Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Have a Fabulous Vacation with Car Hire Spain

If you’re planning to spend your vacations in Spain, then what better way to do it than to rent a car from a car rental and drive along the bay of Alacant. Hiring a car from a car hire Spain will be the most convenient and renting a car is essential if you want to explore some of the harder-to-reach regions. Especially if you want to cruise in the fairly recently built holiday town of Gran Alacant.

Gran Alacant attracts thousands of tourists every year as it has a relaxed feel to itself with many tourist attractions. It boasts an array of beautiful beaches and sand dunes, and the weather here is so pleasant that many Europeans have settled here permanently. Most of the urbanizations enjoy a sea side view, with its location on the hillside, close to the sandy beaches. It is a 10minute drive from the international airport. Gran Alacant is now becoming more and more popular for family holidays. It is a very calm town with extremely low traffic and away from industrial areas, built as a self-catering vacation zone so renting a car from a car rental to drive in and around this town will be a very good decision. There are many places not far around where you may go such as Santa Pola which is within the bay of Alacant. However, there are also lots of typical Spanish entertainment areas for distraction for example Benidorm, with their famous night life on the north and Torrevieja on the south.

To experience this wonderful holiday town you must be prepared to soak in all the entertainment it has to offer. From a beautiful view and a hassle free drive, to the various Spanish entertainment areas, it is all about a complete holiday experience. It also has first class multinational cuisine restaurants with full diversity-Chinese, Mexican, Indian and of course traditional Spanish restaurants are at your service. It comprises of the Carabassi beach which displays a 4 kilometres of sand dunes in its most natural form along with a sea of pine tree forest. The beaches of Santa Pola are also a short drive away. In Santa Pola you can visit the "salinas" or salt flats, it a location perfect to watch sunsets. The biggest fishing port on the Mediterranean is situated in Santa Pola and thus it is home to some of the best fish restaurants. If you want to enjoy your trip to it’s fullest then donot miss out on a trip to Isla de la Tabarca”. It is a national marine reserve which has been popularised as the hot spot for divers.

It is not too difficult to locate a car rental and once you’ve got a car in hand all you need is some serene driving music and a whole lot of places to explore!