Friday, December 30, 2011

Book Car Hire Faro to Explore the Old City of Cidade Velha and the Surrounding Regions

Faro is one of the most popular holiday destinations for sun seekers from the UK, Spain and other European countries. Located in the Algarve region, it is the southernmost city in Portugal. The best part is that the city can be visited at any time during the year. In summer season, it has a reputation for being a beach party town whereas in winter, it looks unexpectedly beautiful and serves as a peaceful corner for those who want to take a break from routine life. In of season, you can get a chance to explore some of the best areas of the region. Tourists treat Faro as a base for exploring the more remote areas of Algarve region. Faro can be reached by air. Many airline companies from UK, Spain, Ireland, and mainland Europe and Canada offer discounted air tickets to Faro. As it is a relatively less travelled city, travelling by car is the only feasible option to get around and explore. It is wise to book car hire Faro for your entire vacation as it is the only option for visitors to explore the city and the surrounding regions.

Faro is one of the most beautiful locations in Portugal. The life here is much slower and easier than the rest of Portugal. People looking for an entirely different experience won’t be disappointed here. The whitewashed town with plenty of Moorish and Liberian influenced architecture, natural beauty and friendly people make it a place worth visiting and worth dwelling. Faro can be reached by road. There is a bus service from Lisbon and Porto but it is wise to travel by air. After landing at the Faro airport, you can rent a car for your entire vacation and drive towards your location. If you are travelling in peak season, it is advised to book car hire Faro airport in advance as the supply of vehicles in limited.

During your visit to Faro, do not forget to visit Cidade Velha. Also known as Centro Historico and the Old City, it is the 18th century town which was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. Once called Riberia Grande, it is the oldest settlement in Cape Verde and the first European colonial outpost in tropics. It is a well preserved section of the city off the harbour with Moorish and Portuguese architecture. It still retains the impressive remains of old churches, royal fortress and Pillory Square having 16th century marble pillar.

Cidade Velha also has the oldest colonial church in the world which was constructed in 1495. Along with this, the place is also famous for several other reasons. The port of Cidade Velha was the stopping point for Vasco de Gama and Christopher Columbus, the two great navigators. As the port was included in the major sea routes between Africa, Brazil, Cape and the Caribbean, it became home to people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and religions. Cidade Velha can be reached from Faro Airport. You will have to book car hire Faro to reach the Old City. Virtually untouched by modernity, it is a great place to explore.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book Car Hire UK to Take an Exciting Road Trip from London to Inverness

Inverness is one of the most beautiful cities at the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Famous as “the Gateway to the Highlands”, it is the main centre for Scottish trade and commerce. But the city has its fair share of cultural activities and other entertainment indulgences. In total, it is a pulsating and happening city in the highlands of Scotland. Although it has a good public transport system but the frequency of buses decreases in evening. You can resort to car hire Inverness for getting around and exploring the city and surrounding areas.

Driving is relatively easier in Inverness than the rest of Scotland. The car hire services are cheap as compared to UK standards. Moreover, you won’t find tolls and thus, can save yourself from paying a great deal. Moreover, a stay in mountain resorts offers you a lifetime experience. If you are looking for a break from routine life, you must drive to these resorts and spend some leisure time doing what you love.

Inverness is an important centre for bagpipe players and lovers as it hosts an annual meeting and festival every September. It is also home to three major football clubs and therefore, hosts numerous heart-throbbing football tournaments every year. If you are interested in cultural performances, you can head to one of the theatres in the city. Apart from this, the city also hosts professional golf events and European Tours.

For the lovers of art and architecture, Inverness has many things to offer. You can see Inverness Castle located at the end of the western pedestrian zone. Built in 1847 replacing a medieval castle blown up by Jacobites, it is definitely a must visit. Inverness Museum and Art Gallery has a collection of Pictish Stones and historic weapons. Old High Church located in the Church Street is also worth seeing.

If you are residing in London, you can plan to take a long drive to Inverness on a weekend. Located at around 560 miles only, Inverness can be reached in around 10 hours. You can book car hire UK and start up right in the morning for Inverness. You will come across several popular destinations such as Birmingham, Wellington and other cities in UK and Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland on the way to Inverness.

You can stop at these destinations if you want to and freshen up and relish specialty dishes in a restaurant on the highway. Once you cross the cities and reach highways, you will be pleasantly surprised to experience the natural beauty on the both sides of the road. If you ever feel like taking a scenic drive, just pick car hire UK and start for Inverness.

Although you can fly from London to Inverness but a road trip offers you an entirely different experience and satisfies the explorer and navigator in you. The network of roads is excellent and you will not face any problem in commuting. As you have to cover a long distance, ensure that you have made proper arrangements to make your journey more enjoyable.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Car Hire Europe Cost Cutting Secrets

car hire
If you are planning to take an exciting rental-car road trip, start looking around for cost effective options and making it an economical proposition. With fuel prices continuously climbing, even a weekend road trip can be very expensive. The situation can be worse in Europe as it already is an expensive continent. Whilst cost is on everyone’s mind right now, pay attention to the details while booking car hire Europe and turn an expensive proposition in to a pocket friendly scheme.

One reason why car rentals are costliest is that the price of the fuel has constantly been on rise for past few years. Due to this, car rental companies make a change in their price list almost every fortnight or month. Moreover, the demand in the peak season also adds up to the basic cost. The rule of the thumb is to book in advance in order to protect yourself from high priced car hire Europe. Most car companies offer huge discounts to their customers who reserve their vehicle quite well in advance.

Besides this, there are several other tricks using which you can guarantee yourself a good price on car hire Europe and end up with a lower bill. It is best to book self drive rentals in order to save costs. The drivers nowadays, are facing rising taxes and fees and surcharges applied on chauffeur driven rentals. It increases the cost by almost 25 percent.

Anyone who returns the car with less than full tank has to pay exorbitant prices. The car companies before accepting the vehicle back fill the tank of the car and charges that amount from you. In order to protect yourself from being charged such a high amount, the best is to hire an empty car. You can fill your own fuel which is far cheaper. What you can do is buy fuel can or bottle from a stock market and use it for the rented car. That can decrease the cost to a much extent.

Look for car rental deals in Europe. If you can be flexible with your travelling dates, this offers you an added advantage. While reserving your vehicle online, you will come across numerous car rental deals. Carefully go through them and , car rentalssee what they have to offer. If something suits your preferences, grab it. Also don’t forget to go through terms and conditions.

Most people opt for prepaid vehicle rentals. The reason being, like post paid rentals, they are not worried about their car rental bills on returning the vehicle. But if you have to travel long distances, it is better to look for post paid deals as they will come cheap.

For covering short distances, you can resort to hybrid vehicles. They consume less fuel and are more environmental friendly. These days, electric cars are also available. If you plan to travel to a regional mall or drop down at your friend’s place, hiring an electric car will be an economical proposition.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Wedding Car Hire – Stylish Options that Suit Your Personality

Unless you are lucky enough to own a vintage car or the latest model of a luxury car, booking wedding car hire is the only option left with you. A huge range of unique wedding cars are available in the market nowadays. No need to search high and low as you will easily get the car you are looking for with reputed car rental companies.

Every couple wants their wedding to be perfect and create memories that they can cherish all through their life. For this occasion, they do not want to leave any stone unturned and want to make the best arrangements. The wedding car that transports the bride to the wedding venue and then couple after the ceremony to their destination plays an important role. That car creates a big difference in the look of your respective wedding ceremony plan. Moreover, the type of car you hire for your special day directly reflects your personality.

If you want to look like a traditional beautiful bride with heavy wedding dress and jewellery, a chauffeur driven beautiful vintage car completes your wedding picture. Vintage cars make an ideal choice for royal weddings. All stylish people scour the markets for finding classic cars. In this segment, a range of options including Rolls Royce and classic Bentley cars are available for timeless style. Although it is a unique experience driving these cars but it looks more stylish to appoint a chauffeur to drive it for you on your wedding day. You can also ask any of your family members or close friends to drive it to the wedding venue for you.

Limousines are a conventional option but are a very practical choice. They are very spacious and have plenty of room for the bride, maid of honour and close friends. They can comfortably sit without crushing their dresses. Available in dazzling colours like white, black and pink, they make a perfect vehicle to transport the bride to the wedding venue and couple after the ceremony to their destination. Wedding car hire can be expensive but to make it more affordable, consider booking in advance. Moreover, you can look for special wedding packages that suit your pocket. Sports car is another cool option if groom wants to reach the wedding venue in to a glamorous vehicle that is known for its toughness and speed. A wide range of options are available for this special day. You can check out with various reputed car rental companies and see if they have what you are looking for. If you plan to use it as a transport between your home and hotel where you will be changing for your wedding ceremony, make sure that it has ample space to carry your wedding dress without getting it crumpled.

Booking a car for your wedding is not difficult if you know what you are looking for. Make sure to do some research on price and services offered by various car hire companies to get the best deal.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Choose Hertz Car Hire and Get the Best Deals

Car rental has gone beyond the realm of tourism and has grown to become an essential part of every occasion. The car rental is a trend that has steadily gained popularity over the last decade. Horatio's car hire is a Hertz initiative that provides individuals access to high quality automobile travel experience at reasonable rates. The company prides itself in its low prices and assures customers that they are paying the lowest Hertz rates in the market. Furthermore the car rental service has put forth the ‘Hertz Best Price Guarantee’ stating that if a customer can find a lower price they will match it.

The car hire service provides customers with a myriad of schemes to choose from. These range from “Featured offers”, “Partner offers” to Destination specific offers. Hertz Students is one of their latest offers under the category of ‘Featured offers’. Its provides student’s between the ages of 19 and 24 with a 15% discount on cars and 20% discount on vans. Another interesting offer under the same category allows customers to avail up to 20% off on car hires in selected countries in Europe with Hertz. On renting a car prior to the 11th of December under this scheme, in one of the selected countries, the customer can automatically avail the discount for the entire rental period.Hertz also encourages customers to get out on the weekends, with weekend cheap car hire rates starting from just £36. It is perfect for any low budget outing with family and friends or planning a romantic escape.

Under the Partner offers customers are given the opportunity to win 100,000 Sindbad Miles while using Hertz. Sindbad members who book a Hertz car at using CDP 748068 will be entered into the draw to win 100,000 Sindbad Miles. If you want to enter the draw all you have to do is book using your CDP 748068 and pick up a Hertz car anywhere in the world before 31 December 2011. Enter your Oman Air Sindbad membership number in the booking and you’ll be in the draw to win.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make the most of these lucrative offers by Horatio’s Car Hire services.

Choose Hertz Car Hire and Get the Best Deals

Car rental has gone beyond the realm of tourism and has grown to become an essential part of every occasion. The car rental is a trend that has steadily gained popularity over the last decade. Horatio's car hire is a Hertz initiative that provides individuals access to high quality automobile travel experience at reasonable rates. The company prides itself in its low prices and assures customers that they are paying the lowest Hertz rates in the market. Furthermore the car rental service has put forth the ‘Hertz Best Price Guarantee’ stating that if a customer can find a lower price they will match it.

The car hire service provides customers with a myriad of schemes to choose from. These range from “Featured offers”, “Partner offers” to Destination specific offers. Hertz Students is one of their latest offers under the category of ‘Featured offers’. Its provides student’s between the ages of 19 and 24 with a 15% discount on cars and 20% discount on vans. Another interesting offer under the same category allows customers to avail up to 20% off on car hires in selected countries in Europe with Hertz. On renting a car prior to the 11th of December under this scheme, in one of the selected countries, the customer can automatically avail the discount for the entire rental period.Hertz also encourages customers to get out on the weekends, with weekend cheap car hire rates starting from just £36. It is perfect for any low budget outing with family and friends or planning a romantic escape.

Under the Partner offers customers are given the opportunity to win 100,000 Sindbad Miles while using Hertz. Sindbad members who book a Hertz car at using CDP 748068 will be entered into the draw to win 100,000 Sindbad Miles. If you want to enter the draw all you have to do is book using your CDP 748068 and pick up a Hertz car anywhere in the world before 31 December 2011. Enter your Oman Air Sindbad membership number in the booking and you’ll be in the draw to win.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make the most of these lucrative offers by Horatio’s Car Hire services.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Benefits of Wedding Car Hire

Car rentals have gone beyond the realm of tourism and have grown to become an essential part of any big occasion. The wedding car hire is a trend that has steadily gained popularity over the last decade. Choosing just the right wedding day car has become as important as choosing the right Decor and the right wedding dress as the kind of car one chooses indicates a lot about the individuals personality. Finding the perfect car for the newlyweds to drive away in at the end of the ceremony only enhances the picture-perfect culmination to a very special day. Choosing the wedding cars is not confined to just the car the bride and groom would use; picking the right ones is not as simple as it seems. The vehicles need to complement the overall theme of the wedding while simultaneously serving a functional purpose. One may need to hire bigger wagons to partake in the much required wedding shopping and to move things from one venue to another.

Similarly people can hire Luxury cars to take guests to the wedding venue from their respective houses or take them from one venue to another. It is best to use wedding car hire services can provide you with a wide variety of vehicles, so that you can avail discounts when you hire numerous cars together. The necessary information can easily be found online by using any search engine.

On ones wedding day there are always things that can go wrong last minute, you don’t need to add your car rental to add to that list. To ensure that car hiring doesn’t prove to be counterproductive it is essential that the cars hired are fuel efficient, in good condition and come with a qualified chauffeur attached. It is important to check the background of the car hire company and go through customer reviews so that you have a hassle free wedding day.

The type of car one hires for their wedding day indicates a lot about their personality and adds to the theme of the wedding significantly. Old models and luxury cars are considered the most fashionable. Vintage cars are most often used for classical weddings. They render a sense of impactful simplicity to the bridal party’s entrance. Expensive luxury vehicles infuse the theme with a touch grandeur, sophistication and lavishness. Limos dominate the list of the favorite wedding vehicles, most likely due to their size and exceptional design. They are the best choice when it comes to transporting wedding guests together as they comfortably seat up a relatively large number of guests.

Car rental companies that cater to such occasions give brides and grooms the opportunity to ride in rare and trendy car models to commemorate this joyous occasion. They do so by providing clients with deals and reasonable fees. With car rental companies around, it is now possible to have an exquisite wedding ceremony no matter how tight your budget.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hertz Offers Free Car Hire for 2 Days in New Year on Booking Christmas Car Rentals in Europe and USA

car rentalWhen the festive season is right around the corner, Hertz Car Hire offers you a great opportunity to extend your Christmas celebrations. If you are planning a fun-filled vacation during Christmas holidays, they provide you with more reasons to take a stunning road trips. They have just introduced a lucrative car rental deal using which you can get two days of free vehicle hire in the New Year. To avail this offer, all you need to do is book a car for Christmas and extend the duration of car lease till December 31, 2011. The offer is valid in all participating locations in Europe and USA.

Details of Hertz Christmas Car Rental Deal

On the occasion of Christmas, Hertz is providing you with all the excuses to extend your Christmas celebrations till the New Year. With their latest car lease offer, they are all set to give you free car hire for two days in the New Year on booking a car for Christmas.

The offer starts from now and is available on bookings made till December 21st and pickups between December 15th and December 21st. In order to avail this offer, you will have to keep the vehicle from the pickup date till December 31st. For example, if your car pick up date is December 15, you will be keeping the vehicle till the end of this year which makes duration of 17 days. The minimum car rental can be of 11 days if you pick the vehicle on December 21st.

The offer is valid in all participating locations in Europe including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and UK and USA. The current offer is valid on almost all car groups. However, it is recommended to check the validity of offer on car groups and lease terms and conditions while reserving your vehicle in specific countries. Moreover, this offer can be availed on both inbound and domestic self drive rentals. To avail this offer and rent a car, you need to follow simple steps:

  • Visit the Hertz UK website and look for Christmas Special Offers.

  • Enter pick up and return dates and click on “Book Now” button and proceed further.

  • Enter all required information and choose the type of car you want to hire.

  • Do not forget to type the coupon code to avail this offer.

  • Read the terms and conditions before confirming your reservation, in order to understand the process thoroughly.

  • Make payment to confirm your reservation.

In order to avail this lucrative offer and extend your Christmas celebration, make sure to enter the coupon code while booking your car. So, what are you waiting for? Book your cheap car hire uk right now and have a fun-filled vacation.For more details about offer visit :

Sunday, December 11, 2011

5 things you should check before signing the contract of car rental

Car hire rental agreements are full of fine print and it is prudent to go through the terms and conditions of the contract. One should ask and get full information on additional or hidden charges. Car hire companies usually waive of some of these hidden charges. This makes a big difference in the final bill. There are five more significant things to check before you sign the contract to rent a car. These are:-

1. Proper documents

Check with the car hire personnel about the required documents for the car you are hiring. The car registration papers are essential as proof of ownership by the rental company. Insurance papers are a must. A copy of the car hire agreement is very necessary in case of an accident. There are some municipal certificates or tax receipts which should also be available to the hirer in case of being stopped by the traffic police.

2. Inspect for damage

It is necessary to have a good look at the inside and outside of the car you are renting. Scratches and bumps in the fenders should be pointed out. Insides should be checked for working lights, air conditioning and music systems. It should be verified if all the accessories are in working condition.

3. Tyres

Safe driving depends on good tyres. Take a look at all the tyres including the spare wheel. The tread should not be worn out. Any doubtful tyres should be replaced by the car rental agency. In winters it is essential to have snow tyres. Insist upon these.

4. Insurance

Proper insurance cover is of extreme importance. Even a small accident can lead to heavy penalties for the driver of a rented car. It is good to have car insurance for your private vehicle which covers even rental cars. This results in great savings in car rental fees. The temptation to drive without insurance in order to save money should never be taken as an option. It can prove very costly in the long run. If the rented car gets damaged then the agency will charge you even for the days it is being repaired.

5 GPS/Radio

GPS or Global Positioning System is a marvelous aid for people who travel on a rented car. One can program the entire trip at home and load it onto a USB flash drive. Then one can plug it into the GPS system of the car and get a superb guide for the entire tour. A radio on board allows one to connect with emergency services and the car rental agency. These are a must although they may add a little more to the bill.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tips for Cheap Car Hire

A trip on a rented car can be a necessity in a new city. It can be turned into a money saving venture by following some good tips regarding cheap car hire .

Book in advance
Planning a trip is necessary in order to make the most out of it. It is a common advice given by cheap car hire agencies. Weekends and holidays are busy for car rental agencies. A booking done a few weeks in advance will prevent you from having to hire cars at an expensive rate.

Pick up location
Arriving at an airport and queuing up for a booked car can be an unpleasant experience. Most airlines give a shuttle service to the city center. It is wise to pick up a car from a city location. The rates charged inside the city are lower than at the airport.

Motoring card membership
Prominent motoring organisations have membership cards. It is good to have one of these. They provide many facilities to their members and one of them is a discount on car rentals.

Hidden charges
Cheap car hire agreements are long and tedious. Most people do not even care to read them. It is desirable to go through the entire agreement and ask questions about each and every charge you have doubts about. Some charges can be very unreasonable and if you point it out companies who want to build a long term relationship with a customer might cancel out these charges.

Check your personal insurance
Go through the insurance agreement for your private car and find out if it covers rental cars. If it does you do not need to buy insurance from a cheap car hire agency when you hire a car. This can make a difference of approximately fifteen percent in your regular rental charge. It is also prudent to note whether your personal car insurance covers the value of a bigger rental car. In case it does not then it is better to get some additional insurance.

Inspect the car before taking delivery
Disputes can arise when one returns the car with bumps and scratches that may have already been there. Go over the entire car and have a good look. Point out all scratches and bumps to the dealer and as a safety precaution take pictures for your own record and satisfaction. This will save you a lot of trouble at the time of returning the car.

Fill up the tank
Rental car agencies give the cars to their customers with a full tank. It is wise to fill up the tank before returning the car. This is because car rental agencies charge higher rates for fuel.

Drives in Spain

car hireTwo perfect drives for a tourist who has opted for a Spain car hire those of the Costa de la Luz and the Picos de Europa. These take us through historic cities and their monuments. They also allow us to visit some of the best beaches in the world.

Costa de la Luz
The Andalusian coast which touches the Atlantic is called the Costa de la Luz or the Coast of Light. It begins from Tarifa in the south and goes on to the Portuguese border formed by the Guadiana River. Tarifa marks the place where the Mediterranean Sea merges into the Atlantic Ocean. We can begin in Tarifa with a car hire Spain. The drive begins on the N340. Tarifa is also a center for wind surfing.

Only ten miles out of Tarifa one finds Baelo Claudia with its lovely beach and Roman ruins. The streets are still paved with ancient flagstones. It still has remnants of a Roman amphitheater and some temples. Getting back on to the N340 our destination is Cadiz. It is a great ride with a view of the sand dunes on the lovely beaches. On the popular beaches one can have delightful grilled fish. A car hire Spain can also be done here at Cadiz.

This is a drive with an intense Spanish flavor. Our next stop is the town of Cadiz. It is a historic place which thrived on the trade from the American colonies. It figured prominently in the Spanish Civil War. It is the favorite of tourists from Africa, Europe and America. Cadiz is a great place to explore but there is a dearth of parking spaces. The ancient Cathedral and the museum reveal the treasures of colonial Spain. Cadiz is a popular location for movies on Cuba because some parts of Cadiz look like Havana.

The last stop before reaching the Guadiana River is Huelva made famous by Columbus. The Rabida Monastery is where Christopher Columbus finally convinced the Franciscan brothers to help him find financers for his trip to America. He met the rich sailor brothers Pinzon who introduced him to Ferdinand and Isabella, the King and Queen of Spain. One can return the Spain car rental vehicle here in Huelva.

Picos de Europa
This is an exciting drive through high mountains heading for the Picos de Europa which were named by Spanish sailors. These peaks were the first sign of Europe they saw from the sea and thus the name. The drive is memorable because of the fascinating view of the mountains and the national park of the same name. The drive is made pleasant by the picturesque villages, lakes and rivers which make this road one of the best in Spain.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Car Hire Malaga – The Best Way to Get Around

Situated along the Mediterranean, Malaga is a beautiful city in southern Spanish region. The city and the surrounding towns and areas attract millions of leisure travellers all across the year. The entire area can be seen within a couple of days if you travel by a private conveyance. You can book car hire Malaga to get around and explore all the attractions in the region.

If you are an adventurist and love outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, trekking and fishing, the city and the surrounding areas offer a number of activities to visitors. Besides this, you can also see architectural sites and art museums and indulge in shopping and dining. More laid back than other tourist places in Spain, Malaga offers a relaxing yet enriching environment to travellers.

Sites of Interest

The Roman Theatre

The Roman Theatre of Malaga although dates back to the first century BC but it was rediscovered accidently in 1952. Located in front of the Alcazaba, it is the oldest structure in the city. A trip to Malaga is incomplete without visiting to the Roman Theatre.

Cathedral de Malaga

Located right in the heart of city centre, Cathedral de Malaga is a place which is worth visiting. You can drive down to the city centre and buy a ticket for €5 to enter its premises. Open from Monday to Saturday, the cathedral boasts of its excellent architecture and is one of the major attractions in the city.

The Church of Santiago

The Church of Santiago (Saint James) is one of the major attractions in Malaga. A fine example of Gothic vernacular Mudejar, it incorporates the elements from both Christian and Islamic traditions. It is the hybrid style that evolved after the Reconquista.

Iglesia del Sagrario is also from the same period. Built on the side of the old mosque immediately after the city fell to the Christian troops, it boasts of its richly ornamented portal in the Isabeline-Gothic style which is unique in the city.

Picasso Museum

The Picasso museum houses exclusive paintings and exhibitions. To see the exhibitions, you will have to buy an entry ticket for €8. The museum attracts millions of domestic and international visitors every year.

To explore all these places at your own pace, it is best to take advantage of car hire Spain. A private conveyance offers far more comfort and convenience than public transport when it comes to getting around and exploring places in the city.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Enjoy the Benefits of Luxury Car Hire Services

Who says that you will have to buy your dream luxury car to enjoy driving off in style? Well, nowadays, luxury car hire services are available all across the United Kingdom. You simply need to book the car of your choice and slide in it to drive it away. Of course, the biggest benefit of hiring a luxury car is that it makes you feel happy and fulfils your dream of driving your favourite car.

Luxury cars can be rented from various car hire outlets across the United Kingdom. You can visit the website of your car rental company and see what all options are available. Some companies also offer vintage cars on rent along with the latest models of luxury cars. Depending upon your requirements you can book the car of your choice.

If you plan to rent a luxury car, it is best to make a reservation in advance. The vehicle can be booked online. All you need to do is just fill up a form and choose the car model and confirm your booking by making a payment through credit card.

The best part is that there is no restriction on purpose of booking a luxury car. You can book a vehicle for any purpose including airport transfers, travelling to a client’s location, getting to a wedding venue or for celebrating prom nights or other occasions. Whatever the reason is, you can easily book a luxury car.

You can also book a fleet of luxury cars if you are getting married. For this purpose, special wedding car hire services are also available. Market is flooded with a range of options but you need to choose the one that best suits your requirements and budget. The best bet is your car rental company. When it comes to hire a luxury car, a reputed company offers you excellent core services, first-rate additional benefits and immediate breakdown service if required. You can completely rely on their services.

Even if you want to look classy and opt for vintage cars such as 1962model of Rolls Royce or any other similar vehicle, there are a lot of options available in the market. You only need to decide which model of luxury car you require.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Explore World Class Theme Parks Conveniently with Orlando Car Hire

Orlando, for most people, conjures up the image of being an excellent family holiday destination because of its world-class theme parks, museums and auditoriums. The most critical point for Orlando’s economy occurred when the region saw the establishment of theme parks. The city now has more entertainment attractions and theme parks than anywhere else in the world. Orlando and the surrounding regions see around 52 million tourists a year. Famous as a winter holiday destination among tourists because of its mild weather, Orlando offers something for everyone. It is a city where you will enjoy outdoor activities, hip hop and rock music, golfing, live performances and colourful festivals. Like most other American cities, Orlando can be best explored by travelling in a private car. You can avail Orlando car hire services to get around and travel to various places of interest.
Orlando is home to several world-class museums. Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art houses the world’s most comprehensive collection of Tiffany art glasses, lamps, jewellery, leaded glass windows, pottery, paintings and chapel interiors designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The museum charges a fee of $3 for adults, $1 for students and offers a free entry to children up to the age of 12. Cornell Fine Arts Museum is another place that you should not miss during your Orlando vacation. Located in Rollins College, the museum features items from Cornell’s renowned permanent collection.
Orlando is most famous because of its innovative theme parks. Walt Disney World, located at about 35 minutes southwest of downtown Orlando remains the most popular theme park. A visit to this place will be a wonderful idea to keep your kids engaged all through the day. They will get a chance to see all Disney characters in reality. Universal Orlando Resort is a close challenger to the Disney World. With two theme parks, the Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, it is an amazing place to be. Tickets can be booked online in advance as you may avail discounts on an advance booking.
There are numerous other wonderful theme parks in the Orlando area. The best way to reach them is to travel by a car. Most visitors prefer to rent a car after their arrival as it is both cheap and convenient. You can also book car hire USA online in advance right from your home.

Explore Spanish Capital with Cheap Car Hire

If sudden work has taken you to the beautiful and vibrant Spanish capital and you get stuck over there for the weekend due to some reason, don’t feel stranded; instead drive away and make the most of your trip to Madrid by exploring various attractions and places of interest. Famous for its interesting architecture, pulsating nightlife, fantastic museums, colourful festivals and great food, it won’t give you a chance to miss home and rush back as soon as possible. Rather you will feel like spending all your life in thriving, vivacious and gracious Madrid. Although the Spanish capital has a well developed public transport system but travelling by your personal conveyance offers maximum comfort and convenience. If you rely on public transport, you may not be able to cover all sites of interest. Because of this, it is good to resort to car hire Spain and drive on your own to explore the charming city of Madrid.
Madrid offers several remarkable attractions to its visitors. You can drive down to the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial which is located about thirty miles northwest of Madrid. The huge rectangular structure made of granite was built by Philip II as a memorial to his father. The monastery/church/palace complex also has a library that houses a priceless collection of over 60,000 ancient books. The place is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm and is definitely worth visiting.
The ancient town of Segovia is another place that you should not miss during your trip to Madrid. Located 54 miles northwest of Madrid, it lies on a slope of the Guadarrama Mountains with the confluence of the Clamores and Eresma Rivers below. Awarded as UNESCO World Heritage site, this is known to be the most beautiful place in Spain. It represents the glorious past of Romans. The town still has 15th century palaces, Romanesque churches and small fountain-splashed plazas. Park your car in the parking facility and explore this destination on foot.
Transportation by a private car in city outskirts can be a pleasant experience. In fact, driving down to the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial and the ancient town of Segovia can be very refreshing. Unlike city interiors, you will not find much traffic. Car hires are available at various locations around the city. To avail cheap car hire services, be sure of reserving your vehicle in advance.

Drive to Various London Restaurant Festival Venues with Car Hire London

London Restaurant Festival is a citywide event which is celebrated to acknowledge the pleasure offered by London’s extraordinarily diverse range of restaurants. It is a celebration of great food where you can enjoy special food themed events and relish dishes from some of the city’s best and most exciting restaurants. The festival comprises of two elements: events and festival menus. You can participate in various events hosted by restaurants and also taste a huge selection of main course dishes and side snacks. Restaurants organise and support numerous activities to appeal to their own market. If you happen to be in city during this festivital, make sure to take full advantage of the promotional schemes at various restaurants. You can avail car hire London and drive down towards different restaurants to explore food options.

Starting from October 3, 2011, London Restaurant Festival will continue till October 17. You have full two weeks to enjoy food theme events and drop down at any of the participating venues to relish some of the most delicious cuisines available in London. Over 800 restaurants and eateries will be participating in this mega event. The festival will also see five renowned international chefs reinterpreting Britain’s most popular dishes. The inspired creations and innovative dishes of the renowned chefs including Angela Hartnett, Vivek Singh, Bruno Loubet and Nuno Mendes will challenge the belief that a classic dish cannot be improved. They will completely change the notion of Sunday Lunch.

The ticket for the event costs £75pp which includes a complimentary drink and a three course lunch excluding wine. You can check out Mushroom Tart and Black Forest Gateaux from Angela, scotch egg, fish and chips and Treacle tart from Vivek, prawn cocktail, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and apple crumble from Nuno, potted shrimp, beef Wellington and trifle from Bruno and oysters, roast pork and queen of puddings at River Restaurant. In this festival, you will enjoy traditions with a twist. Yes, you can get an opportunity to relish traditional cuisines but with an amazing and delicious twist.

Tickets for London Restaurant Festival must be booked in advance. Moreover, you should also make a vehicle reservation well in advance as the city remains crowded during this event. It seems as if the entire city is present in London restaurants. In order to avoid any troubles on your arrival, make sure to book car hire Heathrow and pick your vehicle right from the airport immediately after you reach your terminal.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book Car Hire Spain to Get Around and Explore Attractions

Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With fantastic beaches, vibrant nightlife, great culture, grand past, large cultural and geographical diversity, lush meadows, snowy mountains, stunning architecture, great food and high quality lifestyle, it attracts millions of domestic as well as international visitors. Driving can be a pleasurable experience in Spain but be warned of the traffic and parking rules. Fines for breaking the rules and improper parking are uncompromising. Getting around in a rented car may be expensive but if you book car hire Spain prior to your visit, you can cut costs to a significant level. How expensive it is and how difficult you find following the traffic rules, but driving in the lanes of beautiful Spanish cities is a lifetime experience. You should not miss it at all.

Home to several global cities such as vibrant Madrid, beautiful Barcelona, industrial Bilbao, historic Cadiz, stunning Cordoba, snow-capped Granada, verdant Seville, gracious Valencia and Zaragoza, Spain offers something for all tastes. The other popular destinations that you should not miss are Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa del Sol, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Tenerife and Sierra Nevada. These destinations boast of their abundant natural beauty. The country ranks second when it comes to the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites after Italy. It has the largest number of World Heritage Cities. Whether you are a nature lover or want to dig out the history, Spain makes an ultimate destination.

Getting around in Spain is very easy as it has a well developed public transport infrastructure. However to explore the interiors and medieval towns and villages, you will need a car. You can pick the car of your choice from any of the car hire offices located all across the country. The car rental companies offer a huge selection of options to their clients. Different types of vehicles including small, economy, mid-size, large and luxury cars are available on rent. Depending upon your specific requirements and budget, you can make a reservation.

While driving in Spain, having a map is essential. Many streets are one way in Spanish cities. The surprising thing is that left-turns are very rare and unpredictable. Car rental policies and fuel refilling terms vary from brand to brand. Make a thorough research before renting a car.

Hertz Car Rental’s Horatio’s Reverse Auction

Hertz Car Rental has launched Horatio’s reverse auction for its #1 club members. It gives them an opportunity to rent a car at the price they quote. The participants need to visit Horatio's Auction Room between Tuesday 12 AM and Wednesday 2 PM and place their bid in 36 hours to avail this offer. The participant with the lowest unique bid will win a Hertz rental car for the entire weekend at that price.

Hertz is world’s leading car hire company that caters to all possible requirements of its customers. Hertz is known to offer excellent services at affordable prices to all its clients in over 170 countries around the world. Participating in the Horatio’s reverse auction is very easy.

Horatio is the goodwill ambassador of Hertz and also the official auctioneer of the reverse auction. The reverse auction is a weekly contest and a great option for people planning a weekend getaway. The auction will also feature on the Hertz’s Facebook page to encourage the customers to think more creatively.

To participate in the contest and book car hire in UK for the entire weekend at the price you quote, you need to visit the Hertz website and sign up for the Hertz #1 club. It is absolutely free of cost. Then you need to place a unique lowest bid. Remember, it can be placed only once. Do not forget to read the terms and conditions before placing a bid, in order to understand the process thoroughly.

The weekly winner of the reverse auction will be announced at 4 PM every Wednesday at Horatio's Auction Room. The auction Room can be accessed online by visiting the Hertz website. All participants also get a second chance offer. The winner of the second chance offer can avail a discount of up to 50 percent on a chauffeur driven economy car. The discount is valid for all participating destinations in UK and Germany.

Book Airport to Airport Car Rental for Maximum Comfort and Convenience

A car travel is the best as well as the most feasible way to get around in Australia. Even if you have to reach your destination after landing at the airport or travel from your location to the airport to board a flight, it offers you maximum comfort and convenience. The biggest disadvantage of travelling in your own car is that you will have to bear the expensive car parking fee at the airport parking lot. Moreover, it adds to your worries if you are going for long. The best way to get rid of this problem is to book airport to airport car rental. The benefit is that you will save a lot of money as you don’t need to park it at the airport car parking facility.

If you are looking for an economical option, you can book a shared car. It offers you same comfort as that of a car but the disadvantage is that you will have to share it with other people travelling to the same destination. The service is available from various locations in the city to the airport and vice-versa. The other option is to hire a private airport to airport car rental. All big companies offer this service and provide you with one way car rental for few hours. These services are expensive as compared to shared car hires but offer you complete privacy, comfort and convenience. The cars can be picked from any of the car hire offices across the city or from the airport. These services are although available 24x7 but it is good to book your car well in advance. It saves a lot of money on car rental as spot booking is very expensive.

If you are on a vacation, the best way is to pick a car from the airport on your arrival and drop it at the same place on your departure. The airport to airport car rental offers your maximum comfort. The cars can be booked in advance from the websites of car rental companies. Most international chain companies offer such services. The main benefit of booking online is that you can choose the car of your choice and also take advantage of various car hire deals that are floated on the internet by the companies. You will also find your car literally waiting for you when you reach your terminal. You just need to load your baggage, get in and drive away.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book Car Rental Spain and Drive Down to the Art Futura Venue in Barcelona

Located in south-western Europe, Spain is a stunning location with the largest number of World Heritage cities such as Avila, Cordoba, Caceres, Cuenca, Salamanca, Segovia, Santiago de Compostela and Toledo. Widely known for its striking culture, varied culture, speckled festivals, crowded beaches, stunning constructions emerald green mountains, delicious cuisines, endless adventurous activities and a unique blend of old world charm and modern rut, Spain is a blessed territory having something for all tastes. Driving in the beautiful lanes of the Spanish cities is an entirely different experience. In fact, it is the best way to be familiar with the Spanish culture and natural beauty. Whenever you plan to visit this country, make sure to book car rental Spain to make the most of your travel. You can get to the places of your choice at your own pace. A pre-booked car offers you convenience. As soon as you land at the airport, you can find a car literally waiting for you at your terminal. You can just load your baggage and drive away to your destination.

Spain hosts a number of amazing festivals such as Flamenco, bull fights, Sonar, Benicasim and Art Futura. Held in October every year, Art Futura is an art festival where independent students, developing artists and professionals get an opportunity to showcase their innovative creations to the world. You can enjoy a wide variety of art works, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, live demonstrations and interactive installations. The festival is gaining a worldwide recognition gradually. This year, the festival tour will start from Barcelona and after that it will be held in Alicante, Buenos Aires, Gijon, Granada, Madrid, and other cities.

The festival of digital culture and creativity explores some of the most interesting projects and ideas, interactive designs and digital animation. Participants from across the world take part in it and display their artworks with a possibility of winning the Premio de Creacion de Videojuegos Laboral ArtFutura or Premio 3D en Espana with 6000 Euros for each prize. If you are planning to visit Spain in October, do not miss the chance to witness some of the greatest art creations from the world renowned professional artists, developing artists and students.

Apart from this, Spain also offers unlimited shopping and dining opportunities. You can book a car rental and drive down to these locations as and when you want. If you are a history lover, you will get several opportunities to explore the grand past of the country as each and every corner of Spain has to offer something to you.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book Car Rental Italy and Explore the World Famous Attractions

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the European continent. Possessing unlimited attractions, historical places, stunning architectural pieces, tranquil beaches, endless shopping and dining places and a vibrant nightlife, the country attracts millions of travelers every year. It is one of the most visited countries in the world. Not only is a place for art and history lovers, but the country also excites fashionistas and foodies. Exploring the unlimited attractions is almost impossible even if you spend your entire life in Italy but you can, of course, witness some of the most famous places. While planning your trip to Italy, research a bit to know about the cities where you plan to visit. In addition to this, don’t forget to book car rental in Italy to make the most of your trip. Driving is simply unavoidable if you wish to explore this country your way. A pre-booked car makes it comfortable and convenient for you to quickly reach your destination.

Your trip to Italy is incomplete if you do not visit the gracious city of Milan. At first glance, you will fall in love with the place because of its striking historic and contemporary architecture, extravagant taste and souls dipped in chic fashion. Boutiques and showrooms stocking Armani, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Pucci and Gucci and many other emerging labels can be found littered on both sides of Milan’s runways. Followed by fashion, football is the other religion of Milan. You can get to see football matches in San Siro Stadium. Make sure you get your tickets in advance otherwise you’ll never be able to get in the crowd packed stadiums.

Weather wise, Milan is hottest in August. This is the time when most residents are on vacation. Most of the places and markets remain close during this month. Make sure not to head to the city of Milan in the month of August. Apart from this, you can travel to Milan at any time during the year. The easiest way to get around the city is to travel in a private car. Driving in the beautiful lanes of Milan is an experience of its own kind. Car rental can be booked from various car hire locations across the city. You can also make an online booking prior to your visit.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Book Car Rental Nice and Explore the Beautiful City

With numerous sun-kissed beaches, historical places, excellent architecture, abundant natural beauty, splendid monuments, cultural attractions, wonderful museums, unlimited number of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, the city of Nice attracts millions of domestic and international travellers every year. If you are planning to spend a fun-filled vacation in Nice, it is good if you research a bit about the area and make a list on things-to-do and places-to-visit in the city. It offers you so many attractions and activities that you will never fall short of things to do. The other thing that you would be required to do prior to your visit is booking car rental in Nice because it is a location where travelling in a private car is unavoidable especially when you want to see as many attractions as possible in a limited period of time.

Nice is believed to be one of the oldest settlements in the European continent. Called as Nice the Beautiful (Nice La Bella), it is one of the most beautiful destinations in France located on the Mediterranean coast. The culture and architecture have enriched over time making it a truly cosmopolitan tourist destination. The spectacular natural beauty and excellent weather make it one of the hottest vacation spots amongst Europeans. The picturesque Nicean surroundings have attracted several travellers who are in search of relaxation, tranquillity and spiritual inspiration. Not to mention, it is the second most visited destination in France after Paris and has the second largest hotel capacity in the country. Receiving four million tourists every year, it is loved by everyone including children, adults and elderly people.

Nice is home to some of the most famous attractions such as Promenade des Anglais, Matisse Museum, Cours Saleya Flower Market, Old Nice, Rue de France Pedestrian zone, Le Chateau, Russian Cathedral, Roman ruins, Archaeology Museum, The Tower of Saint Francois, Garibaldi’s Monuments, Monument Aux Morts, the Cathedral, Notre Dame de Nice, Sainte Reparate Cathedral, Saint Jacques Church and many others. You can visit all these places and admire the stunning architecture. In addition to this, you can also explore the nearby areas. The entire region is of historic importance. The city also offers excellent shopping and dining opportunities. To make the most of your trip, hire a car prior to your visit and explore this amazing city at your own pace. Car rental can be booked right from the comfort of your home by visiting the website of your favourite car rental company.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Latest Trends in Wedding Car Hire

The trend of hiring cars for wedding ceremonies is not new but its popularity has increased over the last few decades. A wide variety of rental cars are available to choose from and decorate them with your favorite flowers to make them stand out from the rest. Previously, people would hire any ordinary cars for this occasion but nowadays, luxury cars have become their first choice. When it comes to wedding car hire, they do not want to compromise on any. Instead they want chauffeur-driven luxury and elegant cars. Limousines, Rolls Royce and antique cars known as vintages are the most popular vehicles among the couples. They are decorated beautifully and loaded with extra features to make them look more ceremonial.

Wedding is the most celebrated occasion in one’s life. Individuals make every effort to make it a memorable day and capture all the beautiful memories so that they can relish them for the rest of their life. To make it a grand event, they plan everything right from their wedding cake to the wedding dress, venue, feast and wedding car hire with extra care. The latest trend for making it ostentatious is booking luxury car hire. Couples like to combine luxury with happiness and thus, like to choose an elegantly adorned luxury car for this auspicious day without worrying about its price. They can do anything to make their wedding day memorable and magnificent.

Luxury Car Hire

There are different styles and types that are catching up fast when it comes to wedding cars. Limousines in black, white and pink are very much in trend nowadays. Antiques such as Jaguar MK of 1947 and Rolls Royce Silver Cloud of 1962 are extremely popular among couple who are looking to have the ultimate experience of a fairy tale type wedding. Antique Rolls Royce limousine s are also very famous. The elaborate design of these vehicle combines the feel of luxury and fadeless memories.

There are people who like to keep at pace with the latest trends in every aspect of their life including their wedding occasion. They prefer hiring the latest models of luxury cars for all the ceremonies for this auspicious occasion. Whatever your requirements are, car rental companies fulfill all of them when it comes to wedding cars. They can offer you the car of your choice whether you require the latest models of luxury cars, classic limousines or vintage vehicles.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Lease a Car and drive to some of the best family places in Sacramento

The beautiful city of Sacramento has many great places to explore. The best part is you can easily avail car rentals Sacramento and solutions at each and every corner of Sacramento making it very convenient for you to pick up your car. While visiting the city, you must drive to the below mentioned places in Sacramento:-

  • Fairytale Town – It is a must visit place for all the kids with nearly 20 3D, child size play-sets based on the traditional fairytales and nursery rhymes. It is a wonderful park which children would absolutely love.

  • The Sacramento Zoo – Just right next to Fairytale town is the amazing Sacramento Zoo. At this Zoo you get to see vast variety of animals along with many other great recreational facilities and educational experience for the entire family.

  • Sacramento Marina – You can drive to Sacramento Marina which is located on the banks of the Sacramento River. You can have a wonderful time with family and enjoy boating in the lakes and rivers or can indulge in various other water sports activities.

  • Old Sacramento – Your visit to Sacramento is incomplete without driving to Old Sacramento. It is where you get to know about the historic background of this lovely city. It consists of several museums, fine restaurants and great souvenir shops. Some of the places which you must visit are California State Railroad Museum, Steam train rides and Sacramento History Museum.

  • Nightlife – From some of the best restaurants to upscale pubs, lounges and dinner theatres, the nightlife at Sacramento city is truly amazing. You will truly have memorable nights at these hotspots.

  • The Museums – The city of Sacramento is also known for its numerous museums and cultural centers. Some of the major ones which you must visit are the Towe Auto Museum, Crocker Art Museum, State Indian Museum and Sacramento History Museum.

  • The Parks – Sacramento is full of lush green surroundings and numerous wonderful parks which are an ideal place to relax and have fun with the entire family. You can go to the McKinley Park or Cesar Chavez Park to enjoy the scenic beauty around the area.

Lease a car to explore all these amazing places in the city and beyond. Renting a car is quite easy as all you have to do is fill up a small online form on the website of the car rental service provider. Alternatively, you can also call and book your vehicle and pick it up from the nearest car rental location. It’s as simple as that!! Just jump in your rental car and get ready for a wonderful time.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Tips for Economical Car Hire USA

In a tough economy, almost everyone is looking for ways to economize. Whether it is daily living or a family leisure trip, one looks for the best deals. People try to cut costs on air tickets or accommodation but the most overlooked area is the cost of renting a car. Most people book a car rental thinking that the prices offered by all the companies are same. There is hardly any difference, which is not true. If you are planning a trip to USA, there are many ways in which you can get the best car hire USA deals. You need to research online and pay attention to the discounts and additional benefits on vehicle rentals offered by various companies. Here are some tips for saving money when renting a car:

  • Most travelers operate under the misconception that they can get the best deals by picking a car directly from the car rental locations. But this is not true. Renting a car without any prior booking can be extremely expensive. It is better to take advantage of their online car booking facility and make an advance booking. Most car companies offer discounts and schemes on online booking. You can avail a suitable offer and cut costs.

  • Beware of hidden charges. Do not rent a car until you are clear with all the inclusions in your car rental contract. When booking online, go to the reservation page of the company website and know about taxes, fees and extra charges. If you think it is charging really high, you can consider booking a car with other company.

  • Although airport car rentals offer you maximum comfort and convenience but to cut cost you need to walk a little to another car rental location and pick a car from there. Many states levy ridiculous taxes and user fees on airport rentals. If it is possible for you to pick a car from the other location, you can certainly save money.

  • New York is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the United States. Millions of visitors flock to this city every year. To keep the hassles out of your life and cut the costs, make sure to book car rental prior to your arrival in the city. Spot booking is extremely expensive plus you will have to wait to get your car.

Not hiring a private car, of course, helps you save a lot of money but where driving is unavoidable, make sure to follow the above tips to hit the best deal.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book Car Hire Barcelona and Explore the Stunningly Beautiful City

Laid-back yet lively city of Barcelona boasts of its exceptionally impressive architecture, fantastic natural beauty and excellent beachfront and great food. Visiting this sparkling city is a must during your trip to Spain. The city offers its guests with a plethora of activities to do and several places to see. In fact, one should also travel to the cities outskirts and surrounding regions. It takes a short drive from the city centre to arrive at these destinations. To explore the city and nearby areas thoroughly and to enjoy your trip to the fullest, it is good to book car hire Spain. Driving in the beautiful lanes of the city is an experience which is second to none. Whether you are planning a romantic holiday with your partner or a fun- filled family vacation, Barcelona makes an ideal destination.

Barcelona is home to numerous tourist attractions. It has some of the best examples of Roman, Gothic and contemporary architecture. The major tourist sites in the city are Sagrada Familia, Palau de la Musica Catalana, Park Guell, Palau Guell, Casa Mila, Casa Vicens, The Cathedral of St. Eulalia, Church of Santa Maria del Mar, Gothic Church of Santa Maria del Pi, Church of Sant Pau del Camp, The Columbus Monument, The Arc de Triomf and Medieval Church of Sant Pau del Camp. Many of these sites have been included in the World Heritage Sites List. It is worth seeing these historical monuments as they boast of Roman and Gothic architectural excellence.

Barcelona has a large number of museums covering different eras and areas. The National Museum of Art of Catalonia has a collection of Romanesque Art whereas Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art focuses on post 1945 Spanish Art. The Erotic Museum of Barcelona is the most peculiar one while The Fundacio Joan Miro, Fundacio Antoni Tapies and Picasso Museum possess important collections of these internationally-recognised artists. With 45 kilometer of coastline, the city has seven beaches in total.

In addition to historical sites, Barcelona offers all other means of entertainment such as festivals, events, live music concerts, theatrical performances, opera, pop music festivals and the Primavera Sound Festival. Take advantage of car hire to thoroughly explore the city of Barcelona and surrounding region. Driving in the beautiful lanes of thiscity gives you extreme pleasure and happiness and of course, comfort and convenience. To avoid last-minute problems, book your car prior to your arrival in the city.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Explore Stunning France with Car Hire Services

France is one of the most visited countries in the world. The land of lovely beaches, architectural masterpieces, incredible natural beauty, beautiful monuments and great wine and food offers you everything that you can think of. Although you can indulge yourself in French pleasures at any time of the year but many people swear spring is the best. During this season, it looks exceptionally stunning. Home to some of the most beautiful cities such as Paris, Bordeaux, Cannes, Monaco, Porto, Provence and Versailles, the country attracts people of all age groups. You can certainly find something suiting your interests. A self-driven trip is the best way to explore this fabulous country. You can opt for France car hire services and explore various stunning locations and monuments as per your convenience.

French architecture is famous all over the world. You can spend hours walking through the streets of the French cities watching buildings and monuments of different periods such as The Gothic Period, The Renaissance Period, The Baroque and Rocco period, The Nineteenth Century and The Twentieth Century. Most historic monuments are preserved and some of them are in real good condition. You can make a list of all these places and visit these locations admiring the French architectural excellence. The most famous monuments in the country are Notre Dame de Paris, The Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Musee Rodin, Montmarte, Musee d’Orsay, Champs Elysee, The Elysian Fields and Arc de Triomphe. Traveling by personal vehicle is the best way to discover all these monuments. Book your car hire and travel down to the beautiful lanes and explore each and every corner of this fabulous country.

France is home to several museums. Dig out the glorious past by visiting French museums such as Louvre Museum, The Pompidou Centre, The Orsay Museum and The Rodin Museum. In addition to this, France offers excellent shopping and dining opportunities to its guests. There are several fine dine restaurants, nightclubs, cafes and bars. You can party all night, get drunk and shake till wee hours on loud music. It is good to make a list of all the monuments, attractions and places that you want to visit during your trip to France. Make sure to book Car hire in advance to avoid last minute troubles. Additionally, advance car booking helps you cut costs and save money.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Have a great time with the family with kids and drive to all the amazing places in Ft Lauderdale

Opt for car rental services and drive through this lively city in the comfort of your car. Situated in the state of Florida, USA, Fort Lauderdale is known for fine restaurants, nightclubs, bars, colorful markets and world’s largest drive-in movie theater which is why, it attracts thousands of young travelers every year.

Fort Lauderdale is a great destination especially for families to travel to as it offers many great and fun-filled attractions. Some of the places which you must visit are:-

Main Library Theatre showcases a wide variety of shows and event throughout the year. It is located at the Broward County Main library at 100 South Andrews Avenue.

Animal Tales presents an interactive wildlife shows for the children’s parties and events. The show is held for nearly 40-60 minutes. Children are guaranteed to have a good time at these shows.

Uncle Bernie’s Amusement Park offers many great rides and activities for the kids and that too at reasonable prices. It is located at 3291 West Sunrise Blvd.

Museum of Discovery and Science is a great place for the entire family. This indoor museum has two floors offering wide range of fun-filled activities along with an IMAX film theatre. You also get to see several animals on the first floor including alligators, snakes, shark, sea turtles and bats. The kids can have a great time at the Aviation Station on the second floor.

Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre is a non-profit children theatre offering theatre and dramatic arts programs for children of three and a half years to eighteen years of age.

Dillard Center for the Arts offers training of visual and performing arts education for students attending Broward County Schools. It is located on the campus of Dillard High School. It offers wide range of facilities and classes to the students including two theatres, a 200-seat recital hall, three dance studios, five visual arts suites, two vocal studios, an orchestra suite, a piano lab and many other facilities.

Bonnet House Museums & Gardens is a plantation house built by Frederic Clay Bartlett in 1920s. It offers tours of grounds and house and you can also be part of the lectures, art classes and a music series.

Swap House is a huge 88-acre shopping facility with a shopping complex, an outdoor flea market, a farmers market, a car museum, multiple food courts and many other great attractions. It is billed as the second largest attraction of South Florida.

Hop in your rental car in Ft Lauderdale and get ready for a joyful ride with the entire family.

Car Hire Italy: The Most Convenient Way to Explore Italy

From glorious history to contemporary art, stunning beaches to countryside landscapes, world heritage sires to modern complexes, colourful festivals to fireworks on volatile volcanoes, great food to thirst quenching beverages, Italy is the single largest repositories of the greatest sensorial pleasures on earth and offers you everything that you can think of. A leisure vacation in Italy offers you a lifetime experience. A self-driven trip is the best idea to drive through the beautiful lanes of the Italian cities and towns and dip your senses in all heavenly pleasures on earth. Book car hire Italy and start with your discovery voyage and travel through the places brimming with art, history, palaces, churches, fountains and antiquities. With thousands of beaches, monuments and historical buildings, the country offers you unlimited opportunities to explore its grand past.

Where to Go in Italy

Italy is home to several beautiful as well as historically important cities such as seductive Rome, beautiful Venice, attractive Florence, fashionable Milan, golden Sardinia and bustling Sicily. These cities are truly worth exploring and admiring. Whether you are a history lover or a great foodie, the country offers ample choices to everyone. It has so many delights to offer that you will never fall short of things to doVenice is hauntingly beautiful whereas Milan is stunningly fashionable. Rome is historically important whereas Florence is exceptionally romantic. Simply take advantage of car hire Italy services and explore these cities thoroughly. Littered with stunningly beautiful architectural masterpieces, world class restaurant and cafes and big shopping markets, these cities unfold a different beauty and lifestyle in front of you.

Natural Beauty

Natural beauty is present in abundance in Italy. The breath-taking vistas of the Amalfi Coast, the timeless beauty of Sardinia, the fairytale atmosphere of Ischia, Milky Way ski area in Piedmont region, stunning Siena unspoilt medieval Tuscany and glittering Italian lakes such as Garda, Maggiore, Como and Orta make you feel as if you have come to a fairyland. Apart from this, the country has an active nightlife. There is nothing more enjoyable than dressing elegantly, sitting in a restaurant, chatting with friends and relishing great food and wine. Italians have a fetish for good food and great wine. You can also experience flamboyant fashion. It feels as if there were some festival or occasion but if you notice deeply, it is like just another day. Book car hire and drive down to the stunning Italian cities and other areas located on the borders of the country.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Avail Heathrow Airport Car Hire Services for a Smooth and Comfortable Journey

Heathrow is the largest airport in London and caters to millions of people every year. As London is the hottest holiday destination in the United Kingdom, it remains crowded all through the year. In such a case, a pre-booked Heathrow airport car hire direct from your terminal offers you the maximum ease and comfort. There are pick up and drop off points at each terminal of the Heathrow airport. Additionally, all the terminals at Heathrow airport have car hire desks. You can book a car on your airport arrival but a pre-booked vehicle always offers you more benefits. It not only cuts your car rental cost but also helps you save time..

As Heathrow is London’s largest airport, there are flights to more than 180 destinations all over the world from here. It experiences traffic annually of around 68 million passengers. Comprising of five terminals and two major runways, the airport operates domestic, European, long-haul and other international flights. You can take advantage of airport car hire services at the terminal you land. Some people prefer going for tried and tested brands whereas some do not have a clue about what to do and where to hire a car from. In such a scenario, it is good to make a thorough online research about your destination prior to your visit. It not only helps you know about different cities but also gives you an idea of what you can get where. Although all major car rental companies have their desks at each terminal of the Heathrow airport but a pre-booked service offers maximum advantages. The best part is that you don’t have to wait after your arrival. You will get your pre-booked Heathrow airport car hire on time. You can just load your luggage, get in and start.

Heathrow Airport is the best place where you can pick your car. But if you have made a booking from other car rental locations, the shuttle bus transports you to various car hire desks which operate outside the airport. All major car rental companies have their desks there. In addition to this, Heathrow Airport has excellent transport links to Walrus Road, Gatwick Airport London Paddington, West London, Thames Valley and other locations in London. Heathrow airport offers you the best car hire services as compared to other locations in the city.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spain Car Rental is a Must for a Fun-Filled Discovery Voyage

The astonishing diversity and contrasts make Spain a great destination. The excellent weather, glittering beaches, great food, amazing flamenco bailaors, wild blue Atlantic, glorious history, great landscapes, glitzy days and glamorous nights make the country much more interesting. No matter what you’re looking for, Spain has everything. A self driven trip is an excellent way to explore this beautiful country. Spain car rental is simply indispensable to enjoy a grand discovery voyage and little pleasures of Spanish life. You may want to make advance booking in order to avoid last minute hassles.

Whether you are looking for an adventurous bachelors’ trip or a romantic holiday gateway, Spain is an ideal location for all types of trips. You can explore happening Madrid, historical Granada and rocky El Pirineo. If you love water, get set to explore the great Blue Flag Beaches in the country. Yes, it is famous for extremely clean and safe beaches. Granada is a wonderful city. Dig out the glorious history of the country and watch beautiful mountains and sea. Located in Southern Spain, it is also famous for is mouthwatering tapas. Don’t just miss them as they are a specialty Spanish cuisine; you may not get another chance to relish such delicious tapas anywhere in Spain.

If you want to take a trip to North, El Pirineo is just the perfect location. Located in the border with France, it is a beautiful vacation spot where you can enjoy great landscapes, clean air and tranquil atmosphere. The mountains all around really charge your batteries. The weather and the scenic beauty make it a perfect destination for a romantic trip. Drive down in beautiful lanes of the city and spend some beautiful moments with your spouse. Just book a car hire europe and explore this beautiful city.

Spain is an amazing country. You can party all night, relish delicious and mouthwatering cuisines; drink amazing wine and bear and shake on loud music till wee hours. If you are on a holiday, trust you won’t get home before morning. If you’re a great foodie, you can gorge on delicious Sangria and Tapas, spicy tortillas churros with chocolate. Go for porras in a cold winter afternoon as they are thicker, longer and taste much better. You can also check out various restaurants, coffee shops and bars and clubs in the country. The night in Spain starts much later but some of the places open early for tourists. So, enjoy in this beautiful country and have endless fun and pleasure.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Book Ireland Car Hire and Visit Dublin

Situated at the mouth of the River Liffey, Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland. Inhabited by humans since prehistoric times, it has grown as a contemporary center for culture as well as education, administration, art and economy. It has also been ranked as an alpha city that makes it stand in top 30 countries of the world. Being an historic city as well as a modern center for economy, Dublin attracts millions of people all around the year. Whether you are looking for a family fun trip, adventurous bachelors’ vacation, a romantic break or just a short holiday break, Dublin is undoubtedly a perfect location. A self-driven trip is a perfect way to explore the beautiful city and its outskirts. Simply book Ireland car hire and explore this wonderful location. You can also get around Dublin and explore nearby areas.

Traveling by a private vehicle offers a lot of convenience. You can actually explore places at your own pace. As you are not bound by time limits, you can stop anywhere you feel like and capture the beautiful moments. If you feel hungry, you can stop at any corner and relish on regional cuisines. In addition to this, a private vehicle offers much comfort to your kids also. They can sing loud and take a nap easily when they feel tired. They can be just themselves. Dublin is a great place where you will really enjoy a self-driven place. You can check out the top-rated restaurants and gorge on to authentic Irish dishes. Irish potato wedges and coffee are extremely famous. You can actually find how authentic Irish coffee tastes like and trust you will wonder to know that it is entirely different from what it tastes anywhere else in the world.

If you have made up your mind to book a trip to Ireland, make sure that you also book a car rental in advance. This is the best way to explore this beautiful country. These days, online car rental bookings can be made easily. Simply enter your journey date and arrival time along with the car type and number of days you want to rent it for and make a booking. The benefit is that you will not have to wait on your airport arrival. Car hire Dublin airport will be right in front of you as soon as you reach. It is advisable to book your car hire in advance to avoid last minute hassle and that also can save your money, as you can avail special offers on your booking. You can just load your luggage, get in and travel to your destination.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Car Hire USA and Drive Down to Lovely Sea Beaches

If you are up for a stunning beach holiday, USA is certainly the best place. The country of dazzling cities has numerous glittering beaches where you can swim, sunbath, surf, jet ski and nap on the white sands. With such a vast coastline, the country attracts millions of visitors every year. Whether you are looking for a fun-filled family vacation, an adventurous bachelors’ trip, a romantic gateway or just a short city break, a holiday in any of the beaches in America is the perfect way to have unlimited fun and pleasure. Apart from this, you can check out the restaurants and relish on delicious seafood and shop around. Simply book car hire USA and get around exploring the land of dazzling cities. A self-driven trip offers you maximum pleasure and allows you complete flexibility to travel around at your own pace. You can stop anywhere, relish local cuisines in any corner or capture beautiful moments.

Maui, Hawaii is famous for its black, white and red sand beaches. Perfect for swimmers, surfers, beachcombers and picnickers, the beaches unfold an unbelievable constellation of splendid sandy spots. Ranging from secluded places to bustling areas with lots of seaside restaurants and small markets, these beaches are an ideal location for a romance and family fun. Miami Beach, Florida is another happening place where you can swim and surf and go for Jet Ski in the crystal clear Atlantic waters. You can acquire a great tan and also take a nap on white sands. You can also get a chance to see beautiful people including your favorite celebrities. Kauai, Hawaii is one of the famous beaches in Florida. With about 50 miles of extensive shoreline to explore, you can have great times swimming and lying on stretched white sands. Trust, it is a beautiful place where you can refine your craft of surfing.

Coronado Beach in San Diego, California is a top-rated family-friendly beach. You can spend a lovely family vacation here and enjoy each and every aspect of being here. Blacks Beach is another gorgeous sandy beach in the city where you can enjoy sunbathing. The La Jolla Shores are popular for snorkeling and kayaking. If you’re in America for an exciting holiday, you simply can’t afford to miss New York. It is one of the most happening cities that offer you plethora of activities. You can book car rental and drive down to this sparkling city to get a chance to explore some of the great architectures and awesome restaurants and clubs.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book Car Hire London and Explore the World-Class City

Located on the River Thames, London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Being the most important center for arts and commerce, education and finance, entertainment and fashion, research and development, tourism and transport, media and healthcare services, it has the most international visitors than any city has. You will be astonished with the diversity that this global city has to offer. London is home to people from all backgrounds, cultures and religions. The surprising fact is that more than 300 languages are spoken within its boundaries. Describing this hot and happening city without superlatives is almost impossible. If you are also planning to explore the grandeur of London, a self driven trip is the perfect idea. Make sure to book car hire London well in advance to avoid last minute hassles.

The BFI London Film Festival has been one of the most happening events in the city since 1956. It is an annual festival which showcases the best films from around the world. This year, it will be held between Oct 13 and Oct 28. This fifteen day festival is not just for people from the film industry but the film screenings are available for everyone. If you are in London during this period and are a movie buff, don’t just miss buying its tickets. Make sure to book your tickets in advance. Even if you are not a movie buff, you will get a chance to see famous film directors, producers and actors. What makes it more interesting is its question and answer sessions after the screenings that really cannot be missed. Attending this amazing festival is a lifetime experience and you will be simply pleased with the best movie shows.

Apart from this, you can also visit world heritage sites in London including the Tower of London; Kew Gardens, Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and St Margaret’s Church. Other landmarks include Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, 30 St Mary Axe, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and Wembley Stadium. You can also explore nearby area once you are in this world-class city. Booking a car hire is the best way to explore this beautiful location. This offers you complete flexibility to move in and around the city. You can stop anywhere and relish cuisines and snacks from any corner. You can also go on a long drive on city outskirts. Being in London is a lifetime experience.