Friday, December 21, 2012

Be part of festivities in Spain with car hire Majorca

Spain is one of the most beautiful and blessed countries as far as the natural beauty and its abundance are concerned. The travelers across the world vouch for Spain to be the most preferred holiday destination. The Spaniards are not only warm and hospitable but are some of the liveliest people you will ever meet. Its culture is equally overwhelming and the rich history of Spain has left significant marks on the culture and life of the local crowd. The country is peppered with examples of architectural excellence, giving an opportunity to its discerning travelers for some amazing sightseeing experiences. The boulevards and lanes across the major cities are good hubs of fine alfresco dining. Those who come down to Spain do not miss the beautiful Balearic Islands, especially Majorca.
Majorca is one of the largest Balearic Islands, which are part of Spain and exemplify the charm of being surrounded by green environs, beautiful sand beaches and tranquility. Like Spain, Majorca is also full of attractions, with some Roman and Moorish Islamic influences of the region. As you come down to Palma, gear up for fun filled holidays, make sure you have a car hire Majorca at your disposal. Just like car hire Spain serves your purpose in the mainland country, car hire Majorca will help take you through various places of intrigue and excitement. You can experience the same ease and comfort of travelling in Car hire Spain, in Majorca through a rented car. Travel along the coasts to various villages or just enjoy the historical marvels pelted across the island. With immense access, you can visit the places you wish, at your ease and convenience. You can book the model you desire to suit your need and comfort. The car rental services have the most recent models at affordable prices. You can book the service online or book it on the dedicated counters in the city centre. These services offer you good deals, so that you can make the most out of your trip.
You will love to see what an island like Majorca can pack in itself. While on one side it has white sand and turquoise beaches like Es Trenc and Es Carbo Beach, on the other hand it is flanked by mountain ranges such as Serra de Tramuntana. Do not miss the Cap de Formentor and enjoy the safari along the coast. Also visit places such as Bellver Castle, La Lonja and Church of Santa Eulalia. As you enjoy the natural attractions, do not forget to be part of the engaging events that take place here. Throughout the year, Majorca has many festivals which people celebrate with much fervor. The carnival celebrated in February is a week’s extravaganza with street parades, concerts and processions in major squares of the city centre.
Semana Santa or the Holy Week celebrated in March/April is another major occasion which marks the festivities of Easter. Nit de Foc is another famous festival which is also the most popular festival in Palma de Mallorca, marks the festivities of Sant Joan. Getting the opportune to be part of any of these festivals will take you closer to the real culture and people of this island.