Friday, September 7, 2012

Plan a weekend getaway to Andalucia!

Spain's most southern region, Andalucía is home to the Spanish cultural aspect by all means, ranging from flamenco dance to bullfighting and from tapas to the Andalusian fiestas. This southern Spanish region has it all with ancient cities to amazing margins and desserts. The Andalusian fiestas are the most colorful and vibrant of all Spanish celebrations. Easter processions feature more pageantry and pomposity and so are the denizens of this land; fun-loving, vivacious and easy-going. The coastal areas are usually crowded, offering a wide range of activities to do. It’s a perfect weekend getaway, so go for car hire Malaga and explore this beautiful piece of land.

It proudly boasts the country's most famous building, which has studded the crown of Islamic architecture. Almost every city of this region is worth-exploring, including Granada, Seville, and Almeria etc. Some of the Spanish stereotypical demonstrations are of camouflaged boulevards, medieval buildings, orange gardens, flamenco dance shows and horse-drawn carriages. All these characters depict the cultural and historical aspects of this capital city of Andalucía. This is the fourth largest city of Spain and is replete with attractions including buildings, gardens and galleries, and all these are set-up as a getaway from the scorching sun. It's better to focus on the elongated siestas post lunch to avoid the summer heat. The Alcázar is one of the must-visit landmarks of the city which is believed to be the oldest royal mansion in Europe, which is still in use. It's a 14th century Moorish fort, reflecting the Mudéjar design. This palace is built on the site of a former establishment, known as Al-Muwarak. The upper levels are still inhabited by the royal family. The Patio de las Doncellas, which means the 'Courtyard of the Maidens' is a major attraction of this royal residence. The ground level was used by King Peter I. You can check-out many lavishly decorated rooms adjacent to this Patio. Car hire Spain is the best conveyance option to explore the various cities of Andalucía. The Archivo de Indias and Basilica de la Macarena are other major attractions of this town.

Granada is another prominent city of the southern Spain, which is mostly famous for its Alhambra. If you are willing to stop for a day or two then for you can go for the cave dwellings for your accommodation. These kinds of abodes are located at the precincts of Guadix, Baza-Huéscar, El Altiplano and El Marquesado, offering some of the bailiwick's most ancient type of accommodation. There are around 31 catalogued as well as regulated cave accommodations available in this city. The Alhambra was originally a fortress and was home to the Nasrid Sultans, servants of the court, high Government officials and the royal soldiers. The Alhambra along-with the Mezquita of Cordoba is the finest example of the world famous Islamic works of art. The best way to enter into the Palace complex is through the Puerta de la Justicia. Contact any car hire in Malaga and visit these beautiful southern cities of Spain