Friday, December 30, 2011

Book Car Hire Faro to Explore the Old City of Cidade Velha and the Surrounding Regions

Faro is one of the most popular holiday destinations for sun seekers from the UK, Spain and other European countries. Located in the Algarve region, it is the southernmost city in Portugal. The best part is that the city can be visited at any time during the year. In summer season, it has a reputation for being a beach party town whereas in winter, it looks unexpectedly beautiful and serves as a peaceful corner for those who want to take a break from routine life. In of season, you can get a chance to explore some of the best areas of the region. Tourists treat Faro as a base for exploring the more remote areas of Algarve region. Faro can be reached by air. Many airline companies from UK, Spain, Ireland, and mainland Europe and Canada offer discounted air tickets to Faro. As it is a relatively less travelled city, travelling by car is the only feasible option to get around and explore. It is wise to book car hire Faro for your entire vacation as it is the only option for visitors to explore the city and the surrounding regions.

Faro is one of the most beautiful locations in Portugal. The life here is much slower and easier than the rest of Portugal. People looking for an entirely different experience won’t be disappointed here. The whitewashed town with plenty of Moorish and Liberian influenced architecture, natural beauty and friendly people make it a place worth visiting and worth dwelling. Faro can be reached by road. There is a bus service from Lisbon and Porto but it is wise to travel by air. After landing at the Faro airport, you can rent a car for your entire vacation and drive towards your location. If you are travelling in peak season, it is advised to book car hire Faro airport in advance as the supply of vehicles in limited.

During your visit to Faro, do not forget to visit Cidade Velha. Also known as Centro Historico and the Old City, it is the 18th century town which was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. Once called Riberia Grande, it is the oldest settlement in Cape Verde and the first European colonial outpost in tropics. It is a well preserved section of the city off the harbour with Moorish and Portuguese architecture. It still retains the impressive remains of old churches, royal fortress and Pillory Square having 16th century marble pillar.

Cidade Velha also has the oldest colonial church in the world which was constructed in 1495. Along with this, the place is also famous for several other reasons. The port of Cidade Velha was the stopping point for Vasco de Gama and Christopher Columbus, the two great navigators. As the port was included in the major sea routes between Africa, Brazil, Cape and the Caribbean, it became home to people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and religions. Cidade Velha can be reached from Faro Airport. You will have to book car hire Faro to reach the Old City. Virtually untouched by modernity, it is a great place to explore.