Monday, November 8, 2010

Car Hire Manchester

Manchester experienced a transition from a manorial city to a fast growing industrial and business centre ever since the industrial revolution took place. It can be rated as the fastest growing city and invites business entrepreneurs, commercial interactions and investments. Millions of visitors come here every year on business trips, on commercial purpose and also for leisure. They need a car on rental to accomplish the purpose of their visit immediately on arrival in Manchester, to take them around. Car hire Manchester comes to their aid and caters to their requirement of an efficient transport facility. The main car hire offices are at Airport Road, Willow St., Garside Way, Keller St, and Route 3a Bow. These outlets render quality services to connect the tourists either on business or on leisure, to the destination of their choice. The outlets of car hire Manchester are run by a competent staff.
Car hire Manchester maintains a large fleet of a variety of well maintained modern and sophisticated cars of all specifications. These vehicles provide road transport to all segments of tourist. Ranging from small family carriages to vans with seven and nine seats and big buses also are there available for hire. There are economy vehicles and spacious air conditioned deluxe, luxury vehicles, like BMWs, Mercedes Benz and convertibles belonging to Economy, Executive, Fun, Green and Prestige Collection of cars. The customer has a wide range of choice and book these vehicles on line or even telephonically. Booking of vehicles is easy. With prior booking the inconvenience of delay in getting a vehicle for hire is eliminated.
Car hire Manchester ensures a comfortable and cheap travel for the renter, across the city and to the adjoining towns and cities also. Discounts are offered from time to time. This makes the rental packages attractive for the customer. After verifying the credentials of the prospective hirer, such as the passport and driving license, the keys of the chosen vehicle are handed over to them. If required a second driver is also provided. The hirer and the driver are amply insured.
The entire paper work, from booking to billing and dropping the passenger off for the return journey, is undertaken by the staff at the outlets of Car hire Manchester. They make the terms of payment, grace period permitted, and details of insurance and taxes absolutely clear, to avoid any possibility of a dispute later. Cars are offered on hire on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis depending on the need of the hirer. All aspects of the travel are taken care of. There is provision for24 hour’s road emergency services and medical aid. There is a constant endeavor to make the travel by car rental in Manchester safe, comfortable and trouble free to make it a cherished experience for the hirer.