Friday, September 23, 2011

Car Hire Italy: The Most Convenient Way to Explore Italy

From glorious history to contemporary art, stunning beaches to countryside landscapes, world heritage sires to modern complexes, colourful festivals to fireworks on volatile volcanoes, great food to thirst quenching beverages, Italy is the single largest repositories of the greatest sensorial pleasures on earth and offers you everything that you can think of. A leisure vacation in Italy offers you a lifetime experience. A self-driven trip is the best idea to drive through the beautiful lanes of the Italian cities and towns and dip your senses in all heavenly pleasures on earth. Book car hire Italy and start with your discovery voyage and travel through the places brimming with art, history, palaces, churches, fountains and antiquities. With thousands of beaches, monuments and historical buildings, the country offers you unlimited opportunities to explore its grand past.

Where to Go in Italy

Italy is home to several beautiful as well as historically important cities such as seductive Rome, beautiful Venice, attractive Florence, fashionable Milan, golden Sardinia and bustling Sicily. These cities are truly worth exploring and admiring. Whether you are a history lover or a great foodie, the country offers ample choices to everyone. It has so many delights to offer that you will never fall short of things to doVenice is hauntingly beautiful whereas Milan is stunningly fashionable. Rome is historically important whereas Florence is exceptionally romantic. Simply take advantage of car hire Italy services and explore these cities thoroughly. Littered with stunningly beautiful architectural masterpieces, world class restaurant and cafes and big shopping markets, these cities unfold a different beauty and lifestyle in front of you.

Natural Beauty

Natural beauty is present in abundance in Italy. The breath-taking vistas of the Amalfi Coast, the timeless beauty of Sardinia, the fairytale atmosphere of Ischia, Milky Way ski area in Piedmont region, stunning Siena unspoilt medieval Tuscany and glittering Italian lakes such as Garda, Maggiore, Como and Orta make you feel as if you have come to a fairyland. Apart from this, the country has an active nightlife. There is nothing more enjoyable than dressing elegantly, sitting in a restaurant, chatting with friends and relishing great food and wine. Italians have a fetish for good food and great wine. You can also experience flamboyant fashion. It feels as if there were some festival or occasion but if you notice deeply, it is like just another day. Book car hire and drive down to the stunning Italian cities and other areas located on the borders of the country.