Monday, August 23, 2010

Car hire Menorca

Menorca is a Balearic island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a Spanish possession. It is named Menorca as it is smaller than the other island close to it called Majorca. The island attracts visitors and to transport them within the island, car hire Menorca is responsible. The island is famous for a number of megalithic stone monuments, giving evidence of very early prehistoric human activity. It has a unique culture. Tourist throng here in summer and winter as well, to get a taste of antiquity in this sea resort.
That makes car hire facility important and is available right at the Mahon Airport. All types of cars, small ordinary family cars and big vehicles with seven and nine seats, luxury cars, and spacious vans, BMWs and Mercedes Benz, Convertibles are available in perfect running condition, properly fuelled, ready to be driven away by the hirer. Here the vehicles are air conditioned, with automatic transmission and satellite navigation. For facilitating excellent transport activity, car hire Menorca has competent personnel employed in their offices. They discharge their multi faceted duties, to make travel easy and comfortable for about a million tourists visiting Menorca on an average every year.
Car hire Menorca plays a vital role in augmenting tourism in Menorca. Menorca is essentially a tourist economy. The visitors are offered cheap economic packages with schemes of concessions and discounts afloat every now and then. Other benefits, like availability of a second driver free of cost and unlimited mileage, free insurance are made available to the hirer. This ensures a steady flow of business, in today’s world of competition.
Once a tourist arrives in Menorca, his travel is taken care of, by a car hire Menorca . Right from making the booking, checking the credentials of visitors, verifications of their passports and driving license to seeing them off at the air port for returning to their native lands, is a task performed by the car hire companies. All paper work right from booking to billing is done by them. This includes providing comprehensive insurance of the hirer and the driver. A special care is taken to ensure safe and comfortable travel for the customer. They are not only insured against accident causing injury or death but also against theft. It makes the hirer absolutely at ease while undertaking his trips of leisure. The traveler enjoys his trip to the maximum extent as car hire Menorca takes care of all aspects of the travel.