Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guinness, Dublin and Car Hire

Dublin, one of Europe’s oldest cities offers trendy bars, classy restaurants and stylish, cosmopolitan shops and hotels. The city is a charming mix of medieval, Georgian and modern architecture. It has a wealth of history and culture, a legendary literary tradition, amazing shopping, dining, nightlife and of course fantastic characters! There’s a lot on offer and it’s impossible to discover everything in just one visit.
 As you enter the Dublin airport, you will see a number of car hire Dublin airport has for its passengers, which are waiting to serve you with a car hire. A good way to commute which your visit to Dublin is getting a car hire Dublin airport has and start exploring Dublin your own way. Car hire is a good way to get rid of the dependence on the public transport which may restrict you in many ways. Dublin is a city full of surprises and never fails to astonish the first-timers to the city, and it’s advisable to start exploring as soon as you reach Dublin.
 Probably the world’s most recognizable drink, the Guinness Store has its birth place in Dublin’s city centre. This brewery claims to be most famous international visitor attraction in the whole of Ireland. The modern Guinness Storehouse, located beside the well-known brewery at St james’ Gate, wraps several floors of exhibitions displays around a pint-shaped atrium. You can even learn how to pour the perfect pint before drinking in 360-degree views of Dublin from the Gravity Bar.
 Visitors are welcomed with a complementary pint of the good stuff during the tour to savor and enjoy. Visitors are given an interactive tour about the history of Guinness and also a detailed introduction on how the famous stout is brewed. Don’t forget to enjoy your pint of Guinness available at the Gravity Bar which is located on the 7th floor of the store house and also take the opportunity to have the stunning 360’ view from the Dublin’s skyline.
 The Dublin zoo has plenty of space available for monkeying around; the Dublin Zoo is 60 acres of quite spectacular gardens and natural animal enclosures for all your family members to enjoy. The zoo is house to more than 235 animals including Tigers, Giraffes, hippos and Chimps. The Dublin zoo is a safe home to them, away from the dangers they have to face in their habitats. The Dublin Zoo also has a petting zoo where tamed animals that are not a threat such as donkeys, ponies, sheep, and guinea pigs are left to roam about with the visitors. But try not to get too carried away with petting all the pets, as you visit the reptile and crocodile house, these places might not be for the faint of heart.