Monday, August 30, 2010

USA Car Rental

In a vast country like United States of America Tourists throng throughout the year making USA car rental a necessity for transporting them around town, city and interstate. The USA is a Constitutional Federal Republic of as many as fifty one states, with Washington DC as its capital, surrounded by Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, with Canada bordering in the north and Mexico in the south. The country is huge and a store house of tourist attraction. With umpteen sea beaches and resorts like Miami in Florida, the fascinating high rocky mountains of Colorado with the Grand Canyon, it is famous for. The Statue of Liberty in New York represents the highly developed states of the world’s number one economy, that invite the tourists on purpose economic, commercial, political, educational, social, and also for leisure and pleasure. The cities with their mixed culture, modern style of living are awe inspiring. As soon as one arrives in USA, a car on hire is an immediate requirement on affordable rental.
USA car rental began its hiring services almost a century ago around the year 1918 in Chicago. And today it has around 3500 outlets in USA, placed at all important destinations, close to the airports, railway stations and sea ports. Competent office bearers provide best car rental facilities and services to the travelers. In fact buses are employed to fetch travelers from their place of arrival, to the car hire outlet. Making bookings, checking the credentials of the hirer, the driving license and passport, providing a second driver if required, planning the entire trip to the renter’s satisfaction, till his final send off, is the job performed by these car hire companies. The entire paper work from booking to billing is their responsibility. Insurance of the driver and the hirer, spelling out clearly the terms and conditions of the hiring contract, mode of payment and grace period permitted to the renter, eliminates the possibility of disputes later.
USA car rental maintains a large fleet of cars including small economy vehicles to big luxury cars and carriers. Convertibles, racer special Shelby GT-Mustang is part of its fun collection. This is the leisure car rental. The Prestige collection comprising of cars from Ford’s Premier Automotive Group models like, Volvo, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMWs etc. are exotic. The Green Collection has environment friendly cars such as Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata and others with lower emission of air pollutants. Some of these cars are automatic, with direct transmission and navigating facilities.
USA car rental provides fair car rentals and also, hire to buy. Hire to buy outlets are at California and Hawaii. The rentals are reasonable with schemes offering discounts and concessions being afloat every now and then. These discounts make the rentals attractive inducing a steady flow of business. The hirer finds it economical with the discount coupons and enjoys travelling in the most evolved vehicles of the day, in perfect comfort and safety at cheapest price.