Monday, March 15, 2010

Enjoy the sights with the Menorca car hire

Menorca is one of the beautiful Islands belonging to the Balearic group of Islands of Spain. Menorca is one of the most beautiful islands in the region known for its tranquil beaches and wildlife. In addition it is a great tourist spot and close to the islands of Majorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Car hire in Menorca is one of the best ways of exploring this beautiful island. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Menorca is one of the major tourists’ pulls during the summer season. It has a lot of places to visit, things to do and many activities for almost everyone.
With a car hire in Menorca, one can travel around the island easily. There are many activities spread across the island for one to indulge oneself in. If you are into water sports, the weather, quiet beaches and clear seas are perfect for you to try out water skiing, canoeing and parasailing. There are several beaches around the island which are accessible with a car hire. Menorca also offers one some great opportunities for scuba diving with its clear waters and numerous diving schools that teach one the art of scuba diving. Menorca boasts some of the best diving locations in the Mediterranean and must not be missed.
Head deeper into the island of Menorca with a car hire and explore the dense flora and fauna here. The rich landscape has several hiking and walking trails and one can also hire a mountain bike and do some biking. Several nature reserves on the island provide a treat for nature lovers. Horse riding is another interesting activity that many people like to try out. There are many riding schools that you can trace down with a car hire in Menorca. Head down to one of these and go for a leisurely horse riding trip across the island.
The cities across the island of Menorca are fascinating tourist spots. There are numerous shopping hubs and quaint markets. There are numerous bars and restaurants and several major nightclubs too like the Caves of Xoroi. It is a nightclub set inside natural caves. A must see in Menorca! With a car hire in Menorca, you can explore the city streets and tiny alleyways that each have a story of their own to tell. Plan your trip to coincide with the fiestas that happen here during the summer and you are in store for even great fun and frolic. Get a car hire in Menorca and explore the beautiful island today.