Saturday, November 12, 2011

Car Hire Malaga – The Best Way to Get Around

Situated along the Mediterranean, Malaga is a beautiful city in southern Spanish region. The city and the surrounding towns and areas attract millions of leisure travellers all across the year. The entire area can be seen within a couple of days if you travel by a private conveyance. You can book car hire Malaga to get around and explore all the attractions in the region.

If you are an adventurist and love outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, trekking and fishing, the city and the surrounding areas offer a number of activities to visitors. Besides this, you can also see architectural sites and art museums and indulge in shopping and dining. More laid back than other tourist places in Spain, Malaga offers a relaxing yet enriching environment to travellers.

Sites of Interest

The Roman Theatre

The Roman Theatre of Malaga although dates back to the first century BC but it was rediscovered accidently in 1952. Located in front of the Alcazaba, it is the oldest structure in the city. A trip to Malaga is incomplete without visiting to the Roman Theatre.

Cathedral de Malaga

Located right in the heart of city centre, Cathedral de Malaga is a place which is worth visiting. You can drive down to the city centre and buy a ticket for €5 to enter its premises. Open from Monday to Saturday, the cathedral boasts of its excellent architecture and is one of the major attractions in the city.

The Church of Santiago

The Church of Santiago (Saint James) is one of the major attractions in Malaga. A fine example of Gothic vernacular Mudejar, it incorporates the elements from both Christian and Islamic traditions. It is the hybrid style that evolved after the Reconquista.

Iglesia del Sagrario is also from the same period. Built on the side of the old mosque immediately after the city fell to the Christian troops, it boasts of its richly ornamented portal in the Isabeline-Gothic style which is unique in the city.

Picasso Museum

The Picasso museum houses exclusive paintings and exhibitions. To see the exhibitions, you will have to buy an entry ticket for €8. The museum attracts millions of domestic and international visitors every year.

To explore all these places at your own pace, it is best to take advantage of car hire Spain. A private conveyance offers far more comfort and convenience than public transport when it comes to getting around and exploring places in the city.