Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best of London with Car Hire Services

A cultural melting pot, complete with a very colorful history, the city of London thrives on its people and its ideas. Among the largest and most vibrant cities in the continent of Europe, one could spend months exploring its boroughs and still not have experienced all of it.
With a myriad of things do, places to go and attractions to see, the world class museums of this city are among the most popular among senior travelers. London is among the few cities in the world which does not charge entrance fees for majority of its museums. This gives senior travelers a unique chance to come back and explore the museums at their own pace and with ease.
Some of the most popular museums to visit while in London include

• The National Gallery
• British Museum
• National Portrait Gallery
• Victoria and Albert Museum
• Tate Modern
• The Natural History Museum
• Tate Britain
Each one of these buildings consists of some fascinating relics that highlight the rich history and culture of this region. Many of the artifacts are also represent history, art and culture from other parts of the world such as that of India, Africa and Europe.
Over and above this list of museums, there are hundreds of other smaller museums in Greenwich and other parts of the city, each one, housing equally interesting items worth exploring.
Exploring London
Even though the city of London has a very well established transport system, most senior citizens who are visiting prefer to simply opt for car hire services to add to the comforts and convenience of visiting a new city. Senior travelers have the option to avail car hire Heathrow services which lets them rent a car of their own choice as soon as they land into the city. Instead of going through the stress of lugging around your baggage to the train station or bus stop only to do the same to get to the hotel room; opting for a car hire service is much more convenient and less physically strenuous. Additionally, as a resident of a member state of the EU, senior citizens with disabilities are awarded certain benefits which make driving around in London much more convenient than using public transport.
You are no longer expected to plan your day according public transport schedules. You can spend as much time at a museum without worrying over catching the last bus back to the hotel. The added safety and comfort of driving in London makes car hire Heathrow quite a practical option. Whether you are travelling with your spouse or in a larger group, you can easily rent an appropriate car at the airport to make your stay in London a lot more comfortable.