Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Car Rental Geneva Makes Your Holiday Perfect

If you are planning for car rental Geneva holiday then do it now. Weather is perfect to enjoy the beauty of Geneva.
Geneva is a beautiful, cosmopolitan city and is the perfect place to visit as car hire holiday. Roads are safe and well-maintained in Switzerland with an excellent network. If you travel in rental car from within Switzerland, the scenery is so breathtaking that you are completely mesmerized. Have a fun filled drive with car rental Geneva on routes that tend to wind their way through the mountains. Breath the mountains of Switzerland with car rental Geneva.
Car rental Geneva means no only visiting Geneva and its various attractive sites, you can also strech up your journey and incorporate the plan to visit some of the many attractions in the area. Although Geneva is packed with attractions, using a rental car can enable you to visit some of the many attractions in the area. You could drive with car rental Genevato the city of Lausanne, for example, to visit The Olympic Museum and explore the medieval Old Town area, or use your rental car to get to the Chamb├ęsy Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, where you can see more than 16,000 different plants. In fact, with car rental Geneva you can make a visit to nearby places like, Zurich, Basel, Interlaken as well. Or just go to have some adventure at some of the nearby ski resorts. You could also use your hire car to visit Lucerne, Switzerland’s “city of lights”, where you can take a steam-boat trip on Lake Lucerne and see historic buildings such as the 14th century Water Tower and the 17th century Cathedral.
Geneva’s proximity to the French border means that you can use a hire car to visit two countries in one holiday. You could spend a few days at one of the ski resorts in France’s Grand Massif Ski area, or use your rental car to get to the city of Lyon, which is only about one hour and forty minutes’ drive from Geneva.
If you are going for car rental Geneva, get it booked now and take advantage of great low cost car hire deals being offered by many car rental companies.