Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Experience France with Car Rental Services

A trip to France is what everyone dreams of. But one must not waste a trip to such a beautiful part of the world without knowing exactly where to travel. So if you’ve decided to holiday in France then do it the best, most convenient way-by renting a car from a car rental. The drive through the different regions with its rich cultural background and scenic view will be a treat for everyone. A car rental is easy to find and make sure you chose the perfect car for this magnificent road trip. It is a country filled with beautiful people wanting to make your trip pleasant. They have some of the best wines, cheeses, and walking avenues known to mankind and with car hire France you will be privy to driving wherever your heart pleases.

One of the places that you must visit in France is Aquitaine. France’s third-biggest region in terms of surface is the perfect getaway to south-west France. The long, straight west coast, stretches 200 km from the mouth of the Gironde estuary down to Spanish border. A large part of the Aquataine coastline is flanked by large expanse of pine forests. These trees have a story behind them. In 19th century they were planted in order to stabilise drifting sands. Aquitaine is also home to some magnificent cities like Biarritz and Bordeaux.

Biarritz, before becoming the most famous seaside resort on the Basque Coast, was a small whale-fishing port. It is said that some of the best waves in France can be found here, an ideal spot for surfers, that is why it is also called the capital of surfing. Here you can see neoprene-clad surfers with their boards under their arms crossing paths with business men in suits and ties carrying towels. In Biarritz, music, dance, cinema and the plastic arts have a privileged spot in local life. A drive to this capital of surfing by car rental will definitely be worth it.

Another city worth mentioning is Bordeaux. It has gained popularity over the years thanks to wine and trading with French overseas colonies. It underwent a massive change in the 18th century and boasts rich architectural heritage which has been very well preserved. The vineyards, located in the Gironde department around Bordeaux, are world known and give some of the finest wine in the world. A drive to the vineyard would be a truly delightful experience. And if you’re worried about driving your car from the car rental to one of these vineyards because of the wine then fret not! You can always take this rich fine tasting wines back with you and be a safe driver! Besides, the scenic view will be completely worth the drive!