Friday, July 1, 2011

Explore the wonderful city of Malaga with Car Rental service

The one thing that comes to mind when you think of Malaga is the incredible picturesque town. Malaga is a perfect place to spend your vacations with your loved one or with your family or with group of friends. With car hire service in Malaga, discover the beauty of this hidden gem and have a fantastic journey as per convenience and flexibility.

The city of Malaga is so beautiful that you will get mesmerized by its stunning landscapes, exotic beaches and charming town. It is situated on the Costa del Sol on the northern side of the Mediterranean Sea. Although most of the city sits on the water however it is also protected by beautiful mountain ranges to the north. Malaga is blessed with subtropical climate which is why you can enjoy sunshine throughout the year. There a lot to see and do in Malaga, from historic architectures, stunning monuments to great museums and lovely beaches. One can never get bored in the beautiful city of Malaga.

Using car rental service in Malaga you must visit the major attractions in the city which are definitely worth a visit. La Alcazaba and the Castillo de Gibralfaro are most famous attractions in the city. La Alcazaba is a fascinating 11th- century historic fortress in the center of the city, located on the mountain top. Castillo de Gibralfaro is a 14th century ancient castle situated along with La Alcazaba. After a long walk to the castle you can relax at the some of the most beautiful garden at the top. It’s a must see for all the tourists as you can have a breathtaking view of bay and the charming old town from the hill top. The panoramic view from there is just incredible. Some of the other attractions in the city are the Roman Theatre which is just next to Alcazaba, Cathedral de Malaga, Picasso Museum and Picasso’s birthplace. You can also indulge in lot of sports activities and have a fun filled experience at water parks, safari, karting, golf, parks and numerous lovely gardens.

You can easily avail car hire service at all the prominent locations in Malaga. These outlets provide the best possible car with all the car rental facilities to make your journey smooth and comfortable including GPS navigation system, child seat, radio transmission, luggage rack, etc.