Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book Car Hire UK to Take an Exciting Road Trip from London to Inverness

Inverness is one of the most beautiful cities at the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Famous as “the Gateway to the Highlands”, it is the main centre for Scottish trade and commerce. But the city has its fair share of cultural activities and other entertainment indulgences. In total, it is a pulsating and happening city in the highlands of Scotland. Although it has a good public transport system but the frequency of buses decreases in evening. You can resort to car hire Inverness for getting around and exploring the city and surrounding areas.

Driving is relatively easier in Inverness than the rest of Scotland. The car hire services are cheap as compared to UK standards. Moreover, you won’t find tolls and thus, can save yourself from paying a great deal. Moreover, a stay in mountain resorts offers you a lifetime experience. If you are looking for a break from routine life, you must drive to these resorts and spend some leisure time doing what you love.

Inverness is an important centre for bagpipe players and lovers as it hosts an annual meeting and festival every September. It is also home to three major football clubs and therefore, hosts numerous heart-throbbing football tournaments every year. If you are interested in cultural performances, you can head to one of the theatres in the city. Apart from this, the city also hosts professional golf events and European Tours.

For the lovers of art and architecture, Inverness has many things to offer. You can see Inverness Castle located at the end of the western pedestrian zone. Built in 1847 replacing a medieval castle blown up by Jacobites, it is definitely a must visit. Inverness Museum and Art Gallery has a collection of Pictish Stones and historic weapons. Old High Church located in the Church Street is also worth seeing.

If you are residing in London, you can plan to take a long drive to Inverness on a weekend. Located at around 560 miles only, Inverness can be reached in around 10 hours. You can book car hire UK and start up right in the morning for Inverness. You will come across several popular destinations such as Birmingham, Wellington and other cities in UK and Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland on the way to Inverness.

You can stop at these destinations if you want to and freshen up and relish specialty dishes in a restaurant on the highway. Once you cross the cities and reach highways, you will be pleasantly surprised to experience the natural beauty on the both sides of the road. If you ever feel like taking a scenic drive, just pick car hire UK and start for Inverness.

Although you can fly from London to Inverness but a road trip offers you an entirely different experience and satisfies the explorer and navigator in you. The network of roads is excellent and you will not face any problem in commuting. As you have to cover a long distance, ensure that you have made proper arrangements to make your journey more enjoyable.