Monday, October 3, 2011

Lease a Car and drive to some of the best family places in Sacramento

The beautiful city of Sacramento has many great places to explore. The best part is you can easily avail car rentals Sacramento and solutions at each and every corner of Sacramento making it very convenient for you to pick up your car. While visiting the city, you must drive to the below mentioned places in Sacramento:-

  • Fairytale Town – It is a must visit place for all the kids with nearly 20 3D, child size play-sets based on the traditional fairytales and nursery rhymes. It is a wonderful park which children would absolutely love.

  • The Sacramento Zoo – Just right next to Fairytale town is the amazing Sacramento Zoo. At this Zoo you get to see vast variety of animals along with many other great recreational facilities and educational experience for the entire family.

  • Sacramento Marina – You can drive to Sacramento Marina which is located on the banks of the Sacramento River. You can have a wonderful time with family and enjoy boating in the lakes and rivers or can indulge in various other water sports activities.

  • Old Sacramento – Your visit to Sacramento is incomplete without driving to Old Sacramento. It is where you get to know about the historic background of this lovely city. It consists of several museums, fine restaurants and great souvenir shops. Some of the places which you must visit are California State Railroad Museum, Steam train rides and Sacramento History Museum.

  • Nightlife – From some of the best restaurants to upscale pubs, lounges and dinner theatres, the nightlife at Sacramento city is truly amazing. You will truly have memorable nights at these hotspots.

  • The Museums – The city of Sacramento is also known for its numerous museums and cultural centers. Some of the major ones which you must visit are the Towe Auto Museum, Crocker Art Museum, State Indian Museum and Sacramento History Museum.

  • The Parks – Sacramento is full of lush green surroundings and numerous wonderful parks which are an ideal place to relax and have fun with the entire family. You can go to the McKinley Park or Cesar Chavez Park to enjoy the scenic beauty around the area.

Lease a car to explore all these amazing places in the city and beyond. Renting a car is quite easy as all you have to do is fill up a small online form on the website of the car rental service provider. Alternatively, you can also call and book your vehicle and pick it up from the nearest car rental location. It’s as simple as that!! Just jump in your rental car and get ready for a wonderful time.