Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Car Hire Malaga Gets You to Your Own Pace

Is Malaga in your mind as you are planning this coming vacation? Are you looking for car hire Malaga options? If that is true then undoubtedly you are visualizing a great, laidback, complete holiday for yourself. The coastal roads are perfect for people driving in Spain at their own pace. The car hire Malaga enables you the pleasure of driving at your own pace.

Malaga with perfect weather, along with many beautiful beaches in the area make the province one of the most popular holiday spots in Europe. Car hire Malaga is the best option available to make it to this fascinating destination, with a rich and unique history and with a great variety of restaurants, bars and bodegas. The Pablo Ruiz Picasso Public Foundation is located in the house where the painter, Pablo Picasso was born in 1895. The museum contains drawings and other works and material about the artist's life and work. For those interested in architectural history, there is this Cathedral Musuem, which was built on the top of a former Mosque, that was destroyed when the Moors lost the town. In the Cathedral museum you can find religious paintings, sculptures and manuscripts. The Dioxesal Museum is situated just next to the Cathedral and is dedicated exclusively to religious art. La Alcazaba is a military fortress build by the Moors in the 11th century on the remains of a Romans fortress. The fortress lies on a hill top with an amazing view back over the town and the sea. The Roman Theatre, first discovered in the 1950s, is located just below La Alcazaba. Won't you like to make it all, from lazying around on the beaches to visiting the history and art and culture of the town as well? Hence, car hire Malaga is suggested to you.

Taxis are expensive if you hire it to go to Malaga from the airport. The train becomes bit cheaper, but still expensive. Buses are unpredictable and generally you buy the ticket 20 minutes beofore the bus is to depart. Seeing all the avaliable options to get to Malaga, the idea of hiring car seems cheaper and comfortable. Hence it is adviasble to you to go for a hired car. car hire Malaga links you to the area as well as makes reaching from one point to another point in the town easy for you. For a laidback holidays in this beautiful town you need Car hire Malaga, as it will ensure leisurely drive and leisurely time during your holidays.