Friday, January 18, 2013

Explore Stunning Spain with Car Rental

When talking about beauty, Spain has some of the most romantic, stunning, unspoilt stretches of coast in Europe. Gloriously wild in some parts and tastefully manicured in others Costa Brava has some of the finest Blue Flag beaches in Spain. One can also find wonderful independent hotels and exceptional food. This region has some superb, locally produced wines and is a famous holiday spot of travelers for years.
Beyond that there’s art, history and outdoor activities abundantly. The area has three excellent museums and is also home to some of the most scenic and important Greco/Roman archaeological sites in Europe.
If you just want to enjoy the fantastic surroundings, there are excellent coastal walks and world-class golf courses, as well as extensive swimming, diving, snorkeling and sailing. A decent dose of sunshine is reasonably guaranteed most of the year round. Try and visit during May, June or September that have warm temperatures and lower hotel rates while avoiding the crowds of July and August.
If you want to explore, renting a car is the easiest means. You’ll get a sense of the landscape and countryside as well as be able to explore the hilltop villages and smaller towns. Cars can also be hired from Girona and Barcelona airports through various car rental companies. Nothing can be more convenient than having a rental at your disposal as and when you need. Whether you want to visit a museum or take your kids out for dinner, you will save a lot of time not having to look for public transport vehicles. With a car hire you have the option to travel at your own pace and comfort. You don’t have to travel in crowded buses or stand in long queues to purchase bus or train tickets. With a car hire your kids will be happier when traveling long journeys. You can stop as many times as you would like, take pictures on the way or even camp if you find a suitable location.
With many car hire Spain companies now offering options like online booking, selecting a vehicle gets easier. Now you can select a car of your choice online, compare prices and different models and then select the one you like. Ranging from SUV’s to Limousines, all kinds of rentals are available at these companies. Depending upon your budget, whether an eco friendly car or a luxurious hatchback, your travel choice is yours entirely. Having a car is also more economical especially when the costs are shared. When traveling in groups, opt for a rental and save extra money otherwise spent on buses and taxis. Have a comfortable, convenient and memorable trip with car hire Spain.