Thursday, April 29, 2010

Car hire Florence

Hertz offers car rental in Florence, which is the capital of Tuscany in Italy. Hertz has several locations in Florence.

Florence is considered a cultural, artistic and architectural gem of Italy. One day is not enough for exploring Florence, as it has so many sites for visiting. An entire day can be spent in an Uffizi museum watching the unbelievable Renaissance art. Some of the other sites, which are worth visiting, include Boboli Gardens, Santa Maria del Fiore, and Historic Centre of Florence. The most popular eatable on the Italian platter is pasta and the grappa is the most liked desert wine.

The best time to travel Florence is May, early June, September and October.

Florence is home to the most, and best preserved, important Renaissance architecture in the world.

If you wish to enjoy the sites of nearby places like Pisa, Rome and Milan, then hire a car and travel around.

Use a Hertz car hire to give a visual treat to your eyes.