Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Explore the Timeless Beauty of France with Car Hire

France is one of the most visited European countries. Savour art and romance, enjoy delicious food and wine, follow fashion and technology, explore Roman civilization and sparkling blue Mediterranean, admire incredible mountain scenery and lush greens, walk around historic monuments and architectural masterpieces and sense the subtle music and mythology. It is one of those lands that have timeless beauty and culture. Whatever attracts you, the country offers you in abundance. Simply book a car hire and travel across the contemporary metropolitans, medieval towns and far flung villages. Get to glittering beaches, rocky mountains and lush green plains. Grab the happiness and pleasure in every moment and make your trip more fulfilling and gratifying.

Paris, the city of Romance, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities on the planet earth. With a huge selection of monuments, beautiful houses, fantastic food and wine, theatre and art galleries, events and concerts, Paris offers you an unforgettable experience. You can travel to the dazzling city at any time of the year. Whether you are looking for a romantic gateway, refreshing spring vacation, fun-filled family holiday or an adventurous trip, this is certainly the best location. Apart from this, the rolling hills of Normandy and Brittany lying in the north invite you for hiking and trekking. You can go on excursions and satisfy your hunger for adventure. You can also visit Neolithic sites and dig out the glorious past of France. Don’t miss lying on tranquil sandy beaches and visiting little harbour towns. These locations offer you an entirely different experience than those metropolitan cities. It feels as if you’re not in France but on an ancient secluded island. The distinct experience makes you feel being on the other planet.

Burgundy, Franche Comte, Lorraine and Alsace are other dazzling locations in the eastern France. The mind blowing landscapes, beautiful cities and famous wine and you make a hot combination. Whenever you visit these places, you feel like settling down here and live life king size. You can book France car hire and drive down to all these locations and gorge on tempting food and sip famous wines. Having a private vehicle offers you a great deal of advantages. You can explore the country your way. Yes, you can fly to different locations but for discovering the nearby areas, you must rent a vehicle. Traveling by road adds more thrill and excitement to your trip to France.