Thursday, September 6, 2012

Faro is located in portugal. Plan a weekend get away to Lagos

Algarve, which is a prominent vacation destination, is replete with pristine beaches, brazen resorts and picturesque surroundings, gets flooded with tourists with the onset of summer. While the party atmosphere almost allures every tourist arriving in Portugal to come here, the dramatic setting of this region is undeniably charming with magnificent cliffs, sweeping bays; wide golden sandy margins followed by ruffled beaches and elongated isolated islets full of folktales and mysterious chronicles. Beyond the touristy bailiwicks, the region features an array of tranquil castle towns, floral-dominated hilltops and bewitching stretches of margin, which is still unspoiled and aloof from the busy world. The region boasts two most beautiful cities, namely Faro and Lagos. Go for car hire in faro and whisk away on a weekend getaway to Lagos.

The cities are however, not as varied as the shoreline, but still they offer diverse character and color. While Lagos, being the carnival queen of Algarve, is full of lively crowd, cobbled pathways and bustling nightlife; the Monchique, on the other hand is far opposite with a whimsical atmosphere. On the other hand, Tavira sustains its elegance at the riverside and is laidback with a bygone era dating back to the Romans; Faro renders its guests a real Portuguese feel with its splendid medieval quarter. As said earlier, the capital city, Faro features a more precisely Portuguese feel in comparison to other cities of the region. While travelers miss out on other cities during their road trips, the laid-back Fah-roo easily provokes them to make an overnight stay. The city flaunts an impressive marina, medieval buildings converted into plazas, well-maintained gardens, pedestrian lanes and outdoor diners. The safely preserved medieval mansions, superb harbor, a bone chapel, several museums and vibrant night clubs, all adhere together to make this place one of the most sought-after touristy destinations of Portugal. The nearby island of Ilha de Barreta adds glitter to its allure. While driving along the streets, you can find numerous weird and amazing vehicles on the road. If you are in a spooky mood then do visit the Capela dos Ossos in the Igreja do Carmo church, which is adorned with skeletal remains of over 1200 monks.

After you are done exploring the attractions of this city, you can now head for Lagos, a neighboring city located 82 km away from the Faro Airport. The car hire faro airport will surely help you out. It would take you about an hour to reach. This city is also equally beautiful and charming. This city is nestled across the banks of the river Rio Bensafrim and can be enjoyed by visitors of all age groups. It is replete with historical attractions, whose origins date back to 2000 years. Its seafaring connections, originally explored by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians are clearly depicted at the Museu Municipal Dr. José Formosinho.Explore the Ponta da Bandeira, which is a part of the 17th century fortress and was built to defend the town. The square next to the Governor's castle lies the Praça Infante Dom Henrique, featuring a statue of Prince Henry overlooking the sea.