Monday, May 24, 2010

Tips for Car Hire in Spain to Make Your Spain Journey Pleasant

Do you need some tips for car hire in Spain? Every year, Spain draws tourists to its various tourist destinations like anything. Generally tourists prefer to travel around in Spain by car. Hence your search for some tips on the same is reasonable.

There are numerous internet sites offering car rental deals in Spain. Browse through these sites and book the best car you would like to have for your journey. Many car hire companies will offer very attractive rates to upgrade your car hire locally at the pick up point. You might even get a complimentary upgrade if the model you have selected is in strong demand. It is always worth asking at the rental counter if there is any possibility of an upgrade at the collection point.

If you are looking for tips for car hire in Spain, you should always check the terms and conditions of your rental contract prior to confirming the reservation, especially the amount of the insurance. As it may appear that you have got the best car hire quote but the insurance policy may be subject to a prohibit high insurance excess which could prove to be very costly in the event of an accident even a minor prang. Another tip for car hire in Spain is that you should try to pay in full at the time of the car hire reservation and in the currency of your credit card.

Take more tips for car hire in Spain. Book your car hire early, especially if you have a specific vehicle or type of car hire in mind. And if you have preference on automatic or manual transmission, ensure that it has been specified. Car hire companies request for the rental car to be returned at the end of the rental period with a full tank of petrol. It is a good idea to fill the car close to the return location. If you are traveling with your family then here is one more tip for car hire in Spain. If you are going to need a baby car seat and specific type of car seat, then you must notify it to the car rental companies in advance. Most of the car rentals have GPS installed in their vehicle now a days but still its better you check it before you book it. And never forget your driving license, Identity card or passport and the credit card while you go to pick up point.