USA - Dallas Love Field Airport, (TX)
9. USA – Valentine, Near Little Rock (AR) - LITT02
10. USA – Loveland (CO) - FNLS07

Friday, February 5, 2010

Special Valentine day cars hire to make your Valentine feel special

Every year Valentine’s Day is celebrated by the lovers on 14th of February. It all started in the later part of middle ages, when the so called courtly love spread wide and was associated with romantic love by Geoffrey Chaucer. This day is named after the martyred saints of Rome better known as Saint Valentine. This day is very special for the lovers. They express their love for each other by giving gifts, cards, love letters and other item of interests. Although gifting chocolates and giving flowers is the most common of all gestures shown by the lovers, people try to make this day special by innovating new and new things to cherish their love. A Valentine Day car hire can be unique surprise for the loved ones taking them around the romantic beaches, restaurants etc.
People always want to spend quality time with their loved ones, then just gifting themselves and going out for a lunch. And the time which you spend together in some serene and beautiful place is worth nothing. A long journey or a nice distant trip with your loved ones is what needed to strike gold. You can always hire a car and plan for somewhere nice and beautiful. Valentine Day car hire has lately caused a lot of rush in the lovers world. Everybody want to go out and have the most memorable and quality time of their life. People usually choose to go to some country side. You can also spend some time walking by the open fields, and whisper those magical words, right in your lover's ears. And if the time is right for you, things will change for a lifetime.
Since we are talking about long distances, driving on your own can be tiring sometimes, and by the time you reach your destination, you might lose all your energy to cause that much needed spark. Various car hire companies try to roll out special packages, just for this occasion, topped with special surprises, which even you won't know, adding to the element of surprise. Valentine day car hire is just what you should be looking for at this moment, to make this day memorable, once for a lifetime.

Car hire in South Africa is just a click away!

Car hire in South Africa is a very huge business. South Africa is a country which attracts tourists from all over the country visit. There is no particular season when the tourist population is large. There are people who come here throughout the year. There is so much natural beauty that must be seen, so many places of interest that people would love to visit. Abundant natural resources and a very rich wildlife attract a number of tourists. Hence it is very important to have good car hire services in South Africa.
When a tourist visits a country, they will want to see a lot of places before they leave. For them to be able to cover as many places as possible, it is necessary to have a proper means of transportation that will take them from one place to another. This is where car hire in South Africa comes into play. There are a number of companies that offer Car hire in South Africa. All that one has to do is take their license and go to one such company and hire a car. You will obviously have to pay the rental charges but if you are the kind of person who would like to do things at your own free will, then hiring a car is probably the best option for you.
A number of companies that offer Car hire in South Africa allow the customers to book online. This is very simple and all the procedures will be over within a really short period of time. When one books for their tickets and stay, they can book a car to hire at the same time. This will save a lot of trouble and they will have a car to drive around the minute they set foot in the country!