Friday, July 6, 2012

Airport Car Hire: Best Way to Debunk the Birthplace of the Titanic

A trip to Northern Ireland is indeed exciting. The perplexed image of this UK constituency is going to bowl you over. Everything about this region is exquisite. One of the most frequently visited cities is the Belfast. It is a bustling town featuring a galactic nightlife and a resplendent kosher scene. While state-of-the-art centers are seen getting magnified in preeminence, the revived Victorian mansions on the other hand, are seen proposing the city's 19th century fortune. As soon as you land at the city's airport, you should go for Airport car hire to commute in the city.This is one of the best travelling options in a foreign land.

As the world has been eagerly waiting for the 2012 Olympics, the city of Belfast is also busy in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the initial voyage of the world famous RMS Titanic; the legendary ocean liner built by the city's Wolff and Harland shipyards. With thousands of tourists flocking in this year to enjoy the Olympics, they also get a chance to witness the historical celebration in this city. It's too tragic for a city to bear the loss of such a master-piece by getting sunk on its maiden voyage, but again the city was capable of producing the most advanced piece of technology to the world at that time. You can still hear the elderly locals saying, 'She was fine when she left here'. The city is not only confined to the history and making of this ship, moreover it has much more to offer to its visitors. The city features two major airports: The George Best Belfast City Airport, just two miles away from the city center and the Belfast International Airport. This one is farther than the former one, lying closer to Templepatrick and Antrim. By taxi, it would cost you £25-30 to access the city center, so it's better to go for Airport car rentals.You can also easily access this city from the Dublin Airport, which is 160 km away. Hire a car and kick-off for a long scenic drive to Belfast. The city is replete with touristy destinations. The St. Anne's Cathedral or the Belfast Cathedral is one of the must-see attractions. It was established in 1899. The architectural set-up of this magnificent cathedral flaunts the splendid Romanesque architecture design. The church's organ is considered to be the largest pipe organ of the Northern Ireland.I'm quite sure; almost every movie buff must have watched the movie, Titanic. Now come and witness the history about its origin in real life at the Titanic Quarter. You'll re-live the entire story of this ship from her birth in this city to her historic maiden voyage and her untimely tragic death in the seabed.

Fetch a suitable vehicle from Airport car hire and keep exploring nearby places as well such as the Cave Hill. It is replete with nature's bounties and is also known as the Napoleon's Nose. The Belfast Zoo and the Castle are the major highlights of this region. It's indeed a great weekend getaway.