Saturday, March 16, 2013

Enjoying Music Festivals in Cambridge with Cheap Car Hire Services

Cambridge always manages to take one's breath away with the natural beauty of its surroundings. As tourists savor the architectural delights presented by the city and the walk through the passages of its globally acclaimed universities, they can witness the cultural heritage and the opulent historical past of the city. With lush meadows and river backs marking the precincts of Cambridge, the city is indeed a haven for those looking forward to visit designer boutiques, slick nightlife venues and the coffee houses.

Cambridge is also home to some of the most popular music festivals attracting students and travelers alike. Some of the most popular musical events and festivals celebrated in this part of the world are:

Cambridge Folk Festival
Celebrated in July, The Cambridge Folk Festival keeps music fans busy in the warm summer months. It is one of the most popular folk festivals in the calendar of musical events of the world. Attracting thousands of domestic as well as international music lovers, the festival is a huge attraction with Cherry Hinton Hall as its venue. The relaxed and soothing musical ambience of the Cambridge Folk Festival has been graced by Emmylou Harris, Ry Cooder, Joan Armatrading, Steve Earle and Laura Marling.

The Cambridge Shakespeare Festival 
The Cambridge Shakespeare Festival spreads across seven days of drama and musical fun. It is a tour-de-force of Elizabethan drama and art which is performed in the unique and idyllic settings of the Cambridge University.

The Cambridge Summer Music Festival
The Cambridge Summer Music Festival is an annual festival showcasing the best talents in the field of classical music. One of the oldest and most historic buildings of Cambridge plays host to this annual festival which is well attended by thousands of music lovers from across the world.

Cambridge Competitive Music Festival
The Cambridge Competitive Music Festival, founded in 1934, had an aim of promoting music and talent in the field of art, music and culture. The organizers provide the platform for honing the skills and talents of musicians, singers and instrumentalists by showcasing their music with that of other talented competitors. The festival is well attended by music enthusiasts and is one of the most awaited events in Cambridge. This year it was a huge success and invited people from all over the world.

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