Thursday, November 22, 2012

Drive Around in Birmingham with a Car Hire UK

Home to some of the most passionate football fanatics, famous for its scones and tea drinking culture; the United Kingdom exhibits a pleasing environment. With a colorful modern history the country has always encouraged freedom of thought and ideas. Also the home land of probably the world’s most popular Queen, this country exhibits a great blend of times through architecture, culture, art and even commerce.

Birmingham, one of UK’s largest cities, is also probably the most culturally diverse urban settlements of the country. Over the years, it has come to become country’s business hub and is now making a mark in the world as a culturally thriving city. Birmingham is home to an international convention center, some fascinating museums and even a world famous university.

Complete with a 6.5 acre natural reserve and a 15 acre botanical garden, a great way to explore all the treasures of this city is opting for a car hire Birmingham service. With car hire UK art lovers get the freedom to drive around the city to visit the Birmingham’s Museum and Art Gallery that is known to house the most comprehensive collection of Pre-Raphaelite works and many works of Burne-Jones.

The Birmingham Food Scene
Birmingham is probably the best place to experience the quintessential English food culture.
1. Tea – The tea culture in Birmingham and in the United Kingdome goes back to the 1830s where Thomas Ridgeway came to create one of the first English tea companies to hygienically pre-pack the commodity to avoid adulteration. Today, tea is a part and parcel of a typical Englishman’s culture and English Tea Parties have come to become a fad world over.

2. Restaurants – While in Birmingham, make it a point to visit James Henry Cook’s vegetarian restaurant that was one of the first built in England, way back in 1896. Today is called the ‘Pitman Vegetarian Hotel’ and is named after the popular vegetarian, Sir Isaac Pitman.

3. Besides the typical English food, in Birmingham, you can also find a range of Asian food joints that have been around for over 60 years. Indian food is also extremely popular in the city and you can find some of the best Indian restaurants in Steelhouse lane, Bristol Street and Hagley Road.

4. Since UK is known to be the home to some of the world’s best chefs, Birmingham lives up to the reputation by giving you a chance to devour the masterpieces of Michelin Star Chefs such as Simpson, Purnell and Turners.

Why Must I Opt for a Car Hire Birmingham Service?
Opting for car hire UK or Birmingham services is probably the most convenient way in which you can comfortably explore the food scene of the city and the areas around. Without having to rely on public transport time tables, you need not worry about making it back to your hotel in time. Most importantly, hiring a car is quite cost effective especially when you are travelling in larger groups and the cost is shared.