Monday, October 4, 2010

Car Hire York

York is a walled city situated at the confluence of River Quse and Foss.It’s location is strategic as it lies at the midpoint between London and Edinburgh. For this reason it has been the stage for many major political upheavals and events. It enjoys the status of a heritage city. Proud of its rich historical glory the city has developed to be a major industrial and commercial center in England. It is endowed with all the attributes required to make it a tourist attraction and consequently it ranks 13th among the most visited cities of the world. It is known for its health services, University of York, sports venues and ancient British architecture exhibited in its palaces and cathedrals. With so much to offer to its tourists who visit York either on business or on leisure, car hire York provides efficient transport facilities to them to accomplish their purpose of visit.
Car hire York plays a pivotal role in offering road transport by maintaining a large fleet of well maintained cars of a stupendous variety catering to the needs of all segments of travelers. They are Economy Collection, Executive Collection, Fun Collection, Green Collection and Prestige Collection. Thus from compact to convertibles and vans, buses and transit vehicles, all are there for the tourist to choose from. One can realize the dream of traveling in utter luxury by hiring BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Audi, Volvo or a Jaguar. These vehicles are air conditioned with facilities of navigation, direct transmission and special seats for children and physically handicapped, luggage racks, skiing kits and ropes etc. These gorgeous vehicles can be easily booked on line, with ready quotes available.
There are outlets of car hire York with a highly competent staff to take of all aspects of car rentals. Their job is to make bookings, check the credentials of the tourist to ascertain if the eligibility criterion for being a hirer is fulfilled. After completing the verification they hand over the keys of the chosen car to the hirer. In York the age criterion is different from other places. To encourage youngsters to drive they have reduced the minimum age of a driver to be only 19 years. At other places it is either 21years, 23 years or 25 years with a year old valid license. Right from booking to billing these offices undertake the responsibility of a trouble free comfortable travel for the traveler.
The rentals are affordable and made more attractive with discounts offered at regular intervals. Rentals are inclusive of insurance charges, cleaning charges; sometimes parking charges also are included. A little extra may be charged for availing special facilities like computer connection and mobile phones. By and large the rentals are in consonance with the paying capacity of the renter.
car hire York is in constant endeavor to make the travel of their hirer safe, care free and an enjoyable experience with 24 hours road support and medical support available.