Monday, November 8, 2010

Car Hire Belfast

Belfast is the second largest city of the island Ireland. It is the administrative center of Northern Ireland. Millions of tourists visit Belfast every year as they have an ideal opportunity to enjoy a day out at the architectural buildings like the Belfast St. Ann’s Cathedral and churches, Queens University, Exploris Aquarium, the planetarium, Marlon house and places of exquisite natural scenic beauty, gardens and trust properties. Apart from places to see there is a lot to do with cultural activities, festivities, museums, art galleries, exhibitions and carnivals, theatre and cinema, music concerts going on from time to time. The city has a strong tradition of music, orchestra and opera. Sports like Golf, Football and water sports are great attractions. There are some prize winning pubs and night clubs. The city is ideal for a family holiday with fairs and festivals held for children also. To do justice to what the city of Belfast has to offer, the most convenient means of road transport is car hire Belfast. It has its outlets at the Belfast City Airport and International Airport and other important locations also.
Car hire Belfast could be booked on line. The car rental is cheap. Often there are discounts up to 20% or even more if the travel is for a stipulated minimum duration, may be five or seven days. Cheap rental packages go a long way to attract hirers. Not only is the rental affordable, there is a wide range of cars available for hire. From compact small family vehicles to vans and buses are available to ferry people in and around Belfast. The cars belong to Economy, Executive, Fun, Green and Prestige Collection of cars. One can travel in one’s dream car with family, friends and children.
car hire Belfast has provision for seats for children in its cars to be hired. They are strict about following driving rules like tying belts, especially in case of children. In case the driver does not ensure tying of belts he would be suspended. The driver provided by the car rental Belfast acts as a guide and friend to the hirer in the city. He is qualified and amply insured. The cars are sophisticated with GPS Navigation system installed, air conditioning available, direct radio satellite transmission and provision for luggage racks to keep bags and baggage and sport kit also.
All paper work is undertaken by the outlets of car hire Belfast as soon as the booking is done on line. Without any wastage of time the hirer is able to get his credentials checked. If the hirer happens to be a member of #1 Club then also he gets preferential treatment. On arrival at the airport the hirer is able to obtain the key of his chosen vehicle without delay. There is also provision of 24 hours emergency road support and medical aid. The driver and the hirer are comprehensively insured. The car hire services rendered make it a safe and comfortable journey.