Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Car Hire Malaga: Best Way of Caressing Picasso's Shades Over this City

The city of Malaga is an elated Spanish port town, which has been dramatically set against a scintillating blue Mediterranean and is beaming with energy and full of life. This is the birthplace of the world famous artist Pablo Picasso. He had once said, '"To be a Cubist you have to have been born in Malaga," As you enter the city, you'll be quickly impressed by its Moorish Alcazaba, the Renaissance church immersed in blue Mediterranean light and the city's carousal-loving extrovert attitude. The city is Andalusian by all means. Book a vehicle from any car hire in Malaga and drive beyond the La Malagueta beach to check-out the real Malagueñ lifestyle.

As you keep exploring, you would see some locals rambling at the La Malagueta, while some busy relishing over local dishes in jam-packed tapas bars and other enjoying in the downtown like there is no mañana. The city offers its tourists with narrow old streets, wide palm-fringed boulevards, enchanting gardens and magnificent castles, fashionable markets and above all a great sandy margin, where locals as well as tourists get soaked in cultural hues every day after dusk. The city features a favorable climate all year round. The average temperature of the town is 18°C. Furthermore, the town houses the third largest airport of Spain. A taxi from airport to the city center would cost you around €15. Bus no.19 is also available, which would cost you €10. Sometimes waiting in a queue for a bus can prove to be hectic after having a jetlag. The Car hire in Malaga is the best alternative.A visit to this city is indeed incomplete without a visit to the Alcazaba, a Moorish fortification dating back to 11th century. This is the best restored Arabic citadel ever built in Spain. You can also visit the adjacent 2nd century B.C Roman Theater, which now in ruins. There are plenty of signs, which are pointed the way up the hill. With purple shaded bougainvillea and orange trees adorning the grounds, the view from atop the hill overlooking the Coasta del Sol is stunning.At the Roman Theater, you will be shown a film about some of the ancient plays, which were played here. Another must-see attraction is the Museo Picasso Malaga or the Picasso Museum. It was opened to public in 2003 in the Buenavista Palace and exhibits around 285 works by the artist.The archive was recently renovated and now combines the 16th century Mudéjar palace, Palacio de Buenvista and a series of other buildings. The gallery features some of the painter's notable paintings, including his wife Olga Kokhlova's portrait, his lover Jacqueline's painting etc. After you're done with these attractions, you can head for the Playa de la Malagueta. This sandy white margin features an array of activities to do and a chain of cafes and restaurants, stretching for several kilometers from the harbor.

Contact any car hire Malaga and explore all the city's must-see attractions and get drenched in the real Spanish lover.