Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Car Hire in London- The best way to see this royal city

London is an experience of a lifetime. This city in Great Britain has forever enjoyed a top spot on every traveler’s wish list. This is the land of the red bus, the tin solders, the River Thames and the Queen. London is an exquisite combination of heritage monuments, blended with a modern infrastructure that makes it the grand shopping and nightlife nest that it is. London is home to some of the most elite brands in the world. Some of the most rocking clubs and bars hop in central London to woo the Londoners and the respective travellers.
When it comes to sightseeing, this city is no less. Visit spots such as The Buckingham Palace- the official residence of the Queen, visit the Tower Bridge of London and the London Eye that shows a 360 degree, panoramic view of London, across the River Thames. 
For shopping, throng ideal spots such as The Oxford Street and the High Street. For a nightlife experience, head to the Leicester Square and downtown London. The clubs here serve fabulous food options and play scintillating music till wee hours of the morning.

London is also a leading hub for students wanting to pursue education. With universities such as the Queens College and the London School of Economics, London becomes an obvious choice to study further. Students who come in to study find it the most convenient to go for car hire London. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the universities of London are based out of Central London and the accommodation there is extremely expensive. Most of the students reside in the exteriors of London, with a wise decision to save on the hefty town rent. For students, especially the ones who have freshly arrived in the town, figuring out the means of public transportation, mainly the tube can be a cumbersome process. The best bet is to go for car hire London where the students can freely commute between their universities to their part of the city. This arrangement is extremely economical and cheap on the pocket of the students.

Travellers to the city and the students who arrive at London can get access to their rental vehicle with the option of car hire Heathrow. The rentals are based out of all the five terminals at the Heathrow airport and one can get access to their vehicle within minutes of their reaching the arrivals terminal of the airport. With car hire Heathrow, one can book early in advance and save the last minute rush that sometimes can be a hassle and lead to waiting. With advance booking, there are also cheaper deals available with which the car rental experience can be even more value saving. Driving in London is a blissful experience as one saves on the waiting time on the tube, the expensive commute tickets and get to see the city and explore the countryside as well in deeper detail. Make your experience worthwhile in London by renting a car.