Friday, September 14, 2012

Car Hire France: Best Way to explore Paris

France is extremely beautiful and charming and is always on top of the list, when one thinks of exploring the European continent. It is outlandish by all means and is the largest of the Western Europe. It is safeguarded by the Alps and the rolling Atlantic on one side and is flanked by the English Channel and Pyrenees on the other part. Within this country besets a behemoth medley of whopping landscapes, proliferous meadows, vineyards, olive-growing gardens, lush green river canyons and an integrated margin extending up to 2,000 miles. The French cities feature some of the greatest treasures of the world. Book any car hire in France and debunk these treasures to witness the grandiosity of this country.

Paris is undoubtedly the most frequently visited cities of this country, not only because it’s the capital city, but also because it houses some of the most prized possessions of France in its grandest museums, galleries, monuments etc. Everything about this city is exquisite and there’s something for everyone in this metropolitan hub. Paris cannot be entirely explored in a single trip, so it's better to plan out a detailed itinerary beforehand to ensure that you do not miss out the relevant sights. You should book your car hire in advance, to avoid any hassle after landing at the airport. While some tourists decide to visit the regular sight-seeing spots, there are visitors, who prefer to accustom themselves with this hub by visiting the neighborhoods regions as well. If you also wish for the same then instead of relying upon the public transport option, you should rather book a car and drive to your desired destinations. Considering the duration of your vacation and which style best suits you, you should plan accordingly what to visit and what not to visit. Just be prepared to cover long distances on foot, as some of the city's museums and monuments are set-up on a grand scale. Before kick-starting your Paris excursion, visit the main tourist office at the Champs-Élysées and collect relevant information on tours and leaflets for ongoing events. You should purchase a Carte-Musée-Monument, which is a Museum & Monument Pass and renders you free access to over 70 museums and landmarks. Travelling becomes much easier with car hire.

A trip to Paris is indeed incomplete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower, the most iconic landmark of this city. It is every vagabond's dream to climb up to this colossal tower. This is an 18th century monument, built by Gustave Eiffel. Soon after its completion, it became an instant hit. Either climb the stairs or take the lift to reach its top, from where you can enjoy the panorama of the entire Paris. This city is busiest of all other French cities and you might have to wait for couple of minutes and sometimes an hour or two to board your public transit, so it's always better to go for car hire in France, which not only gives you freedom to travel at your own pace, but is comparatively cheaper than taxis and buses.