Thursday, March 22, 2012

Plan Your Trip to Malaga

Malaga is the second largest city in the southern part of Europe and one of the oldest European cities. It is one of those rare places in Europe, where winters are warm and enjoyable due to its location on Mediterranean seashore.
Spain is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Europe. Malaga is in Andalusia, Spain. With its nice weather and rich heritage, Malaga has some sports destinations to offer as well. There are several rock climbing destinations around Malaga and one of the most favorite is EL Chorro.

A hot pick for rock climbing lovers is El Chorro which is 50 km from Malaga. This place is known for its diversity and as a rock climbing destination among the tourists. Its huge limestone gorge provides you the opportunity of a wonderful multi pitch rock climbing routes’ experiences. There are more than 650 routs, tremendous steep walls and multi pitch routs at this rock climbing destination. Because of a pleasant whether climbing here is allowed throughout the year.

Another favorite destination in Malaga is Caminito Del Ray famous as Kings Walkway famous, which is also known as the world’s most dangerous pathway. It is built 300 meters above the river and the walkway is only 1 meter in width.
When you reach Malaga airport, you can start your journey with Car Hire Malaga from the airport. From the airport there are different routes to reach El Chorro you can follow any? Usually it takes 50 minutes to reach El Chorro gorge and Kings Walkway from Malaga Airport. Malaga is known for its Cheap Car Hire. The reason behind is the competition among the car service providers, which is really a good deal for tourists.

It is always better if you can do online bookings before starting your journey and choose the car you want to roam around in keeping in mind the number of travelers. You can compare the costs offered by different Car Hire Malaga companies.
Usually Spain is known for good and . If you don’t book the car online before your vacation, don’t worry, you will see vast options of Cheap Car Hire services once you reach at Malaga Airport. If you are planning your trip in summers then don’t make a mistake of hiring car after reaching here. In summers there are lots of tourists coming to Malaga and you will be taking a risk if you don’t book a car prior to your trip.

Booking a car is better than going for public transport in Malaga because with a hired car you can explore more places at your own pace. Which you can miss out while travelling by public transport, as that takes more time.