Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cost Effective Travels with Car Hire London

A diverse blend of people, culture, style and ideas; the city of London offers numerous opportunities for entertainment.
In addition to the fashion, food, nightlife and tourist attractions; a major part of the quintessential lifestyle includes a die-hard passion towards sports and sporting activities. Whether you like to watch or play, no trip to the UK is considered complete without you spending a few hours at a tennis, football or cricket match. If you aren’t fortunate enough to get a chance to witness a game live, there are always the English pubs that welcome all football fans for a rather aggressive night out.
If you plan on visiting London with your friends any time soon, consider attending one of these upcoming sporting events –
1.Rowing – If you plan on visiting the city in March, make the most of this opportunity to attend one of the only free spectacle sporting events on the banks of River Thames. Over 250,000 individuals are known to attend this event to watch the Oxford and Cambridge Universities compete in this famous 4.25 mile rowing event.
2.The FA Cup – Come May, try your luck at getting tickets to the historical FA cup finals that are held at the Wembley stadium each year. One of the oldest running football competitions in the world, visiting the city during football season is a great way to experience the thrill and passion.
3.Cricket – July 2013 onwards, you will have ample opportunities to watch a range of One day and Test cricket matches across various stadiums in the UK. The Lord’s is known to host some of the most exciting matches in international cricket.

Visiting London on a Shoestring with car hire London While London as a city can be quite expensive, with a little planning you can save on extra costs. One of the most expensive contingency of travel has to do with internal transportation. Especially if you are travelling in a group, it is financially more practical for you to look up car rental as a cost-effective mode of transport. Not only do you save money on purchasing tickets for each individual traveler, with car hire London you can be rest assured that your group will not be broken up. You can spare yourself the discomfort of travelling in public transportation vehicles as well.
With the added convenience of exploring the city at your own ease and pace, managing a group of tourists becomes a lot more convenient with a hired vehicle. You can easily find yourself a van or vehicle which accommodates your group and be sure that your upcoming trip to London will be a memorable chance to bond with your friends or family.