Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Car Hire Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea off Spain. It attracts around 10 million tourists every year. The island is famous for its sun, sand and beaches. Palma is the capital of Mallorca towards the south on a bay known for its spectacular sunset. Its northwest coast has Serra de Tramuntana mountain range with olive and pine trees and village habitations. Beaches in Mallorca are on the north, east and along the south coast. In addition to these natural attributes, Mallorca offers a lot of entertainment, quality restaurant and variety of cuisines, and scintillating night life. Car hire mallorca enables the tourists to visit all the destinations of tourist interest and enjoy, by providing excellent car rentals to them. The car hire services play a vital role in augmenting tourism here.
The car hire services are easily available. Right in the main terminal before the final exit of the air port at Mallorca, taxi service is provided. The main outlets are at the famous resort of Can Picafort, Can Pastilla and Cala Ratjada. All important towns and destinations are connected through car transport. An advance booking can be done easily, as all the relative information is available on line. Car hire facilities are essentially required by the visitors, to facilitate a comfortable travel throughout the island, reaching out to all important destinations.
Car hire Mallorca, take meticulous care to make the travel comfortable and stress free for the hirer. They maintain a fleet of efficiently run cars of various types, to cater to the needs of all segments of people with different pay pockets. To make the rental attractive, the car hire companies float concessional schemes, permitting discounts from time to time. This ensures a steady flow of business to them. From small standard cars to big luxury cars, sports cars, BMWs and Mercedes Benz are all available in running condition for transportation across the island. In case there is a requirement of a second driver, the Car rentalcompany arranges to provide one
Car hire Mallorca made available right at Mallorca air port at Palma, transports the visitor around in comfort and mental ease, with affordable rentals, easy mode of payment, specific grace periods granted and properly fuelled vehicles at the hirer’s disposal. Other important aspects like, insurance of the hirer and the driver is invariably done. It creates a sense of financial security in the mind of the renter, and he is able to undertake the journey with a care free mind.
To carry out transport services, car hire Mallorca has a regular staff of competent personnel. They verify the credentials of the prospective renters, like their passports, driving license etc. They do all the paper work from booking to billing. They provide a fool proof service, leaving little room for disputes or disagreements. In perfect comfort the traveler enjoys his trip courtesy Car hire mallorca