Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Car hire in Malaga

Malaga is a city that is located in southern Spain and on the Costa del Sol that is the coast of the sun and is about hundred km on the east from the strait of Gibraltar. It lies about 120 km north east of strait of Gibraltar and tarifa which is the southernmost point of the continent of Europe and is also about 150 km from the north of Africa. Malaga is a city that will therefore need car hire for travelling around.
Care hire in Malaga is quite easy as you will not have to worry about long travel with less money. Also you can hire cars in Malaga at the airport itself. Car hire at Malaga is low cost and good. You may also get discounts if you have travelled by some particular flights to that place. You can also hire a car at Malaga to travel around the place as you have a lot to look out for. The castle of sohail, the castle of gibralfaro, the flavian roman theater and the Malaga walls are some of the things that you should never miss when you are there in Malaga.
Car hire in Malaga is also very convenient as you can borrow cars in a particular place and then drop off in another which is allowed and also you can get the best possible cars for yourself to travel around there. Malaga is a great place to be in and is surrounded by the mountains to the north and also has two rivers by it. The guadalmedina which is the historic center is located on its left bank and the guadalhorce is the one that flows west of the city into the Mediterranean. This is a great city to be in and to enjoy a holiday and make it one that you will remember always.