Friday, December 9, 2011

Drives in Spain

car hireTwo perfect drives for a tourist who has opted for a Spain car hire those of the Costa de la Luz and the Picos de Europa. These take us through historic cities and their monuments. They also allow us to visit some of the best beaches in the world.

Costa de la Luz
The Andalusian coast which touches the Atlantic is called the Costa de la Luz or the Coast of Light. It begins from Tarifa in the south and goes on to the Portuguese border formed by the Guadiana River. Tarifa marks the place where the Mediterranean Sea merges into the Atlantic Ocean. We can begin in Tarifa with a car hire Spain. The drive begins on the N340. Tarifa is also a center for wind surfing.

Only ten miles out of Tarifa one finds Baelo Claudia with its lovely beach and Roman ruins. The streets are still paved with ancient flagstones. It still has remnants of a Roman amphitheater and some temples. Getting back on to the N340 our destination is Cadiz. It is a great ride with a view of the sand dunes on the lovely beaches. On the popular beaches one can have delightful grilled fish. A car hire Spain can also be done here at Cadiz.

This is a drive with an intense Spanish flavor. Our next stop is the town of Cadiz. It is a historic place which thrived on the trade from the American colonies. It figured prominently in the Spanish Civil War. It is the favorite of tourists from Africa, Europe and America. Cadiz is a great place to explore but there is a dearth of parking spaces. The ancient Cathedral and the museum reveal the treasures of colonial Spain. Cadiz is a popular location for movies on Cuba because some parts of Cadiz look like Havana.

The last stop before reaching the Guadiana River is Huelva made famous by Columbus. The Rabida Monastery is where Christopher Columbus finally convinced the Franciscan brothers to help him find financers for his trip to America. He met the rich sailor brothers Pinzon who introduced him to Ferdinand and Isabella, the King and Queen of Spain. One can return the Spain car rental vehicle here in Huelva.

Picos de Europa
This is an exciting drive through high mountains heading for the Picos de Europa which were named by Spanish sailors. These peaks were the first sign of Europe they saw from the sea and thus the name. The drive is memorable because of the fascinating view of the mountains and the national park of the same name. The drive is made pleasant by the picturesque villages, lakes and rivers which make this road one of the best in Spain.