Friday, November 30, 2012

The Best of Italy with a Car Rental Service

Italy may be famous for its magnificent Renaissance architecture, historic significance and as home to one of the world’s most powerful empires in history. At the same time, with cities such as Rome and Florence, it is also renowned on the world map for its vibrant club culture which keeps the cities up until the wee hours of the morning.

Nightlife in Italy

With thousands of international students choosing to arrive into Florence and Rome each year, the nightlife in these cities is no longer seasonal. Lovers of dance, students, and travelers no longer need to head to Spain to bring out their inner party animals. With popular clubs such as Club Twenty One, Yab and Space Electronic, the picture of Italian nightlife has definitely taken a much more fun and rebellious turn.

In addition to this, Bologna also has an excellent reputation of being a university town; which means that it is now home to a myriad of clubs, pubs and eateries that can keep you going all night.

Things to See and Do in Italy

If you need a break from the nightlife, you can simply consider experiencing some of the offerings Italy is most famous for. Seep in the art, culture and history of this magnificent country by visiting some of its most famous attractions.

1. Venice- No trip to Venice is complete without a romantic gondola ride through its maze like canals. Consider a ride during sunset or after dark for an even more enhanced experience on your honeymoon here.

2. Milan – While most travelers tend to neglect this fashion hub, art lovers must visit the city for a once in a lifetime chance to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous ‘Last Supper’.

3. Florence – In addition to enjoying the nightlife this city has to offer, visit the Uffizi Gallery and the Duomo. The Gallery is known to house some of the world’s most unique relics that you surely will not find anywhere else.

4. The Vatican City – While most people assume that the Vatican is a part of Rome, in fact it is an independent entity by itself. Visiting the Vatican also allows you to witness some other master pieces it houses such as the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.

5. Other famous cities that house their own set of cultural and artistic experiences include Sicily, Naples, Sardinia and the Amalfi Coast. Consider car hire Italy to explore the various cities and towns of this spectacular country.

Advantages of opting for a Car Rental
Hiring a car rental is a great way to optimize your holiday experience. Especially if you are a group of youngsters who intend to make the most of the nightlife in Italy, selecting a car hire service that allows you one additional driver is a great way to enjoy the night life without worrying over safety in an unknown town.
With car hire Italy, you can also explore all the nearby towns and cities or plan a memorable family vacation that takes you across the Italian landscape.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Experience Spectacular USA with a Car Rental

Home to some of the world’s most fascinating collection of cultural and natural wonders, the United States of America is the ‘promised land’ for many around the world. Full of opportunities, complete with overwhelmingly modernized urban environments, the United States has come to become a beacon of hard work and progress.

Thousands if not millions of young students and professionals choose to immigrate or visit this magnificent country for work, studies, or simply an opportunity to expose oneself to the wonders of modern living and society.
Young travelers visiting the United States absolutely love the idea of availing the services of car hire USA to cruise on the well built expressways for a chance to explore the various sights and attractions in this country.

Popular Attractions you can drive to

1. If you plan on spending time in New York City, consider planning a drive from the Big Apple up north to Buffalo for a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the spectacular Niagara Falls. You can also visit the ‘Vegas of the East’ – Atlantic City which is a few hour’s drive from NYC.

2. Florida is also a very driver friendly state. You can drive into Miami for a fun time at the beach. Youngsters tend to enjoy the beach front salsa clubs and the relaxed environment that this city has to offer. While you are in the area, also consider driving to Orlando for a memorable time at some of the many world famous amusement and theme parks.

3. Rent a car for a memorable road trip on Highway One that is considered to be the roadway on the edge of the earth. With spectacular ocean views off the Californian Coast, youngsters can also make the most of this trip by stopping at famous cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego en route.

4. While you are visiting Los Angeles, spend a couple of days in the city spotting Hollywood stars, visiting the Universal Studios and spending a day in the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ – Disneyland.

5. Millions of youngsters choose to drive for Los Angeles and other parts of the country to arrive into the city of sin. Las Vegas is about all things flashy and glamorous. Home to some of the world’s most spectacular shows, luxurious hotels and millions of opportunities to make some quick bucks on a gambling table, a trip to Las Vegas is perfect for bachelor parties or simply for a memorable weekend with your friends.

Benefits of Car Hire USA

Availing a car rental service on your trip to USA is ideal. Especially if you are proficient with driving on the right side of the road, driving around in the United States can be quite a pleasurable experience.

If you are a group of youngsters who are holidaying in the country during your spring or summer breaks, renting a car can prove to be a cost effective option in comparison t flying and other modes of public transport.
Log on to the internet to find some great deals on for your car hire.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Travel at your own Pace with Car Hire France

As soon as you step out of your airplane, you will know why France is one of the most visited countries in the world. In addition to some spectacular landscapes and fascinating urban environments, this region holds a myriad of treasures that mesmerize every tourist who sets foot in this magical land. Some of the famous destinations in this country include Paris, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Lyon. Lyon has been the commercial center of this region for over five centuries. In addition to a thriving economic center, this city is also home to magnificent museums, cultural life and active nightlife and is well enjoyed by its flourishing university crowd.

If you plan on visiting France and spending time in Lyon, make sure you plan around some of the many fascinating events, fairs and festivals. Opting for a car hire France is a convenient consideration to make. This will allow you to holiday in the country at your own pace and also enjoy each event in Lyon and other parts of France to the fullest.

Popular Events in Lyon
Now that you have opted for a car hire Lyon drive into this magnificent city in the month of January to witness one of the world’s largest pastry making competition. The World Pastry Cup is known to host over 7,000 competitors and an equally high number of spectators who have been coming into town to witness this mouthwatering event since 1989.

While you are in town, also stay back for the Salon International de La Restauration that is held every alternate year at Lyon’s Eurexpo. This even attracts caterers and hospitality professionals from around the country and even the world and is known to be a Mecca for amateur chefs and food lovers.
In February, the same venue is known to host the Eurotips which is a major furniture exhibition held every two years. The Salon Residence Bios and the Lyon International Fair are held in March and are famous among construction companies, architects and interior designers.

Opting for a Car Hire France
Driving in France can be quite an experience. Whether you are sticking around in Lyon or you plan to explore the country side or head to a different city, the well maintained roads and the tourist friendly driving infrastructure makes it practical for you to consider a car hire Lyon service.

You will be easily able to find yourself a car rental as soon as you land at the airport, at the city center or even if you log on to the internet. Booking in advance will give you a unique opportunity to drive a car of your choice and gain the consequent freedom of travelling on your own terms.
Booking with a car rental company is a cost-effective way to explore the non-tourist parts of France. Stop and vineyards, take pictures or simply cruise around the city hunting for local restaurants and bars for truly authentic French experiences.

It is a given that no amount of planning and relying on public transport can give you the freedom that renting a car on your holiday does.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Drive Around in Birmingham with a Car Hire UK

Home to some of the most passionate football fanatics, famous for its scones and tea drinking culture; the United Kingdom exhibits a pleasing environment. With a colorful modern history the country has always encouraged freedom of thought and ideas. Also the home land of probably the world’s most popular Queen, this country exhibits a great blend of times through architecture, culture, art and even commerce.

Birmingham, one of UK’s largest cities, is also probably the most culturally diverse urban settlements of the country. Over the years, it has come to become country’s business hub and is now making a mark in the world as a culturally thriving city. Birmingham is home to an international convention center, some fascinating museums and even a world famous university.

Complete with a 6.5 acre natural reserve and a 15 acre botanical garden, a great way to explore all the treasures of this city is opting for a car hire Birmingham service. With car hire UK art lovers get the freedom to drive around the city to visit the Birmingham’s Museum and Art Gallery that is known to house the most comprehensive collection of Pre-Raphaelite works and many works of Burne-Jones.

The Birmingham Food Scene
Birmingham is probably the best place to experience the quintessential English food culture.
1. Tea – The tea culture in Birmingham and in the United Kingdome goes back to the 1830s where Thomas Ridgeway came to create one of the first English tea companies to hygienically pre-pack the commodity to avoid adulteration. Today, tea is a part and parcel of a typical Englishman’s culture and English Tea Parties have come to become a fad world over.

2. Restaurants – While in Birmingham, make it a point to visit James Henry Cook’s vegetarian restaurant that was one of the first built in England, way back in 1896. Today is called the ‘Pitman Vegetarian Hotel’ and is named after the popular vegetarian, Sir Isaac Pitman.

3. Besides the typical English food, in Birmingham, you can also find a range of Asian food joints that have been around for over 60 years. Indian food is also extremely popular in the city and you can find some of the best Indian restaurants in Steelhouse lane, Bristol Street and Hagley Road.

4. Since UK is known to be the home to some of the world’s best chefs, Birmingham lives up to the reputation by giving you a chance to devour the masterpieces of Michelin Star Chefs such as Simpson, Purnell and Turners.

Why Must I Opt for a Car Hire Birmingham Service?
Opting for car hire UK or Birmingham services is probably the most convenient way in which you can comfortably explore the food scene of the city and the areas around. Without having to rely on public transport time tables, you need not worry about making it back to your hotel in time. Most importantly, hiring a car is quite cost effective especially when you are travelling in larger groups and the cost is shared.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Car Hire Spain- Enjoy Alicante and more!

Alicante is a beautiful city in Spain and the capital of Costa Blanca. This city is a stunning place with scintillating white sand beaches and clear waters. The beaches in this city are a must visit with the largest one being San Juan. While in this city, visit the bay of Alicante that opens up into two capes that are the Postiguet Beache and the Cape of Santa Pola.

The city with its endless lines of markets, stalls and shacks is a definite destination of each traveler’s visit list. Along with the beautiful clear beaches, there are plenty of places to sight see here as the city portrays an aesthetic colonial and gothic architecture.

The city also has a booming cultural hub as the residents here have a passionate view towards art, music and a delectable range of food. With the city’s relaxed culture and ideal setting and ambience, many events and festivals regularly take place in Alicante. As the year winds up to an end, the festivals increase in frequency to celebrate the festival of Christmas and welcome the New Year. Owing to these reasons, the Alicante calendar seems to be full of buzzing of activities.
During December 2012, The International Puppet Festival takes place in Alicante that hosts a range of activities, workshops and intricate puppet displays. This surely is a must visit if you happen to visit Alicante during this season. In the same month, many New Year parties are gearing up to welcome the year 2013 and Alicante will see a full swing of party culture for the same. Attend one of the beach parties in Alicante to have the time of your life. Many club and concert tickets are up for sale already online.
In November, Javier Mendoza is performing on the 9th of November 2012, late in the night at 11 pm at Caf Coppela at the c/San Francisco nr.14. The Gift is a famous band and performing on the 1st December at 10 pm at the Festival FIVECC 12.

Nicole Moudaber is also performing in town on the 17th of November at 10pm on a Saturday night at the MetroDanceClub. The best way to see the town of Alicante is with car hire Alicante. Car hire Alicante is the best way to explore this beautiful city and is also an ideal option to take short trips to the rest of the Spain. Spanish countryside is extremely beautiful and the ideal set up for car hire Spain. With car hire Spain, one can see the city of Alicante and the rest of Spain.

Car hire is an ideal option for youngsters who are planning to visit Alicante with friends and family. Hire a car rental with your friends and book in advance to steal cheap deals. With your own car, you can explore the beautiful country of Spain and be a part of Alicante’s social calendar.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Car Hire in London- The best way to see this royal city

London is an experience of a lifetime. This city in Great Britain has forever enjoyed a top spot on every traveler’s wish list. This is the land of the red bus, the tin solders, the River Thames and the Queen. London is an exquisite combination of heritage monuments, blended with a modern infrastructure that makes it the grand shopping and nightlife nest that it is. London is home to some of the most elite brands in the world. Some of the most rocking clubs and bars hop in central London to woo the Londoners and the respective travellers.
When it comes to sightseeing, this city is no less. Visit spots such as The Buckingham Palace- the official residence of the Queen, visit the Tower Bridge of London and the London Eye that shows a 360 degree, panoramic view of London, across the River Thames. 
For shopping, throng ideal spots such as The Oxford Street and the High Street. For a nightlife experience, head to the Leicester Square and downtown London. The clubs here serve fabulous food options and play scintillating music till wee hours of the morning.

London is also a leading hub for students wanting to pursue education. With universities such as the Queens College and the London School of Economics, London becomes an obvious choice to study further. Students who come in to study find it the most convenient to go for car hire London. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the universities of London are based out of Central London and the accommodation there is extremely expensive. Most of the students reside in the exteriors of London, with a wise decision to save on the hefty town rent. For students, especially the ones who have freshly arrived in the town, figuring out the means of public transportation, mainly the tube can be a cumbersome process. The best bet is to go for car hire London where the students can freely commute between their universities to their part of the city. This arrangement is extremely economical and cheap on the pocket of the students.

Travellers to the city and the students who arrive at London can get access to their rental vehicle with the option of car hire Heathrow. The rentals are based out of all the five terminals at the Heathrow airport and one can get access to their vehicle within minutes of their reaching the arrivals terminal of the airport. With car hire Heathrow, one can book early in advance and save the last minute rush that sometimes can be a hassle and lead to waiting. With advance booking, there are also cheaper deals available with which the car rental experience can be even more value saving. Driving in London is a blissful experience as one saves on the waiting time on the tube, the expensive commute tickets and get to see the city and explore the countryside as well in deeper detail. Make your experience worthwhile in London by renting a car.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Exciting trip with Car Rental Morocco

If you are picking Morocco as your next vacation destination, then take a car rental service to make the trip a memorable one. Car rental Morocco guarantees peace of mind and aboveboard budget. You can effectively make online car bookings. You can also reserve a car rental at the counters as you get down at the airport in Morocco.

Enquire about the car model and choose from available car options according to your convenience so that you can comfortably travel with your luggage and family. You definitely would not want to struggle to find an appropriate transportation after a long haul flight. You can easily navigate in a rental car from one destination to another for sightseeing, without being dependent on anyone at a relatively unknown place. It is secure and saves an ample amount of time as well.

Car rental Morocco services will give you most beneficial and budgeted costs in the commercial market. Drop in the capital city of Rabat to get a closer understanding of places which you aim to visit during your stay. Increasingly, travelers all around the globe feel convinced regarding investing time in Morocco for its rich culture, architectural beauty and lip smacking food. If you have a sojourn to the North side, then you may encounter some of the stunning sea shores, green valleys and towns drowned with rich history. At the same time, if you get ahead to the South side and Eastern part of Morocco, you might feel flabbergasted by the view of natural hills and the blistering Sahara Desert. Some of the famous cities in Morocco include Fez, Marrakesh and Casablanca. The environment in Morocco is very warm, welcoming and laid back.Visiting Morocco means getting a close look or an encounter of sorts, with astonishing art forms such as the Hassan II Mosque, a marvel in Islamic architecture. You can pay a visit to Skala de la Ville, an ideal berth to enjoy the vista of lovely alleys.
Visit Marrakesh, the red city of Morocco, famous for Jamaa-El-Fnaa, the largest square in Africa. Every evening people gather here to get the smell of authentic Moroccan cuisine, the alfresco style. Also visit the Saadian Tombs, relics of the El Badi Palace and Djeema El Fna. Head towards Tetouan and Agadir in some of the most amazing beaches in Morocco. If you are adventurous enough, try camel riding in the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, near Merzouga. You can also enjoy trekking at the Rif Mountains which are also the highest peak in Northern Morocco.