Monday, March 5, 2012

Things to Check Before Car Hire

The best thing to do while travelling abroad or to new destinations is to hire a car. It not only makes your travel easy and peaceful but you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. You can stop wherever you want, take short breaks or change your existing plans if you wish to go to some new place. However, there are some things that you must remember while hiring a car. First of all, take into account all your requirements for the trip like length of the trip, insurance on car rental etc.

There are many companies that offer car hire but you must do some research work before settling on one company. The easiest is to book your car is online. You can look at all the services and the types of cars, the extras needed for the car and their surcharges, the opening and the closing of the rental company and its various locations. It is always handy to look into the legal requirements of the country you are travelling to like age restrictions and travelling with a baby. You should make sure that you check the total of the rental before picking the car. Also always carry a credit card with you as some companies do not take the full amount in cash. Make sure that the car is big enough if you are travelling with more people or long distances and has enough room for the luggage in the boot. If you are sharing the car drive with someone, make sure that the other person has all the documents.

When travelling with a baby, order for the baby-seat or the booster seats. If you wish to pick the rented car from the airport, do inform the company of your flight details so that they can make arrangements for the drop-off. Check the car before taking it in case any claims are required later on. If you need to cross borders like travelling from Italy to France, make sure the car rental companies’ agreement allows for this. Opt for unlimited mileage if you are travelling longer distances as otherwise the companies charge you extra for every mile. If you are picking up the hired car at one destination and dropping at another, look for the dropping off charges incurred by some companies. Always carry a map and all the documents. Ask for navigation system in your car beforehand if required.

Car hire is always the best idea for the most memorable trip as you can stop and start at your own pace and be comfortable and have a fun time with your family.