Friday, November 23, 2012

Travel at your own Pace with Car Hire France

As soon as you step out of your airplane, you will know why France is one of the most visited countries in the world. In addition to some spectacular landscapes and fascinating urban environments, this region holds a myriad of treasures that mesmerize every tourist who sets foot in this magical land. Some of the famous destinations in this country include Paris, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Lyon. Lyon has been the commercial center of this region for over five centuries. In addition to a thriving economic center, this city is also home to magnificent museums, cultural life and active nightlife and is well enjoyed by its flourishing university crowd.

If you plan on visiting France and spending time in Lyon, make sure you plan around some of the many fascinating events, fairs and festivals. Opting for a car hire France is a convenient consideration to make. This will allow you to holiday in the country at your own pace and also enjoy each event in Lyon and other parts of France to the fullest.

Popular Events in Lyon
Now that you have opted for a car hire Lyon drive into this magnificent city in the month of January to witness one of the world’s largest pastry making competition. The World Pastry Cup is known to host over 7,000 competitors and an equally high number of spectators who have been coming into town to witness this mouthwatering event since 1989.

While you are in town, also stay back for the Salon International de La Restauration that is held every alternate year at Lyon’s Eurexpo. This even attracts caterers and hospitality professionals from around the country and even the world and is known to be a Mecca for amateur chefs and food lovers.
In February, the same venue is known to host the Eurotips which is a major furniture exhibition held every two years. The Salon Residence Bios and the Lyon International Fair are held in March and are famous among construction companies, architects and interior designers.

Opting for a Car Hire France
Driving in France can be quite an experience. Whether you are sticking around in Lyon or you plan to explore the country side or head to a different city, the well maintained roads and the tourist friendly driving infrastructure makes it practical for you to consider a car hire Lyon service.

You will be easily able to find yourself a car rental as soon as you land at the airport, at the city center or even if you log on to the internet. Booking in advance will give you a unique opportunity to drive a car of your choice and gain the consequent freedom of travelling on your own terms.
Booking with a car rental company is a cost-effective way to explore the non-tourist parts of France. Stop and vineyards, take pictures or simply cruise around the city hunting for local restaurants and bars for truly authentic French experiences.

It is a given that no amount of planning and relying on public transport can give you the freedom that renting a car on your holiday does.