Friday, February 17, 2012

Car Hire Alicante - A Ride through the Beaches of Spain

Spain is beautiful. It is one of those mesmerizing beauties that cannot be defined in words. The beaches of Spain are a treat to the eyes and the soul. Amongst all the beaches located in Alicante, the Postiguet Beach remains one of the most favorite to the masses and the local residents of the city. This is one of those few sandy beaches that give you the picturesque view of nature. A ride through this beach can be a breath-taking experience. You can now go for car hire Alicante and enjoy an evening ride through the pristine Postiguet Beach in Spain.

Also known as the El Postiguet beach, the Postiguet Beach got its name from a pre-existing secondary gate that earlier provided entry to the main city of Alicante. As far as your eyes can see, the beach is surrounded by beautiful palm trees, which makes it an enchanting view to witness. During the summer nights, the beach becomes a meeting point for several love birds. Recently, the golden sand strip was renovated and opened for visitors. This sand strip is very close to the El Postiguet harbor, thus making it pretty easy for the visitors to reach it.

During the day time, this sandy beach remains very busy with people coming from all four corners. Car rental is the best way to get to the beach from any part of the world. All you must do is simply take your time out and come here. Car hire in Alicante will offer you excellent deals to make your way to this beautiful beach that takes a different turn in the evening. The evenings are usually busier with the sodium street lights flanking the beach and making it a perfect place to spend some good time with friends and family. The lighting effect of the Postiguet Beach created a surreal effect. It is a wonder to watch the breaking and cascading waves. If you love to travel to different beaches, Alicante will definitely be one of the cities listed on your mind.

Apart from the Postiguet Beach, you may also want to try the San Juan Beach in Spain. It is a long and beautiful beach that can be reached with a car rental. You need a car hire in Alicante to be here. The San Juan Beach is 7 kms long, and is known to be the finest places in Spain. Therefore, if you are planning to come to Spain, you simply cannot miss the opportunity to visit this place. The breath-taking beauty of these beaches and the turquoise clear water will keep you busy for hours. Sitting idle in the beach is the best thing you can do to spend your time.